Season 2 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • I'm just about done...

    Okay, I've been hanging on hoping and praying that the scripts would just stop being so silly. I've been finding the whole Chuck/Sarah now adding Cole into the mix getting mundane and boardering on dumb. Now given an opportunity of getting their hands on the man who created the intersect, we finally see Chuck focus on something other than Sarah, a definite switch. But takes a turn for the stupid when we see an invalid chase after an invalid. I kept wondering how many times they were going to shoot Cole before he stayed down for good. They of course we have the quandry of who's going to live with who. I think the only question left is how bad and low this show is going to go.
  • Surprise, surprise... Chuck yet again comes close to getting the instersect out but oh, wait no he doesn't. And once again Sarah is ready to come clean about her feelings but chuck cuts her off... again.

    I am so tired of the Chuck/Sarah love story, or should I say lack thereof. They are perfect for each other, and yet every time one of them is ready to come clean, the other talks first and ruins the moment, leaving the other one sad and lonely. It is beyond ridiculous, and it's absolutly painful. Everytime I watch the show, I wonder how they'll lift my hopes only to send them crashing down every week. It is just too much at this point. Either put them together, or give them both steady relationships, because this rollercoaster is giving me a headache.
  • Cole earns his keep

    Agent Barker was a lot more tolerable in this episode, and I'm thankful. Not as arrogant as last week, now I can see the appeal of the hero, who it even seems likes Chuck a little, and teaches him a thing or two about bravery.

    At the Buy More, Anna thinks Morgan's lease (meant for Chuck) was meant for her, so Jeff and Lester try to get him out of it in the best way they know how- repulse her. This was a fun, and one of the better side stories, but I wish they had gone a bit further with the gags.
  • A lot of action.

    Another Fantastic episode of Chuck there was not much comedy in this episode compared to what we are usually used too and there was a decent amount of action overall, the episode was mainly developing what will happen in the last stretch of episodes, there was also a lot of character development here. I loved the part where Casey was like "Where dead Chuck has a gun" and Chuck was made up that he was holding a gun and coming to the rescue but it turned out to be a big failure. I also like the part although not as noticeable but still funny where Chuck pretended to tie his lace on a foot with no shoe, that cracked me up. All in all this was a strong episode of Chuck but it did lack the amount of funny moments we are used too.
  • Chuck finally found a possibility to get the intersect off him

    While I love the Chuck and Sarah combination, I'm glad that Chuck finally found a possibility to get the intersect off his head. The guys suffered enough already because of the intersect. I totally understand Chuck's reason for not wanting to move in with Sarah. Yes Sarah had her share of burden because of her job as a CIA agent. But Chuck was never trained to be a spy and more importantly as he speaks, "turn his emotions on and off" (not to mention having his privacy removed). The reason I loved this episode is because Chuck already showed some muscle so to say in the ending sequence. He finally took it upon himself to do an ala Michael Scofield blueprint to map the intersect off his head. Hoping that the show staffs continue and focus on this storyline (but of course the intersect would not be taken off because that would mean the show would end). Just a wild guess though, ORION might actually be Chuck's dad. In previous episodes, there's already references on his dad. Chuck's map of clues, diagrammed behind his poster, which was given by his father is to symbolic for me to ignore. But then again just a wild guess.
  • Brilliant episode, brilliant storylines, brilliant cast.... Need i say more.

    Chuck is left behind when Sarah and Casey go looking for a Fulcrum agent who has an interest in building his own Intersect, to keep Chuck company Cole Barker is on hand who if you remember in the previous episode was captured and tortured but escapes. When Sarah and Casey's cover is blown it's up to Chuck and Agent Barker to rescue them however when Barker saves Sarah's life it looks as if it could be all over for Chucks 'secret' relationship with her. It's later discovered that a professor has been working on a new Intersect and when Chuck tracks him down the professor tell's him he needs to find someone called Orion whom built the Intersect, when Chuck presses for further Intel the Professor is killed by the Fulcrum agent.

    On the home front Morgan is ready to move in with Chuck after discussing it last week however Chuck cannot because of his cover relationship with Sarah, Anna Morgan's girlfriend finds the lease to the apartment and thinks her and Morgan are moving in together which is great but not so for Morgan, with the help from Jeff and Lester they devise some 'put off' plans to put Anna off from moving in…. naturally all back fires.

    Another great episode which is moving along nicely.
  • On the backs of a few unfortunate cliches and one hardcore superspy, Chuck finally mans up.

    Anyone who has seen Chuck vs the Lethal Weapon knows that it has a pretty awesome final three minutes, and I'm not about to spoil the surprise for everyone else. The rest of the episode, however, played as an excercise in beating a dead horse. Last week we met Cole Barker, a ruggedly handsome, debonair, uber heroic, hardcore MI-6 agent, who got captured by fulcrum, got critically injured, but still mustered the strength and courage to save the day (dwarfing an understandably nervous Chuck by comparison). He uses his wound treatment time with Sarah to make a play for her so aggressive that even James Bond would blush. "Lethal Weapon" opens with a similar sequence of events. Then a similar situation occurs. Which then repeats itself a third time for good measure.

    Aside from being a bit repetitive, this presents a bit of a conundrum surrounding our guest of honor. On the one hand, Cole is the definition of a superspy, a consummate professional, and a genuinely nice guy who seems to care about Chuck and his protectors. On the other, he's also the type of d-bag who keeps pestering a girl whose repeatedly rebuffed his advances, and is dumb enough to think that a fellow agent could just slip off to Cabo for a few weeks mid-assignmnent, even if she wanted to. The payoff is supposed to be Sarah's ultimate admission that "when you meet somebody you care about, it's just hard to walk away," but given what is already plain to every fan from Sarah and Chuck's star-crossed interactions, it's not nearly worth the constant barrage of painfully cheesy, ingratiating come-ons that set it up.

    What is far more important about Cole than either of these sides, however, is that he knows nothing of Chucks background. He doesn't see an average Joe dragged into the covert world unwittingly, but a man who signed up for the CIA, got his training, and was good enough that the government chose to entrust him with it's most sensitive information. As a result, he's the first spook to treat Chuck as a colleague in need of training rather than a child in need of babysitting. Between that and the jealousy he elicits, we get our first glimpses of a Chuck motivated to develop his craft and be a better breed of spy. That seems to be confirmed by the seriously badass previews that aired with the credits, and it's a side of Chuck I have long waited to see.

    With the great ending to "Lethal Weapon" we are left at a crossroad. We know Chuck wants the girl, but is he going to get her by upping his game or getting out of it? It is a burning question, and one which will lead to an even deeper breed of episode moving forward.
  • Almost briliant ending, after all the stupidness that rounds chuck comes the proof that, deep, very deep, he´s not. if just the writers wouldn´t obious that there´s a camera as easy as cover it with a shirt or something, but like i´d said almost briliant

    Almost briliant ending, after all the stupidness that rounds chuck comes the proof that, deep, very deep, he´s not. if just the writers wouldn´t obious that there´s a camera as easy as cover it with a shirt or something, but like i´d said almost briliant

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  • Best of the season, one of the best of the series

    While most Chuck episodes fall under "easy listening" and are getting quite repetitive, this one was a true gem. I guess all we needed was a nother character in the mix to shake things up, and that was agent "superman" Cole. The quiet antagonism and Sarah's choosing was, obviously, the centerpiece of the episode and it was written and acted VERY well. The final garden scene between Sarah and Chuck was especially revealing. The tough boys played their parts well; Cole fit in great and you really have nothing more to add to Casey's character as he is - he plays it to perfection. The "Buy More skit", as I choose to call it, i.e. the release of tension that we seem to get weekly now in the shape of a Buy More secondary problem was also one of the better ones. The final scene added to seriousness of Chuck's character, which I particularly welcome - because along with being a nerd, he IS a very clever guy and that should be exploited.
    All in all, finally an episode I can really get behind!
  • Another great episode.

    Chuck episodes are always fun and frequently exciting to boot and this was no exception. The Buy More scenes were top notch and the spy stuff was great too. Cole has gone now, and sadly Dr Busgang, the intersect creator is dead but Chuck did get a clue in the form of Orion who may be able to help get the intersect out. I liked the back of the Tron poster being revealed to have all the clues and connections Chuck has gathered so far. The story is still moving on and I can't wait for next Monday's episode of Chuck!
  • The threat of Fulcrum continues...

    Agent Barker after being tortured by Fulcrum makes his way back to the Castle after apparently beating 12 guys (He doesn't like to boast). He managed to get a bit of Intel out of them someone code named Perseus. General sends Sarah and Casey to a consulate party to track Perseus down, while Chuck and Cole stay in the safety of the bunker. Chuck flashes on Howard Busgang; he must be Perseus. Casey and Sarah get into a bit trouble cue our boys in the Castle to come and rescue them. When the General lets slip that Busgang was involved in the original Intersect experiments, Chuck starts to hope that he can actually get this thing out of his head and live a normal life again. When at the Hospital Chuck see's Bustang and limp fully goes after him. When reaching him Chuck asks if he can get the Intersect of his head Busgang says the only person who might be able to do that is Orion, the creator. Things get messy after that and Team B is safely back. Cole leaves (Hurrah) Sarah says "She can never leave someone she cared about" The most Interesting part of the Episode came at the end when Chuck flipped through the back of his Tron poster, looks like our boy is being doing his own little research on the Intersect.
  • Action packed and fun as always, Chuck did NOT disappoint! Made me excited for what's to come!

    This episode was absolutely fantastic! Fun and action packed as is always the case on CHUCK...w/ that little bit of romance thrown in. This episode was also pivotal in the development of the characters and the story from here on. I LOVED IT!!!! This show has become my favorite on television and it MAKES my Monday!! :) The teaser at the end of the episode made me hungry for more and I can't wait to see what's to come for the rest of the season. Lots of twists and turns (and FUN) are coming and I can't wait!! Go Chuck!
  • Ya know all characters have to grow past what the were written in as

    And this episode did just that Chuck is growing a pair...Its funny cause I know a few ppl just like him and when they finally came out of their shells they were anyway Its so good to finally hear Chuck say that he loves Sarah and not be falling all over himself while doing it. Sarah so loves him. Its good also to see that Morgan didn't cry like a baby and the episode went totally different from my prediction but oh well. So everyone is moving on and Chuck is developing and becoming the little spy that could...Thats mine don't use don't.
    Great job guys.
  • Chuck and Agent Barker save the day multiple times and at the end Sarah and Casey save them. Morgan decides he is moving in with Anna. With the help of Barker, Sarah and Chuck realize they have some thinking to do about each other and how they feel.

    I was sort of conflicted about this episode when I first saw it. It could be from the power surge that just about wiped out all the electrical devices in my house ten minutes before the end of the episode, but I digress. (By the way, four hours later everything was alright.)

    I watched the last ten minutes of the episode today and it really put everything in perspective. As a reviewer it makes you realize you have to see the whole piece to really make your mind up properly.

    This and the last episode have been excellent in moving the many relationships forward in this show. Chuck is becoming a really good ensemble cast production. I think the Sarah/Chuck relationship is finally going somewhere. They have played with it a long time, but there is no denying now Sarah's feelings for Chuck and Sarah now knows once and for all that Chuck has a thing for her. Now we'll see if it's just business as usual or if they deal with it in the coming episodes.

    The Morgan/Anna relationship has moved forward. I like the maturation of Morgan and that he came to the decision he did on his own. Jeff and Lester almost screwed things up, but that's what they do best.

    Agent Barker was great is so many ways. He recognized what was going on with Sarah and Chuck and tested the waters with Sarah, but he knew when to be a gentlemen and back away. I also enjoyed that he seems to be the first person to really accept Chuck for what he is, an agent, a spy, and he actually was willing to train him professionally and help him learn to take care of himself and others.
    That has always been something that has bothered me about the whole setup. I hope we see more of Barker in the future.

    Finally it will be interesting to see how Chuck really deals with the fallout of not moving out and how his sister will react long term.

    Overall a great episode and very entertaining. I will say I do see how someone might have a negative reaction to this episode. Sometimes I think there are things that just bug you about characters and how they react. I could write a whole blog on that myself. Maybe I will...

    Thanks for reading...
  • While Agent Casey and Sarah go after one of the creators of the Intersect Chuck wrestles with where he's going to be living and who Sarah might end up living with.

    This episode is a stone cold 10! This episode is literally as good as it gets. You had a fantastically funny pegleg race!

    Chuck using a gun for the first time ever to such a hilarious end. They really delivered on the fun promise on that one and than some.

    Agent Barker kept getting shot, but Chuck had his battle scars too. He got clipped by a window! LOL! Classic Casey at his best!

    Even the Morgan B-story was dead on fun and advanced a very interesting side issue.

    This isn't a complaint or even really a flaw in the episode but I thought I would point it out. When Chuck pulls out that little Fulcrum chart in reality he would never do this because he is the Intersect and has a photographic memory, but they had to do this because it was a great visual. It reminded us fans of all kinds of past storylines and intersected with something Chuck's father gave him. Maybe a little subliminal action there through the Tron mask. Like I said this wasn't a flaw but I felt it needed some mention.

    And last but certainly not least the Chuck/Sarah stuff was awesome! From sleeping in bed with Sarah and frustratedly not getting any (especially any sleep) to the little dance between Agent Barker and Chuck and the really powerful bouncy conclusion. God they delivered so much kept them apart logically and left you wanting so much more. Like I said a total stone cold 10 episode!
  • this episode takes it to another level as chuck gets serious about taking control of his life and future

    Chuck meets one of the scientists from the team that created the intersect, and from him he gets the name of the head of the original team - Orion. Chuck now is having thoughts of getting clear of the intersect and having a future with Sarah. We also find that chuck has been doing more serious thinking about this all along than we realized. Chuck does hold some of his cards close to his chest. With the new develpments Chuck can start to think of Sarah again with something other than a schoolboyish yearning for a doomed crush. I admit the episode had me going cuz i thought Sarah really liked Cole, and there seemed to be pretty strong chemistry between them, but it turns out that Sarah still wants humble, sweet, smart and very heroic-in-his-own-way Chuck. Shucks that is nice. Go Sarah and Chuck! p.s. will something to do with Chuck's father be in the last episodes? There was a reference to him in this one - makes me wonder...
  • Chuck is more of a man than I thought

    What a great episode. I was worried about this Cole character, he turned out not to be the bad guy I thought he'd be, he made Sarah realize Chuck is her man...There is so much this episode offers but the things that stand out: Chuck's goal of removing the intersect from his head, so he can be with the woman he loves, At the fountain Chuck indirectly tells Sarah he loves her and watching Sarah's face light up. The Intersect map, looks like Chuck has been doing some serious thinking, and note taking about his situation...All in all this episode has everything I expect from a Chuck episode...
  • Happiness thy name is CHUCK!

    Cole Barker super spy there really is no stopping this geezer. Except when it comes to Sarah Walker.
    I loved the competitiveness between Cole and Chuck when they was in the Castle talking to Casey and Sarah on the intercom. Everything Cole does Chuck tries to go one better to impress Sarah. This friendly rivalry was put aside when Fulcrum captured Sarah and Casey and Cole and Chuck had to go and rescue them. Gun in hand Chuck decided to go up the ladder instead of Cole.

    It was really funny when Chuck got his leg stuck in the window and dropped the gun inadventantly shooting the CIA Doctor Busgang in the leg. But Cole went one better and got himself shot to save Sarah's life.

    There were three really groundbreaking developments in this episode much to my delight, firstly Chuck meets Busgang the Doctor that developed the Intersect and learns of the existance of a person called Orion who commission the Intersect, unfortunatly Dr Busgang is killed by Fulcrum before he could tell Chuck who that was.

    The second development was the best for me because it was about Chuck and Sarah's relationship and I have been a big Chuck/Sarah shipped since the pilot.
    Now Sarah has never actually admitted she has feelings for Chuck but she came about as close as she has ever come when Cole asked her once again to come away with him. Cole says he saw the way Sarah looked at Chuck when she thought he was hurt. Sarah says nothing but her silence says it all really. Cole laments about losing out to Chuck Bartowski and it seemed at this point, to me anyway, that Sarah would actually tell Chuck how she felt because she was waiting for him when he came home and said she needed to speak to him, but Chuck says he needs to say something too; he can't move in with her because he has feelings for her and it would be too differcult. Aghhhh. I was willing Sarah to say something tell him how she really felt but she said nothing!

    Chuck hobbles into his room (because his leg is in a cast) and I was still hopping Sarah would come through his window (the Morgan door) and declear her love for him. No instead there was a third development, Chuck hasn't been keeping that Tron poster there just for show he takes it down and on the back he has been charting his involvent with the CIA and NSA since he became the Intersect with photos, clippings and notes. Somewhat of a security risk I would have though but a nice touch all the same he is clearly desperate to get the Intersect out of his head. He adds ORION to the chart.

    I effing love this show.