Season 3 Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Living Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on NBC

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  • It takes too many words to describe here what has been a 11/10

    Chuck was renewed earlier this week, and in the absence of the grand finale, a great chapter puts us in honey and many eager to see those two hours so, and so, and so strong.

    Basically, too bad for Ellie, who begins to get my anger with her, though I can't blame her because she doesn't know nothing, and I think Daddy is now a critical piece for Chuck, at least if whatever happens in the next chapter, Chuck is not able to do what he does know his father about controlling the Intersect Chuck has now.

    Finally, can't wait to see what happens with Shaw. This history, this turns, in this episode, were just amazing. During the episode, I have already believed that he was alive during fascinating scene in his bachelor apartment, but later thought he was dead and, finally, all have seen that he is alive, so let's see how will he end

    In summary, we still have two hours of third season action that could'nt be more exciting/promising, and a keep an eye to Sarah...I don't think "she will be the chosen one", but that scene where she gave to Chuck her will...I didn't like it.