Season 3 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Mask

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    What I loved best of this episode was the cold opening. Chuck & Hannah do a BuyMore mission at the same place Chuck has to do a spy mission. So he has to go back and forth with Hannah and his mission. Hannah tries to help the mask from being stolen, when that's Chuck's mission, to take the mask. So it's quite a situation. Hannah declares her feelings for Chuck, but then she finds out that was a terrible decision since Chuck left with Sarah, his "ex-girlfriend". Once they save the mask, and everything is fixed. (except Chuck & Hannah's relationship). Meanwhile Morgan & Ellie team up to find out what's going on with Chuck, and they find out he's with Hannah in the end. Hannah is captured for bait to get Chuck to hand over the mask to the ring. Meanwhile Shaw & Sarah are poisoned and they have to go back to the museum for the counter agent. Chuck, of course saves the day in the end, and him & Hannah get together. Shaw & Sarah even share a kiss. So Chuck & Sarah end up with different people when the episode ends. Regardless, I enjoyed this episode greatly.
  • This season's scripts are more exciting yet they retain the wonderful character interrelationships that make this show great!

    The change in script emphasis is outstanding. There is more action and excitement now but the great emotional interplay between the characters remains. The new action Chuck is more interesting but I am very happy that he has not becoming a boring super spy and remains a intellectual genius who, when plans fall apart gets the job done with his brains, his friends, and LUCK. The three mask episode scenes that were great are: (1) the hilarious/exciting scene involving Sarah and Chuck switching the masks; (2) the scene between Sarah and Chuck when they both want to tell each other that they love them but walk away with the words unspoken; and the scene where Elly gets so very concerned about her brother, Chuck. Keep up the great work cast and script writers! There is, however,this caveat -- it would be most aggravating if the Chuck/Sarah relationship split turns out to be permanent!
  • When Shaw's solo mission to capture a Ring-coveted mask at a museum fails, Chuck saves the day, and later, after the operatives lure Hannah to the museum, saves her and Sarah & Shaw at the Castle.

    Though this episode has a number of flaws, and abrupt character changes, I enjoyed the missions and Chuck's saving the day with help from Hannah & Casey.
    During a throwback of a Tom Cruise highwire-descent in "Mission Impossible", Shaw initially fails to recover a museum artifact with a chemical device inside of it, planted by the Ring; I was happy to see him fail because of claiming to be right all of the time, and his monotoned, creepy demeanor!!! And Chuck saving him from dying, after the security breach/alarms triggered an oxygen removal was a great touch, along with the surprise visit from Hannah and combining their computing experience in re-opening the vault. I was also amused by the continuing efforts of the Morgan-Ellie team, to discover the truth behind Chuck's exploits and disappearances, and I sense a pattern in the absence of Awesome, following last episode's absence of seems that with the revelation at the end, of Chuck eventually spying solo (from his "training wheels") that more episodes will have missing cast.

    But I was sick to my stomach over Sarah and Chuck's talk after the second rescue: where both of them not only admit they are aware of their growing feelings towards others, but then try to have each other, and us, believe that it's okay. It felt a little too final, and seemed written to make the audience believe there may be closure, which is exactly what most of us DON'T want. Chuck and Sarah becoming friends after unconsummated love, goes against the whole charm and essence of their relationship in the first two seasons, and I hope, like Shaw's solo mission, the friendship fails. Because Shaw resembles Bryce, and Sarah's relationship with him failed, and Hannah reminds us of Jill, and Chuck's relationship with her was doomed to fail; maybe that's the eventual point that Chuck and Sarah may yet succeed when all else fails!!

    Eventually, I'll come to really love this episode for all of its emotion, great action, and Chuck's successes, but the angst I feel over Chuck & Sarah's new direction and the pain they feel towards one another, makes this episode much less enjoyable than the Angel of Death, or First Class episodes, and others. I would like to see this season end like Season 1 did, with a heartfelt kiss by our lead spies, reaffirming their love after all.
  • Great show and still doing good.

    I think I like the direction where the show is going.. i'm sure Sarah will end up back with Chuck and there are lots of things going on that makes it interesting. Still my No. 1 show. Keep it up with all the spy stuff and love triangle and the Ring (who ever they are). Story wise is good and getting better and will surely support the show all the way. Let this be the new Chuck that we all love about and lets hope all the cast stays for the entire season. I love these new group of people. Top Notch indeed!
  • Chuck juggles his spy life and his feelings for Hannah.

    I thought this was a great episode. Chuck seemed to be himself here, Nerd Herding it up. He was only intersecting information, and not any abilities. There was a great deal of Hannah in this episode, which I loved. The whole will they or wont they with Sarah just is not working any more, and I am glad they sort of halted it (hopefully only temporarily though). Chuck was able to finally kiss Hannah, awesome, and after that still be an awesome and still hilarious Chuck styled spy. The Shaw Sarah bit at first looked like it was going to not only fail on screen, but I was about to hate it. However, by the end it seems to be a good way to psuedo end the Sarah/Chuck dynamic and bring in Hannah. Only problem with this episode, not enough Casey, and no Awesome. Casey has the best one-liners, and sometimes all he needs to do is grunt. Awesome is always great, he would have been interesting to see reacting to Ellie and Morgan teaming up.
  • As much as I dislike the direction, it was a phenomenal episode.

    It seems that a lot of people are having issue with the new cast members being brought in, Hannah and Shaw. This is an understandable feeling, but they are bringing a bit of freshness to the show, not that it was stale however. Shaw is bringing a very Bryce-like dynamic, but this time, at least to me, much less likable. The fans that are looking to see Sarah and Chuck together are going to have to wait, as it looks like Shaw will be Sarah's new man. This will no doubt make for some interesting interactions in future episodes. That being said, as much as I dislike the direction, the episode had me emotionally invested and even angry at the end. Isn't that what a good show is supposed to do, evoke emotion?
  • I want Shaw to leave, soon. It's not that I don't like him, it's just that I don't like the dynamic tha was established between all of them since he showed up.

    Shaw it's an okay character, but the team is Chuck Sarah and Casey, and that's it... BTW, I really don't wanna see him get together with Sarah.

    And what is this nonsense about breaking up the team? I mean, really, Chuck is ready to be a spy? Of course not, he don't is and he never will be. That's the apeal of the show, Chuck it's not a spy. I mean, he is, but he is a computernerd-goofy-nonspy spy, he is not someone to go on a mission solo and do the job. I could never, ever see Chuck kill someone and if he were to do that the whole concept of the show would be kinda ruined to me.

    Another thing, that Chuck from the last episode before this one, it's one I never want to see again, all cold hearted and stuff. It was painful to watch. What I'm trying to say is, Chuck it's amazingly awesome just the way he is now, he doesn't need to improve anything.

    I liked the team Morgan-Ellie, except for the fact that he was heartbroken in the end... Poor guy... I felt bad for him... Aside from that, I still loved the final scene between Chuck and Hannah, they look real cute together. Of course that I want Chuck and Sarah to be together forever and ever someday, but for the time being, I like the Chuck and Hannah relationship.
  • Chuck goes on his first mission with Hannah along. Daniel and Sarah aren't getting along. Hannah reveals she took the job at Buy More because she's fallen for Chuck. Morgan and Ellie are still trying to figure out what Chuck is up too. Casey is Casey!

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    I am going to talk about spoilers as I really don't believe anything I'm seeing in this episode. Have they been putting Sarah and Chuck together for two plus seasons just to have Sarah and Chuck end up with someone else? Are we going to spend the rest of the season with Chuck doing stupid stuff to Hannah and not being able to tell her now. How many times is Morgan's little heart going to be broken? Isn't Sarah being together with Daniel the same as Sarah and Chuck being together from the spies don't get together standpoint? This all seems rather hypocritical.

    Now don't get me wrong. I like Hannah played by Kristin Kreuk so I wouldn't mind them getting together, but what about Sarah? She still wants Chuck no matter what's happening otherwise. Why would she do this just to let Chuck go. In the end she wanted Chuck over Bryce as well. Also now we're going to have to deal with Chuck and the Ellie reaction to all this!

    The episode itself was fun with multiple plot lines all converging into people getting stuck in that vault, running out of Oxygen, and Chuck saving them. OK, that wasn't all that happen! The scene where Chuck and Hannah saved the day was great. Also the scene where Hannah spilled her feelings as well was pretty cool. Then Chuck had to go off and steal the mask and leave her to fix the mess. It's always something.

    Casey was his usual stoic self through all of this. Adam Baldwin is a great actor and hopefully not under-appreciated for his wonderful work.

    An OK episode with a lot of questions about where this story is going. I for one really am wondering what will happen. Now we just have to wait a month through the Olympics to find out! Bummer! Thanks for reading...
  • This is the very first time I'm giving Chuck a score lower than 9... The storyline was pretty good, with the mask and all and the last seconds were interesting with the Ring but I was pretty lost in the midle...

    Since when Chuck got over Sarah and I didn't realized it. And since when Sarah got over Chuck and began dating? She didn't even admit she likes Chuck and now got over him AND has something going on with Shaw- who btw is my most hated character in Chuck right now.

    But the ending of the episode tells me something big is going to happen.. who knows maybe we'll find something more about Shaw and Hannah-who btw don't trust and believe she is gonna be with the bad guys.. (but I've changed my mind on Kristin Kreuk- she's good here)
  • chuck's training wheels? the episode still have some of the show's original charm, but maybe the show should've ended in season 2

    I agree with some of the other reviewers that the direction of the show is none to be seen. the first couple episodes of the season start with chuck trying with all he has to win sarah back, and after that long declaration of love, and the fact that sarah stayed again instead of heading off with karina... things were looking like if they weren't going to end up together soon, at least they will later.

    then chuck went all darkside for a bit, but left us hanging with the question he posed to sarah "harder to do what?" and leaving us again with sarah having feelings for how chuck is changing. thought she would at least try and preserve some of the original chuck even if she can't change him back.

    and now this hannah and shaw business.. i'm beginning to think that the writers have no ideas left so they have to throw in more characters. since why was chuck over sarah already? and since when was sarah looking else where? whatever happened to "when you find something you care about, it's hard to let go"? if chuck is so quick to start something with hannah, then he's not the same chuck for the last other seasons. i kept thinking that both chuck and sarah would push hannah/shaw away and then a cut scene showing them looking into the distance as if to each other, but nope.

    the whole fulcrum/ring thing already gave me a weird feeling at the end of season 2, i mean, what was the fulcrum/ring agenda/ultimate goal anyway? to protect the country? but they themselve admit that they were the bad guys, if they were truly thinking they were protecting the country, then they wouldnt think of themselves as bad. also, the whole "no one stops us, no one ever has...spies agent walker" if they havent been stopped, and if it was such a clandestine organization, shouldnt they have already taken over? and whats the point of taking over and the thing with 5 people in the dark with back lights? it looked like F.O.W.L. from Darkwing Duck.

    as i said, even as a die hard chuck fan, season 3 has been quite disappointing. perhaps the show should've ended at the end of season 3, go out on top rather than leaving the fans with a bitter taste in their mouths, at least in mine. here is to hope that the show will improve after the break.
  • Chuck is great, but i don't know what happend with this episode, they just showed me something that should take some episodes in 15 minutes.

    I like this show a lot, but this episode let me down. In just one episode Sarah and Chuck get over their relationship, just like that.
    I mean, 4 episodes before he was telling her that the reason he wanted to be an agent was because he loves her... so... how in the hell now he is so easily with other girl??
    Something else, Sarah seemed to be unconfortable with working with Shaw. She was serious in the museum, and when Chuck switched places with Shaw she cheered up. So... why in the very same episode she hangs with Shaw?
    I think that this things happened too fast...
    Also... i read that most people likes Kristin Kreuk and Brandon Routh... well i'm not so into them.
    I presume that something weird could happend with Hannah and maybe with Shaw too.
    Also i hope that at the end Sarah and Chuck end togheter, because i have the feeling that if they don't, fans will get upset. I least i would...
  • Not the best. An enjoyable, but otherwise out of charachter episode. It seemed to be a very jerky episode, but ok. BUT mediocre eppys are usually followed by awesome ones. Hopefully.

    ****************Minor Spoilers*************

    Hmmm, this one seemed out-of-kilter with the rest of the episodes this season, not bad per-se, but strange nonetheless. For instance: what was with the coffee? Ive never seen them drinking it before. And the whole Sarah/Shaw thing seemed so sudden, im not against it, but it was poorly executed, it pretty much all happened in this one episode. Also Chuck and Sarah just seemed so unlike themselves that the change was obvious to the regular audience. Especially the scene where they are talking about seeing other people and Chuck was ok with Sarah seeing someone they work with and it being in his face everyday? It seemed forced, not only for the charachters but the actors aswell, and if the actors arn't feeling a scence then its going to be a hard sell to the hard-core weekly audience. Still, we have no idea what the writers are up to. It wasnt bad, but not amazing like im used to.

    However, i'm liking Hannah! Shes super cute and intersting, and i loved how she called Chuck a weirdo under her breath!! But poor Morgan. Makes me wonder if he mentioned to Chuck that he liked her but i get the feeling that he didnt, and is going to harbour some negative feelings. All in all the episode was quite good, up until the last ten minutes anyway. The next one should be good tho, its written by Ali Adler!

    Ohhhhh! The mask swapping action in the vault with Chuck and Sarah was actually very entertaining, and the big guns line cracked me up...

    Three more weeks until the next one. NOOOOOOOO!
  • Good, but I am getting a little confused with the direction of the show

    The first two seasons were brilliant, I have them on dvd and have a Chuck poster, but this season so far is making me question whether it was all worth it. I spent the whole of the summer thinking that the finale to season 2 would mean that Chuck and Sarah could be together finally, something I have been hoping for since the beginning. And now it does not look like that will happen. The previous episode summed up everything for me in that it showed just how much Chuck has changed since the beginning, and I am not convinced that that is a good thing. This episode was very good, especially with the dynamic with Morgan and Ellie, but it seemed to be missing a few key Chuck elements. There was no Captain Awesome, I prefer the scenes with Awesome and Ellie rather than Morgan and Ellie. Casey's role seems to be being drastically reduced, he was on fire during season 2, such a great character, and the same goes for General Beckman. We had that ominous line near the beginning of the episode and now we have heard nothing either from or about her.

    They also, as far as I am aware, have not really explained why Chuck and Ellie's Dad disappeared. The season 2 finale made me think an entire world of storylines would enter the show to keep it Chuckesque while still moving the show along, but so far this season the show seems to be becoming something completely new.

    Chuck seems to be getting a lot more serious, and the whole reason I tune into this is because it's lighthearted. Chuck's about to lose his team and no one seems to really care.

    These last two episodes have made me think Chuck is going the way of Airwolf. Which is an absolute shame.

    But that's just my opinion. Hopefully in the second half of the season the show will return to its greatest moments.

    And where the heck has the Intersect gone, we are getting so few flashes, and on such standard things. The plane scene from the previous episode was brilliant, and we have had none of that in this episode.
  • Chuck my life!!

    I am so NOT ok with chuck and that stupid girl..not to mention Sarah and capt d-bag over here.. How unreal! How can they both just pretend like that!!?? I mean come on here. For that reason and that reason alone I give this episode the lowest score I've given any Chuck episode to date.. I have to admit it was a really good episode otherwise though. Morgan and Ellie always make me laugh.

    Chuck and Sarah need to open their eyes! Hopefully the ring takes care of what's his face soon enough. haha.

    I can't take this edge of my seat business anymore!!

    I'm almost tempted to skip this episode when I rewatch. Though I don't hate Kristin Kreuk, she's supremely annoying in the role of Hannah. She follows Chuck everywhere, trotting around in her 4 inch heels and loosely knotted tie, gazing adoringly at him, grinning and batting her eyelashes. She's a merciless flirt, and it's pretty nauseating to watch. Chuck seems pretty oblivious, although he doesn't mind her throwing herself at him. She's not only pretty superfluous as a plot device, she literally gets in the way. She demands to know why Chuck is always heading out for frozen yoghurt, when frankly it's none of her business, and when Chuck heads off on an install (a cover for a mission), without asking if she can come along, she simply hops in her own car and follows him, announcing "surprise!" She physically corners him in order to kiss him, and then freaks out when his ex-girlfriend turns up, demanding an explanation she's not really owed. She almost ruins the mission by tapping away at her little computer (she's not convincing as a hacker), and is then furious with Chuck for "abandoning" her on her first install, the one she wasn't invited on. She's like a tiny, angry stalker. As if that's not bad enough, it's obvious that Morgan is interested in her, but Chuck ignores this and hooks up with her, purely because she's THERE. She doesn't seem Chuck's type, and she doesn't move the story forward in any way. In fact, you could remove her from this episode altogether and not lose anything.

    The burgeoning Shaw/Sarah romance is equally lame ("I have to kiss your neck Sarah - it's part of the job!") but at least that relationship serves a purpose in the rest of the season. The final scene of this episode, in which both couples (Hannah and Chuck, Sarah and Shaw) embrace within a few metres of each other is melodramatic and silly. Suddenly both girls, including the usually kick-*ss Sarah, are damsels in distress dropping in the arms of their big brave boyfriends. Hannah gazes at Chuck and whispers "you saved my life, Chuck!" She looks thrilled to finally have him in her clutches.

    I never felt the introduction of these romances was an effective move on the producer's part. Unlike the shipper's who demanded Sarah and Chuck be reunited, I always knew they'd end up together eventually, and I understand that the writers had to spin out the story, throw a few obstacles in the lovers' way and build towards an exciting climax at the end of the season, but I don't find it plausible that Sarah was seduced by Shaw, that she was so cold towards Chuck, or that Hannah, who appeared out of nowhere, was so eager.

    None of Chuck's girlfriends are particularly likeable. Jill, Lou and Hannah were all slightly nasty, possessive, jealous and high maintenance. They all went out of their way to throw themselves at Chuck, and then berated him for not being the boyfriend they wanted. Fortunately, Chuck's relationship with Hannah ends as abruptly as it started, but not before she has slept with him and attempted to introduce him to her parents. Shaw and Sarah's relationship would end more colourfully, but it's still nauseating to watch Shaw massaging Sarah's shoulders at the end of the episode, and Chuck and Hannah making out like newly-weds in the media room. Chuck's hasty conversation with Sarah, in which they effectively release each other from their relationship and he wishes her all the best with her new man, is disingenuous and unconvincing.

    All in all, I'm glad when this block of poorly written episodes is passed and we can get back to the good stuff.
  • Not cool.

    Maybe it sounds a little emotional but this episode broke my heart. I don't want to see them with other persons. I don't cool with that. I like KK but not in this show not with Chuck. And I think BR was the most horrible Superman actor ever. I already blame him for that but after this episode I don't have any words to say. I want him to disappear asap. He's good at being bad.