Season 1 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Marlin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the Buy More Morgan asks Chuck for his advanced copy of 'Call of Duty' but he insists it will stay in his Locker. Devon stops by and asks Chuck's Permission to marry Ellie, he puts the ring in his locker, and he then flashes on a bug in a display in which he gives to Casey. The Bug has been Identified as CIA listening device and there should be a receiver nearby, Beckman thinks that Fulcrum maybe after the Intersect and that they need to find the receiver within' 48 hours otherwise Chuck will have to be relocated.

Big Mike walks into the Store realizing that's it's been robbed, Chuck runs into his locker to find the engagement ring has gone as well. Casey calls Chuck to a Warehouse where all the goods have been summoned. They are looking for the receiver but have not found it yet all Chuck cares about is the ring, Casey then points out that if they don't find the receiver he will have to be relocated. Casey and Chuck return to the Buy More and question Jeff and Lester, who admit that they stole Norman and hid it at Chuck's. Ellie arrives home and tells him that Morgan left with Norman last night, Sarah is told they that they've decided to extract Chuck.

At the Buy More Chuck is being questioned by Big Mike and Conway, Big Mike is convinced that Chuck is behind the robbery so they leave him alone in the Office. Casey questions Morgan who admits in taking Chuck's backpack out of his locker just to play 'Call of Duty'. He found the ring and showed it to Ellie. Lizzie appears again when she delivers Lunch making Chuck suspicious about her, so he grabs a Cam and tapes her, then sends it to Sarah. Morgan finally confesses that he hid 'Norman' in the freezer at Wienerlicious. Lizzie overhears this and runs to Wienerlicious to fight Sarah, she eventually grabs the receiver and escapes.

Devon calls Chuck who has decided that he's going to propose to Ellie, Chuck runs to Wienerlicious to find Sarah locked in the Freezer and the ring has been taken as well. Chuck is about to free Sarah until Conway appears and arrests him. Casey rescues Sarah from the freezer and tells her to go after Chuck while he goes after Lizzie. Chuck flashes on Conway and finds out that he is a CIA operative who's extracting him. Sarah finds him on the rooftop and asks for a moment Chuck tells her to look after his family; Chuck is about to leave until Lizzie arrives who ends up shooting Conway.

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