Season 2 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2009 on NBC

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  • Brilliant episode, brilliant storylines, brilliant cast.... Need i say more.

    Chuck is left behind when Sarah and Casey go looking for a Fulcrum agent who has an interest in building his own Intersect, to keep Chuck company Cole Barker is on hand who if you remember in the previous episode was captured and tortured but escapes. When Sarah and Casey's cover is blown it's up to Chuck and Agent Barker to rescue them however when Barker saves Sarah's life it looks as if it could be all over for Chucks 'secret' relationship with her. It's later discovered that a professor has been working on a new Intersect and when Chuck tracks him down the professor tell's him he needs to find someone called Orion whom built the Intersect, when Chuck presses for further Intel the Professor is killed by the Fulcrum agent.

    On the home front Morgan is ready to move in with Chuck after discussing it last week however Chuck cannot because of his cover relationship with Sarah, Anna Morgan's girlfriend finds the lease to the apartment and thinks her and Morgan are moving in together which is great but not so for Morgan, with the help from Jeff and Lester they devise some 'put off' plans to put Anna off from moving in…. naturally all back fires.

    Another great episode which is moving along nicely.