Season 2 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Happiness thy name is CHUCK!

    Cole Barker super spy there really is no stopping this geezer. Except when it comes to Sarah Walker.
    I loved the competitiveness between Cole and Chuck when they was in the Castle talking to Casey and Sarah on the intercom. Everything Cole does Chuck tries to go one better to impress Sarah. This friendly rivalry was put aside when Fulcrum captured Sarah and Casey and Cole and Chuck had to go and rescue them. Gun in hand Chuck decided to go up the ladder instead of Cole.

    It was really funny when Chuck got his leg stuck in the window and dropped the gun inadventantly shooting the CIA Doctor Busgang in the leg. But Cole went one better and got himself shot to save Sarah's life.

    There were three really groundbreaking developments in this episode much to my delight, firstly Chuck meets Busgang the Doctor that developed the Intersect and learns of the existance of a person called Orion who commission the Intersect, unfortunatly Dr Busgang is killed by Fulcrum before he could tell Chuck who that was.

    The second development was the best for me because it was about Chuck and Sarah's relationship and I have been a big Chuck/Sarah shipped since the pilot.
    Now Sarah has never actually admitted she has feelings for Chuck but she came about as close as she has ever come when Cole asked her once again to come away with him. Cole says he saw the way Sarah looked at Chuck when she thought he was hurt. Sarah says nothing but her silence says it all really. Cole laments about losing out to Chuck Bartowski and it seemed at this point, to me anyway, that Sarah would actually tell Chuck how she felt because she was waiting for him when he came home and said she needed to speak to him, but Chuck says he needs to say something too; he can't move in with her because he has feelings for her and it would be too differcult. Aghhhh. I was willing Sarah to say something tell him how she really felt but she said nothing!

    Chuck hobbles into his room (because his leg is in a cast) and I was still hopping Sarah would come through his window (the Morgan door) and declear her love for him. No instead there was a third development, Chuck hasn't been keeping that Tron poster there just for show he takes it down and on the back he has been charting his involvent with the CIA and NSA since he became the Intersect with photos, clippings and notes. Somewhat of a security risk I would have though but a nice touch all the same he is clearly desperate to get the Intersect out of his head. He adds ORION to the chart.

    I effing love this show.
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