Season 3 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on NBC

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  • Season 3 of Chuck has our favorite goofy hero getting deeper into his spy training, and in this episode, he's acting more and more like one. Is it a good or bad thing? I think the writers are intentionally making us decide whether we like it or not.

    Chuck's first mission was the last episode, and on his second mission, he has to develop an asset and learn what he's doing for the Ring. I definitely liked this episode, up there with the first and second episode of this season. It's gotten a little bit darker, but it still has it's Chuck moments. I hope the writers keep the Chuck moments in, and not make it more similar to other spy shows! So it's getting easier for Chuck to lie to his family and his friends but Capt. Awesome is having a hard time adjusting to Chuck's secret. When Ellie finds Chuck's claim ticket to Paris, he bumbles about trying to not say anything. When Devon confronts Chuck, Ellie interrupts them but Chuck easily lies to Ellie about his Paris trip as an astonished Devon listens on. I think that moment really sticks out among other little moments throughout the episode, at how much Chuck is changing because of his training, and in the end, Chuck making the choices to handle his asset like a cold, heartless spy. Sarah notices Chuck's changes too, and I wonder if she likes or dislikes the changes? I definitely wonder because we see their first meeting from her point of view.

    My favorite Chuck moments from this episode --
    1. Re-doing the vicky vale sequences from episode one of season one.
    2. Hannah's (Kristen) expression upon meeting Lester and Jeff was a funny highlight. 3. Casey interrupting Chuck's tour of the Buy More with Hannah -- saying it's "yoghurt" time.
    4. Casey anticipating a weapons convention, like we anticipate ChuckFest or Comic-Con. :) The scene where Casey expresses his joy that he can expense his trip to the convention, and you see Sarah and Chuck give him the thumbs up sign is priceless. 5. Morgan trying to impress Hannah with his "office".
    6. Capt. Awesome trying to avoid Ellie's question.
    7. Chuck trying to take out the laser pen from Casey's shirt pocket. Casey telling Chuck not to be "shy".
    8. The sales guy at WeapCon.
    9. Jeff and Lester stalking Hannah
    10. Morgan and Ellie teaming up to find out what's going on.