Season 3 Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Living Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on NBC

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  • So intense!!!!!

    Welcome back Orion! Chuck begins on a down note with the return of his dad and the recent bad news he received about his mental status. But things aren't what they seem.

    Ellie is on the move with Agent Shady over here and it's quite disturbing :O. While Casey is trying to help protect her she's busy setting up her Dad without even knowing it.

    Crazy to see Orion has already made steps to help Chuck treat the negative effects of the intersect! And then came the end of the episode..

    Shaw is back and he is an intersect too! :O Now we're dealing with a full-fledged nemesis! So intense!!!! That was a spectacular episode! Someone said it was the best ever but nothing will top the episode where Sarah said yes to chuck. =) Either way a 10/10.
  • It takes too many words to describe here what has been a 11/10

    Chuck was renewed earlier this week, and in the absence of the grand finale, a great chapter puts us in honey and many eager to see those two hours so, and so, and so strong.

    Basically, too bad for Ellie, who begins to get my anger with her, though I can't blame her because she doesn't know nothing, and I think Daddy is now a critical piece for Chuck, at least if whatever happens in the next chapter, Chuck is not able to do what he does know his father about controlling the Intersect Chuck has now.

    Finally, can't wait to see what happens with Shaw. This history, this turns, in this episode, were just amazing. During the episode, I have already believed that he was alive during fascinating scene in his bachelor apartment, but later thought he was dead and, finally, all have seen that he is alive, so let's see how will he end

    In summary, we still have two hours of third season action that could'nt be more exciting/promising, and a keep an eye to Sarah...I don't think "she will be the chosen one", but that scene where she gave to Chuck her will...I didn't like it.
  • Amazing and game changing episode. Full of drama, action, and twists and turns. You would never suspect how it ends.

    Simply one of the most dramatic episodes of Chuck ever. The amount of suspense and drama is overwhelming. I have always loved Chuck for its happy endings and clean conclusions, but all I could think about was "the plot thickens." The episode had the perfect mix of ups and downs. The fight scenes were also much better than previous ones. The return of Chuck's father adds another twist and variable to the show. It is simply amazing for a show to illicit such strong emotions from some person watching a screen. That is what makes Chuck such a great and prospective show. I cannot wait until the next week.
  • Dead or Alive? (spoiler free review)

    Which is it? The episode kept us on our toes with this one. Shaw's shot in Paris, he's alive in the dream, his will surfaces and he's dead again and then the shock of them all at the end! No-one could have predicted that little chestnut.

    This episode was brilliant. Full of drama and suspense, just when you thought you knew what was going to happen BAM you're off on a completely new twist you definitely did not see coming.

    An incredible and tense episode fueled by Stephen's return but that still maintained it's Chuck-ness through Morgan's paranoia and Jeffster's domestic troubles.

    2 hour finale next week will be big. Bring it on.
  • Whoa... Just WHOA! (spoilers)

    Another fantastic episode, they are still somehow getting better - it's a high bar but it keeps getting beaten each week.

    With every passing scene the plot thickens - Even for the great Jeffster.
    Chuck and Sarah are really starting to get in the rhythm of fighting as a kick ass team.
    The plot premise on which Chuck is inevitably going to die/go insane because of the intersect is cleverly tilted to a reassuring level of unlikely.
    And of course - the crowd pleaser (or at least Charah fan pleaser) more lovely moments shared between the two.

    Either way one thing is for certain - I was left yelling at the screen either YAY!'s or NOOOO's in the final five minutes where more is revealed and some loose ends are neatly tied up. Again...

    WOW! I had almost lost faith in Chuck's ability to produce an outstanding episode but after this ine, that faith is completely renewed. It was the perfect blend of humour, drama and Chuck/Sarah love. And to add a little something extra, they threw in Chuck's dad and the Chuck/Stephen moments were GREAT! The plot really thickens now with Shaw and his scen at the end which left me screaming at my television set. Also, great plot developement with Ellie and Jeffster! It's about time to shine a little light on them! THIS is why we all went out and bought $5 footlongs, this is what I was fighting to bring back, the Chuck we all know and love! If every episode was a good as this one, we wouldn't have a problem bringing it back! So, to summarize my estatic ramblings, it was phenomenal!!
  • I've remembered now why I love this show. Chuck is back to the hour of pure awesome it ought to be.

    For a large part of season three, I'd been loosing interest in "Chuck," and I didn't want to be. I _wanted_ to love it as much as ever, to look forward eagerly to each new installment. But for a while there, with a whole series of angst-ridden and even joyless episodes, battering us over the heads with variations on the same old story about how Chuck and Sarah couldn't be together and both were tormented by that knowledge... Well, I kept on watching, but I was drifting away. Then, oh then! Is this the opposite of the "Moonlighting Curse"? Ever since the episode where Chuck and Sarah finally did get together I've felt like we were getting back to the "Chuck" I loved from the start, and tonight's ep sealed the deal. They've put that artificially induced romantic angst behind them, and finally gotten back to real story-telling. This week, we got high drama, great suspense, great twists and turns, hilariously funny asides at the Buy More, truly wonderful moments between Chuck and his father... For the first time in months, I'm genuinely excited about this show, and back to thinking wonderful phrase, "I can't _wait_ for the next episode of Chuck!"

    It was awesome to see Scott Bakula back. Bartowski Senior is probably my single favorite character on the show. Bakula always brings such warmth and depth to the part, and his scenes with Chuck were all highlight for me. Jeffster (and "Jeff?"!) were as awesomely funny as always, even if that side-plot wasn't remotely relevant to the main story. Hips of a six-year-old girl, indeed!

    And now, these plot lines surrounding Ellie's new involvement with what she believes is the CIA, and a certain deceased spy who may or may not be back, alive, and may or may not now be another Intersect... Well, I'm loving it. It's especially fun to see them working a plot in which the efforts to keep Ellie safe by keeping her in the dark about Chuck's and her father's spy life -- something everyone else close to her now knows -- has actually backfired and is putting both her and everyone she loves in danger. This was an amazing hour of television. I'm absolutely giddy with anticipation to see what's next, and let me tell you, that is a very good feeling! Welcome back to the world of 'awesome,' Chuck!
  • Best episode ever!

    This was the best episode :)
    Getting more and more interesting now, and intense
    Glad too see his dad back in action, and its going be a great fight between him and Shaw. Its nice too see him and his father bonding more in this episode and Orion's true feelings towards Chuck. Would love see Grime's involved more, also wonder how ellie is going get out of this mess.. I think Orion or Casey will know something on how too save her, she'll have alot of forgivness too do, and learn Chucks secret. Anyways final verdict: simply amazing goooo chuck!

    Lets hope were getting a season 4, OR EVEN 5+ !
  • Chuck's father returns.

    All of the plots in this episode we're pretty much fantastic, all of the season's arcs are tying together quite nicely as the finale approaches. Chuck's father returns as Chuck continues to keep secrets from Sarah and his estranged father. Ellie also is keeping secrets, regarding working with Justin, and being on the wrong team, but she doesn't know it. I think this is a great plot for Ellie, and it's nice to see her in more serious plots, rather than just in relationship plots with Devon. Chuck goes under investigation with Morgan to see if Shaw is alive or not, Sarah eventually ends up finding out and in the end, he turns out to be wrong, as they're actually going against Justin. Chuck & Sarah end up saving Chuck's father from the Ring, while Casey tries to find out if Ellie is cheating on Devon. Ellie think she is in danger, so she hits him with a pan and runs out. Justin comes to her "rescue." I liked how this episode revolved around the lock box. The box that another person gets to see if you die. Chuck's letter and the transitioning with the scenes was intense and perfect, and it sets the mood for the episodes to come. A surprisingly impressive episode in this season. Excited to see the final 2 episodes.
  • I knew it!

    The head people! Shoot them in the head! How many times must arch-villains reappear before people start to learn that you can only TRULY kill the evil people if they are shot in the head - thus preventing any magic heart-restarting techniques, and also preventing the body from joining the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
    I am so glad that Chuck's father is back. He has been one of my favorite characters on the show ever since his first scene, and my love for him has been growing ever since. And It is so refreshing to see Chuck function as a real spy.