Season 4 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Masquerade

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chuck and Morgan decorate the apartment to prepare for Valentine 's Day. They split the apartment in two parts so they each can get some privacy. Chuck and Sarah walk in on Morgan and Alex blindfolded, practicing some touch-less lovemaking. When Chuck and Sarah are alone, Sarah reveals the sexy lingerie she has on under her clothes. Then, Casey barges in. Ellie and Awesome are struggling with their first Valentine's Day with a baby. They go to the Buy More for some assistance. Jeff and Lester have a stuffed sheep that grabs baby Clara's attention. Ellie distracts them while Devon swoops in and steals the sheep.

The team gets assigned a new mission from the General, to separate Vivian, Volkoff's potential successor, and Boris, an assassin in search of a special key. Chuck and Sarah meet Vivian. They discover that she is Volkoff's daughter moments before saving her from Boris' gunshot. Morgan has been acting weird all throughout the party. After some words from Casey, he decides he needs to finally grow up and move out.

The team decides to have Sarah go lure Boris in. They have her riding a horse. All goes as planned until she gets thrown off the horse. Casey shoots off Boris' men. Chuck and Vivian go to help. Vivian ends up face to face with Boris. Vivian shoots Boris with a glimmer of Volkoff's evil stare in her eyes. Vivian realizes that the key Boris was looking for is the pendant around her neck. She goes to Volkoff's abandoned warehouse and uses the key to open a secret room. Back in Burbank, Casey is approached by the CIA offering him an opportunity.
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