Season 1 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2007 on NBC

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  • Bryce is alive...

    Yes People Bryce is alive somehow as you all at the end of the last episode he was kept alive by an oxygen container. The episode starts of with Bryce asking for Chuck, so Sarah goes to fetch him and is surprised to hear what comes out of her mouth.

    Chuck meets Bryce in the secured chamber and uses him to escape. It's Thanksgiving at the Bartowski's and Ellie has invited everyone including Casey, Morgan and his girlfriend. Bryce shows up and tells Chuck he needs to Sarah, they meet in Chuck's Bedroom he claims that Tommy is after the Intersect and they Kiss. Chuck sees this and gives a code to Casey to check it out but Bryce gets away again.

    They evantually catch Bryce and Chuck finds out that hes a good guy. Bryce tells his story that Tommy must of kept him alive just to get the Intersect, Bryce now wants to turn himself into the CIA and Chuck agrees to help. They make the Transfer at the Buy More and it goes according to plan with Sarah alongside Bryce.

    Chuck is now in trouble as Tommy captures him at the Store, Morgan soon makes the call 'Pineapple' and the whole store evacuate; leaving Casey to fight the goons along with Bryce and Sarah. Tommy is soon taken down.

    Bryce is going back undercover and gives Sarah a code meaning if she will join up with him or not.