Season 4 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Muuurder

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • In a highly disappointing season, I highly enjoyed this episode.

    The other director was super-annoying for her short stay on the show, so it's good to know that she is finally leaving. And I hated the idea of having multiple intersects (didn't the writers already cover that way back in the time of Bryce?) so I'm glad the director has ditched that idea. I was glad that the show was in touch with it's humor in this episode, in that even though the murderer was a bad guy, he was still funny before they found him out. "Everything I own is covered with sand!" being my prime example, and Zachary Levi's delivery of "Really? The boom-box?" It was nice to have an episode that wasn't too caught up in the upcoming wedding, Casey having another team, or Ellie and her father's computer. Those storylines are too overused! It was great to have an original mystery afoot, and I appreciated the trapped-in-with-a-killer tension. This episode exceeded my expectations which have been unfortunately low this season. Let's hope this episode is the first of many headed in the other direction!
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