Season 1 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Marlin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Without a doubt, this is my favourite episode of Chuck so far.

    Unfortunately, if the WGA strike lasts much longer, the nine episodes of Chuck that have been ordered may never be written and there is always the chance NBC will not pick up the show either for the 2008-2009 season. If either of these happen, I will cry.

    The series must continue from here. It just has to. To me, it doesn't seem like the story is over and I have to admit, I expected some form of closure since this episode was written and filmed before the show received a full season order and could be the final episode we ever see.

    Nonetheless, the series has come a long way since the pilot and this episode is definitive proof of that. The series started off looking like a bit of fun that might be lucky to last until the end of the season and it's become something that I look forward to each week.
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