Season 4 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Leftovers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • Volkoff returns to reclaim Mary Bartowski, who arranges to crash Ellie's Thanksgiving Dinner in order to protect Chuck and Sarah; the Russian also claims Jeff and Lester in his raid on the Buy More.

    This episode was the grittiest, most gripping week of Chuck ever, and so well done in spots that it makes up for any imperfections!! When Volkoff comes calling for Mrs. B, she is forced to invite him to dinner, to solve the threat of his blowing up the Buy More, upon his revelation that he is in love with her, and upon his threatening to kill Chuck and Sarah. She also has to confess that Chuck is her son, and Ellie her daughter, which makes for an incredibly tense dinner scene, following an incredibly tense invasion of the Buy More, all of which were acted and written incredibly by all involved! The threats made by Volkoff were so intense and realistic, congratulations are in order for Timothy Dalton, perhaps THE BEST actor of anyone on the show to date, while the maternal protectiveness conveyed by Linda Hamilton was nearly as well-played - I would have liked to see more serious acting by Zach in the face of all of this tension, but he covered his part as usual, and his prformance wasn't flawed. The surrounding cast of Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Beckman, and the Buymorians also played extremely well.

    The conclusion of Chuck entering the final password on the Roarke 7/Intersect was a welcome relief after the last three great episodes, and his quote of "I know Kung Fu....again!" was Chucking fantastic! Awesome! I'm hoping it's a better interect, maybe a 3.0 or 4.0, but it is enough that Chuck can resume his superspy status alongside his ladylove and male-mentor. Ellie looked ravishing this episode, and her character was instrumental to the scripting of the show, while Devon was also a key player in protecting Chuck's secrets as in Season 3. Just a Chucktastic show that should carry us over until mid-January, nicely.