Season 4 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Muuurder

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2011 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chuck head up a project to find a new Intersect. He creates a personal profile and tries to find people that are similar. Four prospects came and one of them, the front runner that was most like Chuck, gets murdered. This ignites suspicion and the team investigates who the murderer is. Damien, another recruit, tries to escape but fails when he gets bombed. Chuck, Casey, and Sarah interrogate the remaining recruits. After the meeting they notice a bomb left in the chair, which explodes on Damian again. The team finds out that their bomb expert, Lewis, has gone missing and they assume it is him.

Chuck and Robin Givens stumble across Lewis' dead body and they realize they were wrong. Chuck eventually figures out that it was Damian. He bombed himself to look less suspicious. Right then, he sets another bomb. Robin takes the bomb into a bomb-proof Intersect room and is eventually saved by Chuck.

Ellie continues to solve the mystery that is her dad's computer. She discovers that he was trying to put something into someone's brain without them learning it. Dr. Awesome tells Chuck that he switched out the hard drive when in fact he actually didn't. He and Ellie agree to not tell Chuck the truth. While Ellie sleeps the computer scans her face and a profile on the computer pops up.

The Buy More gets into a battle with Large Mart when Jeff and Lester stole their pig named Kevin Bacon. For revenge, the Large Mart steals the Buy More's mascot, Big Mike. Big Mike gets returned to safety while the Buy More still has Kevin Bacon.