Season 1 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Marlin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Without a doubt, this is my favourite episode of Chuck so far.

    Unfortunately, if the WGA strike lasts much longer, the nine episodes of Chuck that have been ordered may never be written and there is always the chance NBC will not pick up the show either for the 2008-2009 season. If either of these happen, I will cry.

    The series must continue from here. It just has to. To me, it doesn't seem like the story is over and I have to admit, I expected some form of closure since this episode was written and filmed before the show received a full season order and could be the final episode we ever see.

    Nonetheless, the series has come a long way since the pilot and this episode is definitive proof of that. The series started off looking like a bit of fun that might be lucky to last until the end of the season and it's become something that I look forward to each week.
  • Chuck loses Captain Awesome's ring.

    Even though I wish they would lay off the "Chuck almost gets pulled out and put in an underground bunker" storyline every week, I still really like this show. I look forward to it every week and I'm really glad they ordered a full season. It's one of my "can't miss" shows whenever it's on. This episode was especially funny. I really like "Captain Awesome" and I'm glad they're starting to incorporate him more and more into the stories. He really cracks me up. Does anyone else think he sounds a little like Patrick Warburton? I never really noticed it so much until tonight.
  • Fantastic! Maybe the best episode so far!

    This episode is so great. Capt. Awesome wants to propose to Elie with his Grandmother's ring. He trusts Chuck to take care of it, but the store is robed and the Capt's ring is gone. On top of that, Casey and Sarah find out that bad guys might have found out that Chuck is the intersect! If they can't stop them from finding out, Chuck has to be locked up underground for maybe the rest of his life.

    This episode is fantastic! It's funny! It's got some great action! And when Chuck thinks he has to say good bye to everyone, it's very sad. This might be the best episode yet. As Capt. Awesome would say, It's AWESOME!
  • Excellent mixture of action, comedy and romance. A great recipe for a wonderful hour.

    It is precisely episodes like this one that make me feel like the hour I spend watching Chuck is so worth it. Great story and a great time! I really enjoyed seeing Chuck and Sarah hinting around about their relationship again. Casey is left with the tough guy act and although endearing in some ways, it is getting a little old. They could do more with his character without being so cliché about it, although this is part of what was done in the last episode. I thought overall this was probably the best Chuck I have seen as it brings all the best elements that make Chuck so wonderful to light! I give it a perfect 10!
  • My favorite episode by far.

    All the characters came into play so nicely during this show. Sarah has for sure endeared herself to the American Viewers and Chuck has turned out to be. I'd really hoped that the WGA strike would be over by now with new episodes rolling off but it isn't the case. I am simply not ready to watch this great show end. I know it was picked up but things can change. I just want more Chuck for the bang! I love the hilarity of the show, the action, the corvetness of it and the relationships building between all the characters.
  • i won't tell you what happends because then it will be no fun for you if you haven't watched it yet.

    this was one the best shows of all times. and this specific episode is awsome. it will rock your socks off! ! ! ! zachary levi and yvonne strahovsky doa great job in this show! ! ! ! i love this show. it is sooo good! ! ! ! C H U C K R O C K S ! ! ! !:] C H U C K R O C K S ! ! ! !:] C H U C K R O C K S ! ! ! !:] C H U C K R O C K S ! ! ! !:] C H U C K R O C K S ! ! ! !:]
  • Review

    It was good, but not as good as I think that everyone gives it credit for. There were times where I felt the story was dragging on a little bit. However, I was thrilled to see them get back to the big cliffhanger they left us with at the end of episode 11. They left us with pretty much the same on in this epsiode, only this time it seems that everyone is in on what they have to do with Chuck. The writers strike needs to end soon, because this in no way will ever be acceptable as far as a series finale is concered. As far as a mini season finale I think that it works very well. Nothing too major but at the same time you have to look at the show. Its main draw is the storyline with drama and comedy so you're not looking for anything other then an above average Chuck episode. This episode gets rated hard because of the placement of the episode, but overall I thought it was a solid episode.
  • Chuck is the best show of the year!

    Chuck by far is the best written and best acted show of the year and that it will only get even better. As two new characters are introduced. One that is like Sarah and works with her at that fast food place. While the other is like the nicer version of Casey, working with Chuck at the Buy More. Both of them are from the CIA-NSA. As hillarity will ensure the show. Hopefully both the new characters will be on for much more episodes. Sarah I think is a sweetheart. Just like Chuck is. Harmless but sweet! Too bad the writer's strike is ruining everything in the process. Yuck!
  • exciting

    chuck discovers that there's a bug that's not part of any surveillance equipment by either the CIA or the NSA. this prompts the government to take every equipment that is sold inside the buy more store. this event frightens chuck when he finds out that the engagement ring given to him for safekeeping is missing. it's a really hilarious episode. the writers came up with a really cool story line. each scene had something funny in it. this is funny a much better way. it's something overrated sitcoms really lack. the writers really hit the right notes with this episode, i can't wait for the next one.
  • This is the best show.

    Chuck's amazing season finished with an exiciting episode which is Chuck versus the marlin. In the season finale, Chuck's ordinary life is threatened as the enemy agent is about to learn where is intersect so Chuck's identity will be revealed as there are many bugs in buy more one of which Chuck found. Two new characters appeared in the season finale and Mr. awesome proposed to Ellie and they will get married. Also Chuck was versus the ring of Mr. awesome in this episode as the ring was missing. At the end of the season finale,we are still not sure what will happen to Chuck.
  • An episode worth remembering, a fantastic end to an overall killer of a new show. Congrats to NBC!

    The characterisation within this episode is what brings life to the show. Adam Baldwin and Zach Levi are superb, with Baldwin's 'I don't care attitude' that ends up being that he really does care. His gruff exterior gives way to a slightly softer man, like in "Chuck versus the Undercover Lover". Levi's performance of a man about to be confined for the rest of his life is almost tear-jerking, but his fumbled charm and plain clumsiness save his future. Josh Gomez was as usual perfect with the comedic relief in a tense episode; his character is underrated and over-looked. The producers need to look into expanding his character, it's not just a bunker for the comedic relief.

    The actual story of Devon entrusting the engagement ring to Chuck is a symbol that his family comes first. Chuck never really stopped to think about going into the bunker until he was on his way, and even then his thought's were still on the lost engagement ring. It's story lines like that which keeps the audience coming back, Chuck isn't just a shoot-em up show, it's roots are firmly planted with his family. It's nice to see story lines that include that. Superb!
  • Great End to a fantastic first Season

    This episode kicks off with Devin asking for Chuck's permission to Marry Ellie is he delighted, Devin gives him the ring in which he stores in his locker. Chuck then flashes on a bug and gives it to Casey, it's identified as a listening device and that someone may have found the Intersect.

    Sarah and Casey have 48 Hours to find the perpetrator or Chuck has to be relocated. The Buy More has been robbed by the C.I.A as they continue looking for the receiver; Chuck is in a panic as the engagement ring has been taking. Chuck has been told the consequences if they don't find the receiver all he cares about is the ring. Casey starts getting to work to try and find the fish in which it's believed that the receiver may be in. Somehow the fish ends up at Wienerlicious.

    Chuck is being questioned by the cops until he sees a blond in the Store, he sends Sarah a Video of Lizzie, Lizzie runs to Wienerlicious to fight Sarah and escapes with the receiver. Bad News for Chuck who is soon taking away by a CIA operative, Sarah goes after him while Casey is tracking Lizzie. Chuck and Sarah have a heart rending moment, until Lizzie Strikes all hell breaks loose, Sarah Knocks Lizzie out while the engagement ring ends up in the Dumpster, they eventually find it. Ellie and Devin have a happy moment as Casey reminds Sarah that they have no Idea of how they can Keep Chuck Safe. Bring on SEASON 2
  • Great end to a great season!

    This was the final episode of the first series of Chuck.

    It left us with a cliffhanger, sparking up ideas inside each and every viewers head of what is to come in future episodes.

    This episode was great, I did have doubt in it and thought that it could ruin the whole show, the show to be honest hadnt been entirely consistant throughout, but overall I did enjoy it and continued watching every episode.

    The twist was done well in my opinion and will mean alot of people will come back for more.

    The important thing is that Chuck has been renewed and I for one will be definately waiting to see the new episodes to come.
  • The best episode so far.

    Chuck finds a bug in the Buy More, which leads Casey and Sarah to take drastic measures to find out whether the truth about Chuck has been discovered. Whilst facing the possibility that he may have to leave his life forever, Chuck loses something very important- the engagement ring for Ellie entrusted to him by Captain Awesome. This was the final episode before the strike and I have to say what a way to end the season I just hate that stupid strike hopefully it will never happen again. well this one was another very funny episode and my favourite so far, lol I'm going to miss the Buy more. I know I say this every review but bring on season 2.
  • The Buy More gets repossessed

    Chuck discovers a bug in the Buy More one day, which then has the Buy More repossessed by the CIA (That's who Casey, Chuck and Sarah work for, right?) Any way, they find about 31 bugs in total and they have to relocate Chuck within a certain amount of time as Falcrum are back in action. Chuck discovers who has been setting the bugs, sends an email to Sarah about it and gets taken away to the CIA. before he can go, a member of Falcrum, threatning to destroy Ellie's ring, comes to take Chuck. They beat her, find the ring and Ellie will be Mrs Awesome
  • Big Mike's plastic Marlin is stolen and Awesome plans to propose to Ellie. What follows is the most farcical episode yet

    Chuck has always had an element of farce about it but this episode thrives on it. It builds as you learn that the robbery of the Buy More is not just by one group of people but everything stolen of importance turns up in one place in the end, namely in the Marlin of the title. Most importantly however is the engagement ring that Awesome gives Chuck to look after.

    Falafel girl is basically Sarah but working for Fulcrum and its good to see her in B***h fights, very entertaining. However as the new intersect was revealed to be nearly up and running a few weeks back I couldn't help but think that General Beckman and Tony Todd had engineered the whole situation. It would definitely be in their interest to have Chuck locked away. Maybe season 2 will shed light on this.

    I loved the fact that Awesome proposed to Ellie. This is definitely the right way to go with the characters as they are the normality in the show. The fact that the whole B plot centred around it made it even more of an event.

    The A plot this week was very farcical and therefore really enjoyable. You knew that the store had been stripped by Casey and Sarah but having Jeff and Lester, falafel girl and Big Mike all involved is funny. Big Mike's interrogations for his $200 bought on Ebay plastic Marlin were very funny. He didn't care that the store had been stripped just about his plastic fish. He was even happy to see it back at the end even though it was parcel taped centre and tail.

    One thing I will say is that I miss some of the peripheral characters. Morgan is less of a a character for not having Anna around and I hope she comes back and I also kind of miss Harry Tang. The best episodes were in the middle of this season and those included Harry T Tang. I'd be lieing if I didn't mention that up till this episode I think the show has been slightly disappointing since Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami.
  • The series ends, with Big Mike's Marlin being stolen and spies out to find the intersect.

    The series finalé of Chuck. Was AMAZING! I really enjoyed this episode, there was a mix of emotions from humour to sadness. Fulkrum spies bugged the Buy More and were on they're way to finding out who the intersect really is. When Chuck finds bugs, he tells Casey and the CIA and NSA decide it's time to remove Chuck from his life and take him. Sarah is reluctant to do so, and tries her hardest to protect him. In the end it all turns out good, and Chuck doesn't need to be removed. However, it won't be able to last forever!
    Captain Awesome proposes to Ellie and we see the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah.

    Brill episode, can't wait for Season 2!!!
  • Awesome.

    As Devon deliberates on how he should propose to Ellie, he asks Chuck to hold on to the engagement ring. Chuck locks it in his Buy More locker but returns the next day to discover everything had been stolen from the store, including the ring. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah find out that the someone has been spying on them in hopes of discovering "the Intersect" and that they had hidden the receiver in Big Mike's large plastic marlin. With Chuck's identity and life on the line, the CIA and NSA decide to have Chuck relocated to a permanent holding cell. Big Mike's four-foot Marlin, Ellie's egagmement ring and everything in Buy more is missing. Lester and Jeff - legendary. I love the scene where Chuck and Awesome are in Buy More - too funny and awesome! Lester and Jess seasl the Marlin and I might add Morgan too. I love Big Mike "WHERE'S MY FISH" - too funny! I loved season one and can't wait to finish season two of CHUCK.