Season 1 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • "No one's gonna love you more than I do"

    Probably my favorite or at least second favorite of the season! This was when we truly started to feel the emotions between Chuck and Sarah. I love the end where Chuck visits Casey and realizes what Omaha meant.. Meanwhile both of Sarah's phones are ringing.

    But that's not all, the entire episode was great. The thanksgiving moments were classic. The part where Morgan is eating sidedish #2 is hilarious! PINEAPPLE! hahaha

    Bryce is really annoying in this's hard to know whether to love or hate him.. On the one hand his intentions were pure in getting Chuck expelled but on the other hand we all know Sarah has developed serious feelings for Chuck. SOLID episode! =)
  • Awesome.

    It's Thanksgiving and Chuck's nemesis, Bryce Larkin, returns after being thought dead earlier. Bryce needs Chuck to help prove to Sarah, Casey and the rest of the CIA that he is not a rogue agent. Upon seeing Bryce and Sarah back together, former partners and lovers, Chuck becomes jealous and doubts any future with Sarah. Meanwhile, Buy More is prepping for the biggest shopping day of the year and Morgan is left in charge. Morgan has a problem: He's in charge of prepping the Buy More for Black Friday. Chuck has a problem: Bryce is back. I love Chuck and Morgan, great best friends. Anna is jealous ove Ellie because Morgan loves both of them. I love the scene with Chuck and Bryce. I also love the "Pineapple" scene - awesome! And I also love the scene with the Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Brilliant!

    The twist that we got in this episode was great.

    It was almost expected, but whenever I thought that Bryce could still be alive, I always thought to myself no, just for the fact that it didnt make sense.

    Its great that he is back though, as I would like to see his character develop, as he is an important part to the story in my opinion, and hopefully his story should help develop the story of both Chuck and Sarah since they both have some form of history with him.

    Overall brilliant episode and i give it a 10 out of 10.
  • Yep! Another awesome episode.

    This show just gets better and better, I'm so close to finnishing this amazing and very funny first season of Chuck but I want more, its going to be a while until I see new episodes. The episode was one of the best, Bryce was really great and I do hope we see him again someday, wonder what happens with Chuck and Sarah. The Pineapple scene was one of the funniest scenes of the series, Morgan is really funny. This show is great and after this episode it stands to be my second favourite show (after Lost ofcourse) 10 out of 10.
  • great episode

    The CIA and NSA discover that Bryce Larkin is still alive, they bring in Chuck to talk to him. Chuck's life goes upside down when he learns that Bryce is alive and that he's even involved even deeper inside the world of spies than he realizes. The CIA gets the Buy More as a location for an important operation. It's a really interesting episode, I really had a lot of fun watching this episode. I can't wait for the next one. The writers came up with another exciting episode, it's really awesome. It's always fun watching this show, each week is a real treat.
  • Action, Comedey, Heart Warming and Tear Jerking !

    This episode was very well written. I really think the writers have done a good job with Bryce because they have made him, I have no problem with him being good and kind hearted. Bryce is a self sacrificing saint whose life will bring him nothing but pain, he has lost sarah, his life his best friend for the good of themselves and his country, he is awesome. I can now see why sarah is so torn up about who to choose at the end of the episode, between her assignment and Bryce. Personally if i was a girl i would choose Bryce because he is so nice. Well now thats the warm hearted and tear jearker over, the funny parts were awesome, Morganand Anna at the thanksgiving and caseys line are just too funny, "don't worry Chuck we're get you a new girl" classic ! This is great character development but we still need answers so great episode but start giving us answers josh schwatz ! keep up the awesome work and give chuck some more good looking girls to make sarah jealous !
  • I think I laughed the entire hour!

    This was the funniest episode ever. I didn't see the first one and this was how I found out Casey shot Bryce and it was funny from when Chuck had to prove it was him by speaking KlingOn to at Thanksgiving, after seeing Bryce and Sarah kissing, Chuck says he's thnakful Bryce is dead and not kissing his girlfriend! The whole thing with the safe word was funny also and it was so cute how Morgan carried Anna out of the store, and how Bryce asked Chuck in KlingON if he had on a bulletproof vest so he could shoot him. I love Chuck because it's like a crime-CIA show but at the same time you're rolling on the floor laughing at it. Chuck is my favorite newest show!
  • Extremely well written show. Can't wait for next weeks continuation. Will Sarah pick Bryce or thinks and hopes Chuck.

    With each episode it keeps reeling you in and this one was just riveting. Finally Sarah shows Chuck how she feels, then her ex-boyfriend, Bryce comes back into the picture. And Sarah doesn't know what to do...she is still in love with Bryce but she started to realize that she has strong feelings for Chuck too (the big kiss scene from last weeks episode). Then there is Morgan...the comic relief, Chuck's sister Ellie and Awesome...and u can't forget Casey...the do as I'm told government agent. But all in all, the best episode thus far in the first season. So who will Sarah choose? Will it be Chuck or Bryce? Personally, I hope it will be Chuck just so that there would be more of their witty banter and interaction between Chuck & Sarah and not to mention their chemistry.
  • Really great episode! Tells you a lot about Bryce. I can't wait till next week's episode! Also the mystery person who posted the music for each episode please keep posting it I know I appreciate it! NBC your new show is the best!

    I love this show!I really like this episode! It tells you a lot about Bryce and Sarah. I loved the Black Friday part of the episode!I went shopping on Black Friday and woke up at like 4:00 to get to the sales. (This is kind of random but does anyone know why the person who was putting the music from every episode up stoped? It was really cool and I liked it. I know there's no way I could identify the songs.) I hope this show goes on for a long time because it is officialy like my absolute favorite show! Anyone who thinks they might like but isn't sure and doesn't want to waste their time watching it should try it out because it is perfect for anyone. It has comedy, romance, and action/danger. I really hope NBC continues this show! I think NBC has some of the best shows: Scrubs, The Office, Chuck, and Heroes. I think I'm addicted to Chuck because after I watch it on Monday it is stuck in my head for the rest of the week keeping me wondering whats going to happen next. I think I might have to start recording it and not watching any more till all the episodes have aired so I don't have to what a week to watch the next one.
  • Man, can these episodes get any better?

    After watching the last scene of the previous episode I thought man this epsode is by far the best[in my opinion]. Then I watched this and I completely was wrong this episode was Thanksgiving, Bryce, Casey, Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Ellie, Captain Awesome, everyone was great. After watching the episode where we see Bryce gets Chuck kicked out of Stanford I thought Bryce was nice and normal. This episode changed my view, yet again! He looks incredibly creepy when Chuck goes to talk to him at the beginning. Then he acts like he is going to murder everybody every scene. I was just waiting for the big 'BOOM' to come. Sarah fell for Bryce again. Chuck and Sarah make a great couple and to break them up would not be what I want to see. Casey tried to tip us off to the futuree by saying if she wants to leave, now is the time. Hopefully he is just messing with us. This episode deserves all of the 9.7 I gave it[in my opinion- ;)
  • One of the best episodes this season!

    I know I have made that claim earlier, but I really think this episode was fantastic!! Bryce returns, and Chuck finally get to ask him all the questions he has. So Chuck has finally come to the conclusion that he wants Sarah to be his real girlfriend, so he chases her, while she is battling with Bryce still being alive! And Bryce ends up turning himself in at the Buy More, on the busiest day of the year! The pinapple-scene was amazing, Morgan is so funny, and he was really heroic saving Anna like that... ;)
    Off course it had to end up with Bryce leaving, but I'm sure that's not the last we have seen of him... :)
  • Review

    I liked the episode a lot, it had a very nice Chuck / Bryce Larkin feel to it and the episode pulled it all together at the end with Sarah deciding who to answer the phone for. I think we would all be stunned if it wasnt Chuck, but who knows. Obviously it would be a big mistake to get rid of Sarah, but anything could happen. I liked the feel of the episode. It was a very important episode with a lot of information needing to be told and I think the writers really came together in the end to provide something that was both comedy and drama, something that isnt very easy to do. The Buy More was involved directly in this episode, which I liked a lot as well. I hope we get to see Bryce again in the future, as I think he plays a very interesting role the longer Sarah and Chuck get closer.
  • Chuck is in for an other shock as Bryce is still alive and changes his story a few times. The situation is not improving as Sarah does not choose.

    Very nice. A good closure of the first and introduction period of the series. This could go both ways, so also a cliff-hanger. Looking forward to the episodes after this one. See how the writers, if they are back at work, deal with the shape of the series without getting into a bor. Fitting it into a fixed format would kill the show as it would be diving into an ammonium collection of events and could be a possible new A-team. So this said there is a lot of potential in the show and this episode was a good example of that. Surprise us and this could become a classic.
  • Plot filler, digging the cliffhanger too!!

    Another installment I have to tip my hat off to. It was beautifully scripted, well acted, and kept me wonder what was going to happen from scene to scene. I also like how they were able to blend in some needed laughs on top of the super sensitive spy bits.

    Bryce Larken's return was probably as anticipated a return as that of Peter Petrelli in Heroes...and it lived up to the hype. A trust triangle I for one can put some stock into, you can sense where every emotion was coming from. I think we got to see a lot of the characters and cast develop more and it filled us in on some key aspects we were blank on. I loved the cliffhanger angle and I think her being torn between the two was as beautiful a twist as there was.

    Anyone else as excited about the rest of the season as I am? *Tears of joy*
  • Gotta love Chuck

    A lot of people are hating on Sarah for the fact that she is toying with Chuck's emotion. But considering what she's been through with Bryce being dead then coming back alive, I do not blame her.

    As for this episode, it's not my favorite but it was very good still. There were some things I would have like to been explained in more detail, like the Jill storyline and more about the past. I am glad that Bryce has turned out to be a good guy and that his story has the possibility to be re-opened.

    Definitely can't wait until next week episode (and the rest of the season now that it has been picked up), I know there's a cliffhanger coming so I believe it will tie up all the loose ends and hopefully fulfill the hype that Chuck vs. The Nemesis had.
  • Guess who's back? Bryce!

    Bryce Larkin, the guy who got Chuck kicked out of college to save him, is back after Casey shot him. Chuck talks to him and it turns out a group called Falcroum (or something) saved him to get the intersect codes back. At Thanksgiving, Sarah and Bryce snog in Chuck's room and Casey shoots Bryce, but Bryce lives. It turns out Bryce isn't a rouge agent, just a CIA operative. At the buy more, falcroum get Chuck and chuck evacuates the buy more for a shoot out with falcroum. Bryce leaves, to work on another CIA assignment. Sarah then has to choose to either answer the phone from Bryce or her mobile from Chuck
  • Bryce returns from the dead...and is awesome!

    I loved Matthew Bomer on Traveler and I was glad to see that he was going to be on this show, and he didn't disappoint at all.

    The character all go together so well, better than most that i've seen. They're all great, and Bryce was a good addition for this episode. The klingon was funny to listen to, and it came in handy when Chuck was shot by Bryce...while he had on a bullet proof best, of course. That was one of the best parts of this episode, it was really great to see and a little surprising.

    I was hoping that Bryce would stick around, but he didn't, and he left Sarah to pick between him and Chuck...and we have to wait until next week to see who she picks. I can't wait!
  • Bryce is alive...

    Yes People Bryce is alive somehow as you all at the end of the last episode he was kept alive by an oxygen container. The episode starts of with Bryce asking for Chuck, so Sarah goes to fetch him and is surprised to hear what comes out of her mouth.

    Chuck meets Bryce in the secured chamber and uses him to escape. It's Thanksgiving at the Bartowski's and Ellie has invited everyone including Casey, Morgan and his girlfriend. Bryce shows up and tells Chuck he needs to Sarah, they meet in Chuck's Bedroom he claims that Tommy is after the Intersect and they Kiss. Chuck sees this and gives a code to Casey to check it out but Bryce gets away again.

    They evantually catch Bryce and Chuck finds out that hes a good guy. Bryce tells his story that Tommy must of kept him alive just to get the Intersect, Bryce now wants to turn himself into the CIA and Chuck agrees to help. They make the Transfer at the Buy More and it goes according to plan with Sarah alongside Bryce.

    Chuck is now in trouble as Tommy captures him at the Store, Morgan soon makes the call 'Pineapple' and the whole store evacuate; leaving Casey to fight the goons along with Bryce and Sarah. Tommy is soon taken down.

    Bryce is going back undercover and gives Sarah a code meaning if she will join up with him or not.
  • 3nd best episode ever. Intro to the true Bryce and new terrorest organozation. Great episode.

    This is one of my favorite episodes, just behind Chuck vrs the Alma Matter and Chuck vrs the Marlin. With more info about Bryce, his motives, and his fake death, it really makes this episode a great informative episode with a great plot and excellent scenes. Also, the introduction of Fulcrum shows just how much trouble Chuck is getting into. It also moves the characters relationships further in a funny yet helpful way. Bryce and Fulcrum are both excellent new features to the show and i hope they reappear. The final scenes are a bit wild and slightly too unrealistic for me. Still, all and all, an excellent episode. Hope the rest of the episodes are this good.
  • Poor Chuck as he has his hands full!

    Well, all chaos insured as we can expect another "day in the life" of poor Chuck. Not only does he have the biggest week aka Black Friday he is facing. But his best friend now turned nemesis Bryce wants him and this time, he wants his brain over something. As you can see, we feel for Chuck. As Chuck wants to stay focused as he is up for the assistant manager position. But Casey & Sarah want to know why Bryce seems to have a grudge against Chuck. Knowing that Bryce would even kill Chuck to get those secrets that Chuck already knows. Really funny with classic results.
  • Cliffhanger alert!!!

    As Bryce is brought back to life the writers obviously need to get rid of him a second time, hence this installment. But what an action-packed episode it is! Poor Chuck, this time he's held at gunpoint even more times than usual. Meanwhile Sarah is faced with a difficult decision: Bryce or Chuck? Although Chuck/Sarah is what we all (probably) are rooting for, I liked Chuck's line of "Wow, they ARE wonderful!" when he witnesses Bryce and Sarah's nifty synchronised combat moves at the BuyMore. The Thanksgiving scene was pure genius, especially when Chuck in a rash moment decides to tell Casey the wherabouts of Bryce (Chuck's bedroom, kissing Sarah). The pineapple situation was hilarious as well. Go Morgan! Could these episodes get any better? I think not.

    Come on, Sarah, make a wise decision: go for Chuck!
  • Freaky Friday!

    Since I'm done with "Dancing with the Stars" and "Prison Break," I'll go back to see what's Chuck's doing. I haven't seen this show since the first episode and I had to go back to that show. Chuck's old buddy shows up to disrupts his love life. I don't know what's going on with the series, but I go along to see what's up. This is an Thanksgiving epsiode which aired after thanksgiving. the main plot is Black Frday at Buy More. If you don't know what "Black Friday" means, you haven't been watching to evening news. that's whare groups of people invade the stores at 5 in the morning to buy things that are priced at say 50% off. Well Buy More has this "Black Friday." Except there is gunplay.
  • This episode was a filler, after they brought Bryce back, they had to get rid of him as they could not get rid of the central cast.

    The Thanksgiving dinner was priceless with the green bean casserole being almost deadly. I have been there once or twice, like the person I know that makes oyster stuffing, and one year she put it in the turkey and it made the turkey the worst one anyone had ever eaten.
    The CIA within the CIA, and wait they are operating on US soil, hmmm.
    I am glad this episode is over, but laughed at the Black Friday insanity. I saw it in person at a local Radio Shack, when the door opened 75 people rushed in and knocked the young lady at the door on the floor and ran over her. I guess getting that Zune or whatever was worth it.
    Pineapple is great, at all stores they have some kinds of emergency words and when any thing really happens it is wonderful that they work and the people know what to do.
  • Bryce returns, Sarah's in the middle, and Black Friday

    All in all, this episode was something of a let-down after the previous two. That's not to say it's BAD, but definately not as good as Truth or Hard Salami.

    Bryce's return answered a LOT of questions, and it's nice to see my own predictions coming true. Ultimately, Nemesis will generate a LOT of ripples that will shape the end of the season, and possibly the series itself as we're introduced to the sinister Fulcrum. Chuck and Bryce also somewhat resolve their differences, and I think there's a measure of pride Bryce has for Chuck's ability to so effectively integrate the Intersect data.

    Also enjoyable was the continuing development of Morgan and Anna, and the meeting of Anna and Ellie, who is unfortunately clueless about Anna's jealous behavior during Thanksgiving (this seemed somewhat out of character, though, as Ellie seemed to be aware of Morgan's unreturned feelings in previous episodes).

    However the centerpiece of Nemesis, as well as Truth and Hard Salami, is Sarah. Sarah already suffered severely emotionally after Bryce's apparent betrayal and death in Pilot, and Nemesis only advances this, as she's caught between her existing feelings for Bryce, and her growing feelings for Chuck. This is most poignant in the final scene of the episode where she's forced into chosing between the two (a choice which is yet to be resovled).

    As always, the writing and acting were superb. Casey gets to kick some butt, and we're finally introduced to why Sarah and Bryce were so effective as a team. We're also shown a little more of just how in-sync Bryce and Chuck can be as well (perhaps foreshadowing for future episodes?) There are still a few unanswered questions, which that may be part of why the episode left me feeling a little unsatisfied. The promo seemed to indicate there would be a lot of resolution, however much of this may be waiting until next episode. There was also some opportunity to take advantage of a real dramatic turn that was resolved with a twist that's really become rather cliché.

    All-in-all it was solid, and even the poorest Chuck is better than about 99% of what else is on TV. I just wish I wasn't left feeling so hungry.
  • I've really gotten hooked on this show.

    Okay I've been watching over the past few weeks and I've really gotten hooked on this show. Tonight's episode was great and full of action and information. But as always leaves you hanging. We start with with the return Bryce. But at first we don't know how or why. Then we have the possiblity of Bryce being on the wrong side and still being in love Sarah. Bryce tries to convience Sarah and Chuck that he is indeed a good guy. At the same time Bryce tries to dodge Casey's attempts to kill him. At the same time dodging a secret sector of the CIA that's trying to kill him. But Chuck as always has the information everyone's looking for in his head. And for a change, Chuck gets to see some action.
  • Not my favorite episode.

    Bryce Larkin returns from the dead, an amazing feat these days on TV. Not only does he return from the dead but he appears to be very upset with Chuck. Would he kill his friend in order to attain the secrets Chuck now has? Nah! It turns out that Bryce is a good guy, for the time being. First problem is for Sarah. What is the poor woman going to do? She kisses Chuck in the last episode and now Bryce is here to complicate things for her. I really felt for her. Still, it was a funny, cut up, show mixed with action (and that Buy More promotion) and heartbreak for Sarah. Good show.
  • Chuck's best friend comes back to life and stirs up the team. Leading to a thanksgiving day themed episode that feels out of character with the rest of the season.

    Didn't feel like the usual Chuck story because of that but then again maybe we'll be looking back at this episode as the one that was the turning point of the season. One that sets it all up for a very long run on TV.

    The one thing this episode relied on was that Chuck's intercept didn't know everything (allowing the evil agents to infiltrate the Buy More without Chuck "flashing" on them). It the start of the end for the show unless they find a way to "top" up the information Chuck is holding.

    Anyway, the basic story line was Bryce comes back, he and Sarah connect, he and Chuck connect (and talk Klingon). Chuck turns out to be a good guy and the bad guys are after him. They defeat the bad guys and Bryce disappears into the sunset whilst the episode ends with Sarah left having to make a choice.