Season 1 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Marlin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • Great End to a fantastic first Season

    This episode kicks off with Devin asking for Chuck's permission to Marry Ellie is he delighted, Devin gives him the ring in which he stores in his locker. Chuck then flashes on a bug and gives it to Casey, it's identified as a listening device and that someone may have found the Intersect.

    Sarah and Casey have 48 Hours to find the perpetrator or Chuck has to be relocated. The Buy More has been robbed by the C.I.A as they continue looking for the receiver; Chuck is in a panic as the engagement ring has been taking. Chuck has been told the consequences if they don't find the receiver all he cares about is the ring. Casey starts getting to work to try and find the fish in which it's believed that the receiver may be in. Somehow the fish ends up at Wienerlicious.

    Chuck is being questioned by the cops until he sees a blond in the Store, he sends Sarah a Video of Lizzie, Lizzie runs to Wienerlicious to fight Sarah and escapes with the receiver. Bad News for Chuck who is soon taking away by a CIA operative, Sarah goes after him while Casey is tracking Lizzie. Chuck and Sarah have a heart rending moment, until Lizzie Strikes all hell breaks loose, Sarah Knocks Lizzie out while the engagement ring ends up in the Dumpster, they eventually find it. Ellie and Devin have a happy moment as Casey reminds Sarah that they have no Idea of how they can Keep Chuck Safe. Bring on SEASON 2