Season 3 Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Mask

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • chuck's training wheels? the episode still have some of the show's original charm, but maybe the show should've ended in season 2

    I agree with some of the other reviewers that the direction of the show is none to be seen. the first couple episodes of the season start with chuck trying with all he has to win sarah back, and after that long declaration of love, and the fact that sarah stayed again instead of heading off with karina... things were looking like if they weren't going to end up together soon, at least they will later.

    then chuck went all darkside for a bit, but left us hanging with the question he posed to sarah "harder to do what?" and leaving us again with sarah having feelings for how chuck is changing. thought she would at least try and preserve some of the original chuck even if she can't change him back.

    and now this hannah and shaw business.. i'm beginning to think that the writers have no ideas left so they have to throw in more characters. since why was chuck over sarah already? and since when was sarah looking else where? whatever happened to "when you find something you care about, it's hard to let go"? if chuck is so quick to start something with hannah, then he's not the same chuck for the last other seasons. i kept thinking that both chuck and sarah would push hannah/shaw away and then a cut scene showing them looking into the distance as if to each other, but nope.

    the whole fulcrum/ring thing already gave me a weird feeling at the end of season 2, i mean, what was the fulcrum/ring agenda/ultimate goal anyway? to protect the country? but they themselve admit that they were the bad guys, if they were truly thinking they were protecting the country, then they wouldnt think of themselves as bad. also, the whole "no one stops us, no one ever has...spies agent walker" if they havent been stopped, and if it was such a clandestine organization, shouldnt they have already taken over? and whats the point of taking over and the thing with 5 people in the dark with back lights? it looked like F.O.W.L. from Darkwing Duck.

    as i said, even as a die hard chuck fan, season 3 has been quite disappointing. perhaps the show should've ended at the end of season 3, go out on top rather than leaving the fans with a bitter taste in their mouths, at least in mine. here is to hope that the show will improve after the break.