Season 1 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sarah and Casey watch Bryce through an observation window. He asks for Chuck, who is at work. Chuck tells Morgan that things are back on with Sarah; Morgan asks Chuck if he can bring over Anna for thanksgiving. Big Mike assembles the workers for a meeting about Black Friday, Buy Mores' biggest sales day of the year. Sarah stops by and tells Chuck that Bryce is alive.

Chuck meets Bryce in the observation chamber, Chuck wants to Know why he sent him the Intersect; Bryce uses him to get out the Chamber and into the elevator. Bryce is delighted to learn that his plan to download the Intersect into Chuck worked. He sticks Chuck with the hypodermic, and takes off. Chuck wants to catch but Sarah tells him that it's not their assignment; he also wants to know where they stand in the relationship.

It's Thanksgiving Day, Chuck arrives home with last minute groceries, only to find that Ellie has invited Casey. Casey claims he was only following orders when he killed Bryce, and Sarah knows all about it. Chuck runs out to get some marshmallows, but bumps into Bryce who wants to talk to Sarah. Sarah meets Bryce in the bedroom and insists that Tommy is after the Intersect, the pair kiss as Chuck Spies. He tells Casey who goes after him, but Bryce makes a run for it.

Morgan almost has an orgasm, eating Ellie's sweet potatoes with marshmallows, Anna huffs out. Morgan follows. Chuck and Sarah find Bryce in Casey's apartment. He claims that he was recruited by the Fulcrum guys to destroy the Intersect and he isn't rogue. Chuck has a flash, and tells Sarah that Bryce is telling the truth. Casey comes in with his gun drawn and shoots Bryce. Bryce is wearing a bulletproof vest, so he's fine. He talks about how he ended up in the situation he finds himself in and telling them that Tommy must have kept him alive so he could get the Intersect of him.

Bryce now wants to turn himself into the CIA, but Fulcrum has agents at all levels. Chuck volunteers to be present for the transfer. They make the transfer on Black Friday at The Buy More, Bryce thanks Chuck for everything with a Handshake. Chuck scans the two CIA guys picking up Bryce, and they pass muster, so they leave with Bryce and Sarah. Bryce and Sarah are hit by another car and find themselves lying unconscious on the road. Tommy infiltrates Buy More, telling Chuck that he has seven killers spread throughout the store, and they've already got Casey, Sarah and Bryce.

Chuck gives Jeff a secret word to tell Morgan 'Pineapple' in which the whole gets evacuated. Bryce and Sarah wake up and get back to the Buy More to save Chuck where Casey is already fighting Goons. Tommy takes Chuck hostage, Bryce asks if he's wearing a bulletproof vest in Klingon, then shoots him in the chest, and takes Tommy down. Luckily, Chuck is wearing a bulletproof vest. Big Mike tells Morgan that he's ruined the biggest sales day of the year, but a fireman claims that there was a gas leak in fact Morgan is a hero.

Bryce is going back undercover to get the Fulcrum guys He tells Sarah that they'll always have Omaha, and leaves. Chuck asks Casey what Bryce meant about Omaha, he figures it's probably code, or a contact point. If Sarah wants to get back together with Bryce, she's got to do it now. Sarah's phone rings on different line, Chuck on one and Bryce on the other, she answers neither.
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