Season 3 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • Chuck meets a new Intersect, and learns how to handle this new asset, before he sells his Intersect-granting-sunglasses to the highest bidder. In his new role as a handler, Chuck gains insight into Sarah's handling of him, advancing as a new spy.

    This episode was very funny, and introspective, with glimpses back at how Sarah first met Chuck, to begin her role as his handler, and Chuck assuming a handler role, with an inventor of a new, powerful Intersect lodged into sunglasses, who tries to sell it as a "weapon". This new role for Chuck, that advances his superspydom, is something he takes seriously and was a superbly conveyed main storyline, but the laughs come from all of the Buymorian advances on Hannah, the newest, hottest Nerd Herder, and Casey's obsession with weapons, seen at a weapon convention in Dubai during a trackdown of the dangerous Intersect inventing asset. Loved Sarah's super-hot advances on the new asset, Chuck's reactions to them, Morgan's advances on Hannah with help from newly-spying Jeff & Lester, and Morgan as a newly-spying target of Chuck, with an equally-curious Ellie at the unexplained disappearences of Chuck. A great mix of funny and serious moments, while Chuck learns how difficult handling and cutting loose an asset can be, along with betrayal and shooting someone.
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