Season 5 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Kept Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2012 on NBC

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  • chuck

    I Think I Love yvonne
  • Not a favourite.

    There are better episodes. In "Chuck Versus the Kept Man," everyone's relationships have sunk into a new mundane, sentimental low. It's hard to believe that Alex and Casey, who met only recently after a lifetime of not knowing the other existed (Alex thought her father had died before she was born), are suddenly cosying up on the couch watching Downton Abbey. When Alex kisses her Dad goodnight and says "you're my hero," it sounds sleazy rather than sweet. I know he's technically old enough to be her father, but it just doesn't feel right. Casey and Gertrude's middle-aged affair is just as icky, and in a rare comic moment Sarah agrees with me after stumbling into their hotel room: "It's all wrong." I don't understand why the gutsy leather-clad head of Verbansky Corps is trying to dress Casey in Speedo's and cashmere sweaters. She can't be near Casey without man-handling him and it seems predatory and gross. He doesn't seem to be enjoying the attention. I think I would have preferred it if they'd matched Casey up with someone who was less like himself. It doesn't help that the very married Chuck keeps giving cliched relationship advice to to Casey that even he doesn't sound like he believes, such as "you need to learn how to listen with your heart." Most frustratingly of all, Chuck's romance has become sort of clownish, old-fashioned and unappealing. In an early scene when Sarah climbs out of the pool in slow motion wearing a tiny black bikini and running her fingers through her hair, Chuck says "hello dah-ling" in a cheesy faux-British accent which he resorts to all too often this season. He was good at playing the romantically-challenged nerd who was desperately in love with someone he knew was out of his league, but I'm not sure he knows how to play a husband - at least not until later in the season, when their relationship meets some serious challenges. He repeatedly talks to Sarah in a cutesy voice, calling her "hon," "my wife," "darling" and even "m'lady." I'm waiting for him to start calling her "the wife," "the little woman," "my better half" and then "the old ball and chain." The one redeeming feature of this episode is Jeff and Lester's efforts to uncover the secret CIA conspiracy at the Buy More. I love the new Jeff, minus the brain-addling carbon dioxide from his van's exhaust pipe, and I think it's hilarious that his theories about what's going on are right on the money. The scene where he breaks through the newly cemented wall in Castle is priceless.
  • Great Episode

    This episode had everything that has always made Chuck great: the silliness of the nerdy spy humor and a great mission to boot. Let's not forget the supporting characters of the Buy More! Season 5 has really been sub par up until the last 2 episodes but I hope it continues its upward trend! This episode got me excited again to watch this show!
  • Great

    I think that this ep was really good actually. Sure, it's not the same show that it was in the first series but there are a lot that has changed and that was necessary for the show to move forward. I liked the whole Casey, Gertrude thing, I find Casey so funny when he's all emotional! Also, the baby thing was nice, but kind of obvious. They could have skipped the Jeffster part, but I loved Awesome! A great ep overall!
  • Everything and everyone looks tired of the show.

    The thing that has plagued this fifth season (with the exception of last weeks excellent episode "vs. the baby") plagues the latest episode again, maybe even more than usual. I think this is probably the worst episode of the series so far, and sincerely hope they don't manage to get even worse than this in the remaining few.

    The episode is one that quite frankly i really cannot envision any halfway moderate fan re-watching later. There was really nothing about it that was memorable. First of all, the humor was toned down to the point where you'd have to be an uncritical fan to still laugh. The only thing i found remotely funny was seeing Lester disguised as a woman, and big Mike calling Devon "statuesque". Other than that, nothing.

    The main plot was entirely forgettable from the first second to the last. The subplot of Jeffster with Devon being a spy had potential, but amounted to nothing.

    Most of the main characters were played badly. Casey is nothing like he was in the beginning, but not in a good way because his newfound sensitivity did not contain any laughs, nor any deep felt emotion. It was just kind of there.

    Morgan's antics in so far as he had them were very subdued and Joshua Gomez acted like he was bored.

    But most important of all, Sarah and Chuck (or better said Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski) basically continue their downward spiral in terms of chemistry and acting performances. To be blunt, all of the actors are playing like they really cannot be bothered anymore, like they're winding down the clock. And it's a sad thing because they were fantastic in the previous four seasons. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the scripts are just really lame and offer these actors nothing to bite into anymore, but it doesn't change the fact that the chemistry between the characters is so toned down as to hardly be there anymore.

    If Chuck and Sarah are as much in love as they used to be, then you could've fooled me, because i see virtually no convincing intimacy, no fun, no real romance, no heartfelt emotion. Even when joking they hardly laugh and they talk about possibly having children as if it is more a chore than a dream. I'm exaggerating the last part but you get my point.

    And what has been drained from their relationship most of all is a healthy sense of sexuality. This is a Sarah that complains about having to dress in bikinis for her job, and quickly covers up her cleavage to stop Chuck from seeing it at the computer near the end of the episode. Remember when they actually weren't together and Sarah liked teasing him by climbing into his bed in nothing but her (rather skimpy) underwear or lingerie? Since when did she become so modest?

    Take the Chuck and Sarah of seasons 1 and 2, compare them to season five's Chuck and Sarah, and tell me that they didn't have ten times the chemistry, the fun, the acting performances and such back then. If i didn't know any better, it's almost as if these two people cannot stand each other anymore once the camera stops rolling.

    As far as continuity is concerned, what happened to Sarah being frightened by the possibility of having children and being a mother? At least some respect could have been paid to her past reluctance to it. One thing is for sure, if the writers hadn't done such a poor, lazy job this season and the show would have been renewed, this whole motherhood issue, among others, would have been treated with way more attention and emotion than it has now.

    Finally, this episode also once again proves that one of the things that made this show great in the past (the awesome songs playing on the soundtrack) have gone completely missing. Probably to save money on buying the rights. The only song i actually noticed was in the final ten minutes of the episode, and it was an awful song.

    Sorry to say, but as a fan of the show overall, this final season feels like a totally different, subpar show, and i really refuse to believe that fans would have fought for the show to stay if the first two seasons would have been as weak, bland and boring as this. I repeat myself by saying they should have made a really powerful final episode to season four and just ended it.
  • Pure Mr woodcombe !

    Amazing episode

    non stop hilarity that even jeffster couldn't ruin it,

    getrude returns to hire chucks team to over see a arms deal, which also turns out to be a vacation for gertrude to have some quality time with casey, which also has some surprises !

    sarah's pregnancy is still open to interpritation, the test kit says no or does it ? sarah still looking at names after ? hmmm

    casey shows a quite frankly disturbing quirk when sarah follows him after gertrude vanishes.

    and jeffster finally uncover part of chucks spy life but what will happen to them ?

    excellent hope the writers keep this up till the end :D