Season 4 Episode 23

Chuck Versus the Last Details

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 09, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sarah and Chuck take a day off, free from all CIA business to enjoy a day to themselves. Before long, Morgan is hanging from a balcony with Awesome standing on the ground telling him to fall into his arms. Chuck flashes to save Morgan.

Casey arrives with news that Chuck's mom has been captured by Vivian Volkoff. Morgan is asked to sit out of the next mission - the rest of the team goes to Columbia. During his time off, Morgan is determined to make an great video montage for Chuck's engagement party. Jeff and Lester were given the task to compile video footage of Sarah.

The team break into the Columbia prison and get to Chuck's mom right before Vivian Volkoff comes in. With her is Riley, Alexei Volkoff's lawyer. Casey and Chuck save the day and get Chuck's mom out safely. The team finds out that Vivian is planning on selling the Norseman to the bad guy who gives her the highest bid. Since Vivian is already familiar with the team's faces, they decide to send Morgan in and pose as an Italian arms dealer and get the Norseman with the highest bid.

Casey is unhappy with Morgan's new mission, especially since it is his responsibility to keep Morgan safe. Right away, the plan goes awry when Vivian and Riley sett off the Norseman which kills everyone, except Morgan. Casey fights off Volkoff's men and saves Morgan.

Chuck and Sarah find themselves in a standoff with Vivian and Riley. Chuck tells them how Alexei was a good guy before he switched over to the dark side. Riley tells them that Chuck's dad and Frost had convinced Alexei to further themselves in the CIA. Just then, Riley gets shot and Vivian runs off.

Chuck and Sarah return to a beautifully decorated home for their rehearsal dinner. Jeff came through and produced an amazing video montage. Later, Chuck receives a threatening call for Vivian and Sarah passes out with blood dripping from her nose, just like the people who were killed by the Norseman.