Season 4 Episode 16

Chuck Versus the Masquerade

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • Another great installment!

    I loved this episode. The main storyline with Chuck and the team was really well-developed, while we got to see some of Chuck and Morgan's adorable little bromance again. There was some great action - it had the typical physically-impossible-and-vaguely-ridiculous-but-totally-awesome-to-watch Chuck action bit which we seem to be seeing many of, which is great.

    Best bits: Vivian (I know her as Bela Talbot from Supernatural, so it was great to see her back on TV), the entire 7 minutes before the title sequence (the Valentine's day bit - it made me cry laughing), and the fact that some of it was set in England (that's just me I'm afraid, being a Londoner. I love seeing other countries' stereotypes/views of us, and Chuck's blatantly fake accent was genius).

    Worst bits: Can't really think of anything, but I guess that fact that no music was featured that I wanted to buy for once. Ah well, my iTunes bill will be smaller because of it.

    If you haven't already, go watch this episode. It's probably one of the season's best, in a subtle way. It's the usual Chuck: hilarious, sad and happy all at once. You won't be disappointed. There are also some serious cliffhangers at the end which will keep your brain buzzing 'till next week. :)
  • What is should be...

    This episode was fantastic. They lead-in to the credits was 7 or 8 of the best minutes of TV I've seen in a while. They did an outstanding job with the Valentines festivities and then add in the awkwardness of Chuck and Sarah seeing Morgan doing his vibe with John walking in was great.

    I really enjoyed our guest star too. She was intriguing. I only hope that if she is indeed going to restart Volkov's businesses that we won't get so much of Chuck's mom. I really don't like her character. Let's hope we get more episodes like this.
  • Definitely the better of the last three standalone episodes.

    After the previous two episodes of light-hearted Chuck adventures, it was refreshing to watch Vs. The Masquerade, which not only balanced the suspense and comedy perfectly, but also gave use to most of the characters, and had some great moments.

    It's like the writers understood everything I was complaining about on last week's episode, and fixed it perfectly. Bad premise? Not only did the episode's story work perfectly, blending that all the side stories into one smooth hour, but it was engaging, hilarious, and just great to watch. Bad guest cast? I just loved and enjoyed watching Vivian's personality and charm, and I especially loved that stealthy transition to possibly set her up as one of this season's biggest antagonists. Predictable? I didn't see that one coming.

    There was just so much that worked well this week, specifically Morgan. It's nice to see the character seen as, "flat," at the beginning of Chuck become one of the only consistent aspects this show has going for it. Counting down on all the Morgan scenes, Valentine's Day was just HILARIOUS, the rare Sarah-Morgan part was adorable, and something they should do more often on this show, and Morgan moving out was memorable, engaging, and overall a great showcase of him advancing as a much more mature person, although it may have been more of a step if they'd been living together the whole time, with Ellie as their neighbor, showing they were truly giving up a big part of their lives. Chuck and Sarah were their usual, the attention shifted to other relationships, thankfully, for once. Casey had a good stand-off scene, and it was good to see the question of him becoming a third-wheel like Morgan answered, although I'm dying to know what's behind that door. Volkoff? And Ellie/Awesome had a great side-plot too, and it fit perfectly with the theme of growing up.

    Overall, they put alot more into Chuck that usual, and it still felt paced and exciting. Another amazing episode.