Season 3 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • Sad ending.

    Well this episode I could say was a setting stone in Chuck trying to become a spy. Hannah continues to work at a BuyMore, and asks around about Chuck's "situation" with Sarah. All the while, people at the BuyMore start hitting on her, when it's pretty obvious she was after Chuck. Chuck gets his own asset: Manoosh. Sarah is to Chuck. As Chuck is to Manoosh. Chuck becomes emotionally attached to Manoosh, just like Sarah got attached to Chuck. Chuck's job was to bring Manoosh in since he was making some kind of weaponry. Manoosh says that Chuck was his only friend, when he was undercover the whole time, he still has to turn him in by the end, regardless. Which was the sad part. Awesome continues to lie about Chuck to Ellie. I see that their relationship hasn't been working, and I don't see if it will ever work, if Awesome continues to know Chuck's secret. A good episode.
  • Chuck is becoming an special agent...

    Well the Paris episode was great. And this one is good, but not great. The nerd was a mix between Chuck and the dude from Scrubs. Sometimes, I think is the same actor.

    Chuck is growing up a pair, he is becoming a real spy and the series is turning out to be more serious. Of curse, we still have the Buy More dudes, who made us laugh all the way. I thought the girl will be a love interest, but so far, nothing had happened.

    She is pretty, more prettier than Sarah, so Chuck can be happy.

    Good episode so far.
  • We did it- and it was amazing!

    Chuck really has been getting better and better. His switch to full-on spy is being handled kind of brilliantly so far and I am impressed with the focus of the storytelling when compared to last year (where episode plots got increasingly repetitive). There was a lot to enjoy once again, as this week Chuck learned the lessons of having to burn an asset. Said asset was Manoosh, an MIT drop out-turned Ring operative who was not at all unlike Chuck himself. The theme of having to befriend someone only for the superficial cause of the mission was a nice one, as we also got to see some flashbacks of when Sarah first encountered Chuck- with the same intentions. I loved the overall 'geekiness' of the episode from the Manoosh character to even the Weap-Con event (a hilarious take on Comic-Con for Arms dealers) And we can't forget the Buy More crew who (in a reassuringly cute fashion by the show) drooled all over new employee Hannah. I'm right with them on that! From Rachel Bilson to Jordana Brewster, the show does such a great job with possible love interests for Chuck. Kreuk might be the best of the bunch!

    Round it all off with Morgan and Ellie coming together under the suspicions of what exactly is up with secret Mr Bartowski, and we've got another great ep in the bag.
  • Chuck meets a new Intersect, and learns how to handle this new asset, before he sells his Intersect-granting-sunglasses to the highest bidder. In his new role as a handler, Chuck gains insight into Sarah's handling of him, advancing as a new spy.

    This episode was very funny, and introspective, with glimpses back at how Sarah first met Chuck, to begin her role as his handler, and Chuck assuming a handler role, with an inventor of a new, powerful Intersect lodged into sunglasses, who tries to sell it as a "weapon". This new role for Chuck, that advances his superspydom, is something he takes seriously and was a superbly conveyed main storyline, but the laughs come from all of the Buymorian advances on Hannah, the newest, hottest Nerd Herder, and Casey's obsession with weapons, seen at a weapon convention in Dubai during a trackdown of the dangerous Intersect inventing asset. Loved Sarah's super-hot advances on the new asset, Chuck's reactions to them, Morgan's advances on Hannah with help from newly-spying Jeff & Lester, and Morgan as a newly-spying target of Chuck, with an equally-curious Ellie at the unexplained disappearences of Chuck. A great mix of funny and serious moments, while Chuck learns how difficult handling and cutting loose an asset can be, along with betrayal and shooting someone.
  • I think this is one of the most painful episodes I've seen of this great show. Forget unhappy love, forget Buy More indignities, forget Dad coming and going: The sight of Chuck doing what must be done, turning into a "real" spy, is truly painful.

    With the help of flashbacks and eerily similar storylines, we see Chuck relive the start of his career as an asset/operative - only this time from the other side of the table.
    The naive geek "target" is a carbon copy of Chuck of three years past, and Chuck gets to step into Sarah's shoes to befriend the asset.
    But unlike Sarah, Chuck is actually able to do his duty when the time comes to burn the asset, despite the anguish it causes him.
    Chuck's transformation over the last episodes from earnest young geek to gradually more hardened operative is interesting and well played, and Sarah's reaction is equally engaging.
    There are a lot of painful moments and insights - Chuck's smooth lie to his sister, Morgan and Ellie's realization that their favourite geek is hiding something from them, Sarah wondering if Chuck is still the man she fell in love with.

    I did notice that the show kept one big difference between Chuck and his carbon-copy asset - while Chuck is an allround good guy who has always been willing to lay it on the line for the good of his country/friends/the world, Manoush was unwilling to see the consequences of his actions and choices - as long as it would make him rich.
    Which is why it was right for Sarah to try and keep Chuck out of secure storage - and why it is right for Chuck to burn his asset...
  • Chuck gets his first opportunity to be a handler and gets to see things from Sarah and Casey's standpoint. Chuck comes face to face with all the decisions he must make as a spy. Lying to his friends, lying to his family, and betraying his mark.

    A solid follow-up to Chuck's first mission. Chuck must pick up his first mark as a handler. The only problem is he comes on a little to strong and sort of gives the wrong impression. Later he gets it right with Sarah's help, but begins to realize he is going to have to make hard choices to do this spy job he decided he really wants. Sarah definitely has reservations about what is happening to Chuck as well.

    Meanwhile he is trying to help bring Hannah along through the shark infested waters known as the Burbank Buy More. Jeff and Lester are making their moves, but in the end they are working for Morgan who wants a shot at Hannah himself. During his "talk" with Hannah, she let's slip about Paris and now Morgan is on Chuck's case.

    Also Ellie is getting suspicious as Awesome is acting very weird every time Chuck's name or anything having to do with him is brought up. In the end Ellie and Morgan seem to be getting together on this.

    In between all of this an actual mission takes place with Chuck having his first situation as a handler. Unfortunately he's forced to do the right thing for the government which makes him a bad guy. This may make him realize at least a little of what Sarah and Casey goes through.

    I especially enjoyed the glee in which Casey was so excited about going to WeaponsCon in Dubai. He was like a kid in a candy store. Very cool.

    An episode with a lot of fun and some illuminating decisions on Chuck's part. It will be interesting to see him develop over this next year. Thanks for reading...
  • Season 3 of Chuck has our favorite goofy hero getting deeper into his spy training, and in this episode, he's acting more and more like one. Is it a good or bad thing? I think the writers are intentionally making us decide whether we like it or not.

    Chuck's first mission was the last episode, and on his second mission, he has to develop an asset and learn what he's doing for the Ring. I definitely liked this episode, up there with the first and second episode of this season. It's gotten a little bit darker, but it still has it's Chuck moments. I hope the writers keep the Chuck moments in, and not make it more similar to other spy shows! So it's getting easier for Chuck to lie to his family and his friends but Capt. Awesome is having a hard time adjusting to Chuck's secret. When Ellie finds Chuck's claim ticket to Paris, he bumbles about trying to not say anything. When Devon confronts Chuck, Ellie interrupts them but Chuck easily lies to Ellie about his Paris trip as an astonished Devon listens on. I think that moment really sticks out among other little moments throughout the episode, at how much Chuck is changing because of his training, and in the end, Chuck making the choices to handle his asset like a cold, heartless spy. Sarah notices Chuck's changes too, and I wonder if she likes or dislikes the changes? I definitely wonder because we see their first meeting from her point of view.

    My favorite Chuck moments from this episode --
    1. Re-doing the vicky vale sequences from episode one of season one.
    2. Hannah's (Kristen) expression upon meeting Lester and Jeff was a funny highlight. 3. Casey interrupting Chuck's tour of the Buy More with Hannah -- saying it's "yoghurt" time.
    4. Casey anticipating a weapons convention, like we anticipate ChuckFest or Comic-Con. :) The scene where Casey expresses his joy that he can expense his trip to the convention, and you see Sarah and Chuck give him the thumbs up sign is priceless. 5. Morgan trying to impress Hannah with his "office".
    6. Capt. Awesome trying to avoid Ellie's question.
    7. Chuck trying to take out the laser pen from Casey's shirt pocket. Casey telling Chuck not to be "shy".
    8. The sales guy at WeapCon.
    9. Jeff and Lester stalking Hannah
    10. Morgan and Ellie teaming up to find out what's going on.
  • Chuck is in charge of forming hannah at the buymore while in his other job he must take care of Manouche, his first asset. Morgan and Ellie begin to question Chuck's work.

    I found this episode was really good but at the same time painful to watch. All through the shows, Chuck really wanted to be normal and now we can see that he is finally embrassing his spy destiny. I found it painful to watch, because of the ways he lied to Morgan and Ellie. Because these lies are putting pressure on Awesome, but worst,because of how Chuck seems to be deal with all of this... For a couple of episodes now, when something went bad poor chuck would be seen drinking alcool. This made it really painful because in a way what the General said is in a way becoming real: Chuck'S emotion are rending him unstable. SO is it a good thing that chuck be a top spy? I kind of prefer the goofy Chuck and i hope that the show won'T change to a point where Chuck is no longer that lovable character, because that is the day I would pull the plug.
  • Chuck enters another level in the spy world when he is in charge of an assets

    It is one of the most darkest episode of this joyful show. Chuck is in charge of an asset who has his characteristic. The mission his difficult, as chuck as to fight his emotion to accomplish his spy duty. In this episode, Chuck will go furhter in his role of spy letting a little bit of the old Chuck behind. Family and friends are becoming suspicious on his behaviour. In that episode the role of Hannah his not clear yet, the sarah - chuck love story have been put to an hold now.Will the spy take over the nerd Chuck, the next episodes will answer that.
  • Chuck gets a taste of how Sarah feels.

    *Spoilers ahead*

    Season 3 is really going so well.

    This has to be one of the funniest episodes yet. Chuck trying to get close to an asset is one of the funnier parts of the episode and we get to see Sarah work her 'magic' again(the asset is one lucky guy, lol). This asset turns out to be the developer of another intersect 2.0(a nice surprise element there) only he doesn't know he's working for the Ring. So Chuck gets personally connected to this guy, and feels the need to protect him from the Ring. That said, he now knows how Sarah feels all the time in same situations, probably this might open up a heart to heart talk with Sarah. In the end Chuck learns to decide for what is best, though not easily...

    Casey's excitement over the weap-con is hilarious! Buy More scenes are interesting as well. I like that what started to be Morgan's order for JeffSter to spy on Hannah(the ever lovely Kristin Kreuk) gets diverted towards Chuck. Ellie and Awesome are back and make for a nice side story...and no agent Superman..

    And well, the flashback ending is great! Vicky Vale..vick-Vicky Vale...
  • Mirroring the good old days when Chuck was nothing more than an asset, Charles Carmichael's first mission as a handler takes a turn for the worst when he finds himself faced with the task of falsely befriending a kindred spirit.

    Still running off the feel-good vibe of completing his first solo mission, Chuck jumps head first into his next task: befriending the new asset, Manoosh, a young man that dropped out of his post-secondary education and has few friends to speak of. Casey's verbal jabs are a-plenty in this episode, especially when comparing the old Chuck with his mark, but the man plays a surprisingly supportive role in helping Chuck handle his first asset.

    Sarah, of course, has the hindsight to know this mission is going to take a turn for a worse, whether or not Chuck handles his asset properly. Manoosh gets in with the wrong crowd when the Ring hires him to repair a stolen fraction of the battered 2.0 Intersect, shaping its martial art information into a pair of sunglasses, not too unlike the shades Bryce gave Chuck in season 2. The only difference here is that the mini-Intersect holds only a few techniques and a person can only be endowed with these skills while wearing the sunglasses. Team Bartowski discovers this little snippet of information when the Ring comes to collect Manoosh --- and Manoosh, not surprisingly, arms himself with the Intersect to fend off the agents.

    Flash forward to Dubai where Manoosh flees to "Weap - Con" (an arms sale fair Casey openly admits he can finally write off as a business trip) to sell his shades to the highest bidder. Chuck confronts him backstage before the auction and admits, begrudgingly, that he works for the CIA. Understandably, Manoosh feels betrayed and turns his back --- only to run face-first into the disgruntled Ring agents he left lying on the ground in the BuyMore parking lot. Revenge, they think, is sweet as they tie up Team Bartowski and take Manoosh aside to steal back their Intersect fraction.

    Hilarity ensues as Chuck and Casey work together to free themselves (using a laser pen Casey secretly bought near the entrance of the fair) but it's back to business as they dive in to save Manoosh. The asset upsets the head Ring leader (no pun intended) by smashing the sunglasses, subsequently finding himself at gunpoint in a standstill between Team Bartowski and the Ring. And Chuck --- never one to use a gun, unless it's loaded with tranquilizer darts --- runs to grab his own laser pen, only to return with a pop-up blade instead (cue Casey's snide remark of "Just like Bartowski to bring a knife to a gun fight"). Luckily, the Intersect flashes on a nearby throwing star and Chuck flings his meager weapon into the hand of the head Ring agent. Chaos insues in the following battle, ending with the Ring agents on the run and Manoosh praising Chuck for his help.

    Ordered to make sure Manoosh doesn't escape, Chuck has a moment of weakness and gives his friend a chance to run. Casey is momentarily disappointed as he watches Manoosh heading for the door --- only to hold back from tranqulizing the kid himself when Chuck has a change of heart and shoots him in the back.

    The episode draws near an end when Chuck confronts Manoosh in the Castle headquarters. Despite Manoosh's pleas to let him go, Chuck solemnly admits that he isn't his friend and hands him over to the government agents sent to pick up his asset. Manoosh is sent to an secure underground facility, not too unlike the one Chuck would've been sentenced to in Season 1, a fate even he can admit is probably worse that death.

    Chuck, Casey happily admist, has just burned his first asset.

    Over the course of the show, Devon starts to let his new phobia of spies get the better of him and jumps at almost any sound Ellie makes in the apartment. Feeding her already growing suspicion of her brother (especially when she finds a luggage tag from Paris), he tries to babble his way out of any conversation concerning Chuck and runs to the BuyMore to confront his brother-in-law before Ellie gets the chance to hunt him down. Given the heads-up, Chuck easily lies his way through the ensuing conversation with Ellie, telling her he was preparing a surprise second honeymoon for her and Devon in the city of love. Ellie is delighted, Devon is horrified by his brother-in-law's new lying skill set and Chuck tries to brush it off as business.

    Morgan too, in the process of woeing Hannah, catches wind of Chuck's secret trip to Paris and enlists the help of Jeff and Lester to spy on his pal --- someone he always thought he could trust. At the end of the episode, when the tickets to Paris arrive at the Woodcomb residence, Devon snatches them up and flees, determined that there are strings attached and that neither he nor his wife are going. Ellie is outraged and runs into Morgan outsider her apartment while trying to chance her husband down. Surprised to find they share the same suspicion of Chuck, they quietly team up to discover what it is exactly Chuck's been up to...

    Overall, I thought it was a brillaint episode, the crossing point from the old Chuck to the new Chuck, and I think it hints that the thirteenth episode, "Chuck versus the Other Guy", is really going to be a battle between Charles and his Agent Carmichael counterpart.