Season 3 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on NBC
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Shaw teams up with Chuck and Sarah to find the Ring operative who is behind the killing of his wife - The Director. Meanwhile, Morgan considers quitting his job to go with Chuck.

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  • *sigh*

    Apparently Chuck being a killer is only one of Sarah's turn offs when he kills to protect anyone other than her. . .

    Still though at least for now; we are rid of the WTFry that is their BS back and forth, and not to mention Shaw.

    After a string of mediocre eps, in which neither Sarah nor Chuck are behaving like themselves, 'Chuck Versus the Other Guy' breaks the losing streak with an episode so perfect it seems like a triumphant finale. It features some of our favourite characters, including Morgan and Casey, and in a dramatic twist, Shaw turns out to be more evil, and therefore more interesting, than he seems. Sarah finally returns to Chuck and declares her love for him in a moving scene featuring both actors at their best. I'm not an avid shipper, and I think the ongoing will they/won't they sexual tension has made for some compelling viewing, but their respective relationships with Shaw and Hannah were unconvincing and disappointing. Sarah's coldness melts away, Chuck is Chuck is again, Casey is back on the team, and the whole ep culminates in a seriously dramatic and exciting moment, in which Chuck proves his worth as a spy and a loyal boyfriend. I love the moment where Morgan is the one to spot Shaw's deception, and Casey steps into the breach to help Chuck save Sarah and apprehend the Ring Director. The final scene was like a long anticipated shower of rain after a drought. Finally Sarah and Chuck are back to where they were at the end of Season 2; happy, together and ready to work as a team.moreless
  • AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! (Spoilers)

    I can't explain how relieving this episode was!!! I love this effin show!

    Everything was so poetic. The desperation in Chuck, the betrayal of Shaw, Casey's return, Morgan's induction and most important of all: the words Sarah muttered, "You saved me."

    Everything about this episode was amazing. It was AWESOME! The moment I was waiting for since the season 2 finale. And what better time for Chuck to finally see the Eiffel Tower? I was on the edge of my seat praying that Sarah wouldn't let the fact that Chuck shot Shaw ruin anything. =)

    This episode just goes to show exactly this show has quickly become my favorite show on TV. Period.moreless
  • The 'Chuck' we've all been waiting for? Heck Yeh! *spoilers*

    When I first watched Chuck I was immediately trapped in it's spell of Action, Chuck & Sarah coupling and the icing on the cake, the Buymore Comedy.

    This Episode gave me everything I wanted - the Love - The laughs and the fear that at anymoment Sarah was going to do that annoying thing she does best, blow chuk off - especialy after the 'Oh My God, you killed him.' I was sat half expecting her to freak out. Fortunately not and instead it was a happy ending, one which reminded me of why I love chuck.

    If there is an episode I'd recommend to any ex-Chuck fans who lost hope I'd say watch this - The show is somehow getting better (when you thought it couldn't)moreless
  • The episode Chuck-fans have all been hoping and waiting for is here and so well done that make all the angst of the previous episodes worthwhile.

    **Spoiler alert**

    I have been a Chuck-fan since the pilot and although I have enjoyed every episode, this one is THE ONE that I will love and remember for all time. After nearly 3 years of watching the star-crossed lovers Chuck and Sarah come close to be couples to only be seperated by plot twists and complications, I think it is safe to say that the relief in seeing Chuck and Sarah finally together must have caused a palpable collective sigh from the fans. From the beginning to the end, I was glued to the tv set.

    What makes this episode even more special is not only the final bring together of our favorite couple, but how well written and executed every scene in this episode has been. The dialogues of Sarah professing that she has been in love with Chuck since the pilot and the final scene with Sarah's words, "You saved me." Can only be described as works of art. Not surprising since they came from one of the creator of Chuck - Chris Fedak, and Man! Can he write! This is Casablanca, but the hero gets the girl.

    This episode also gets high marks in terms of the music used to compliment the scenes. As many Chuck-fans know, the background music is one of the highlights of this series and this episode has taken it to new heights. From "Kettering" to "Bye Bye Bye", everything fits so perfectly that whenever I listen to the music alone the scene where it was used replays in my mind's eye.

    It's hard to imagine that subsequent episodes in future seasons can top this one, but a fellow can hope. And who knows?moreless
Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard

The Director

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Kim Swennen

Kim Swennen


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Chris Lusti

Chris Lusti


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Bonita Friedericy

Bonita Friedericy

General Diane Beckman

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sarah: Okay. Nobody move. We can all die here today.
      Ring Director: You can all die here today. Personally, I have dinner reservations.

    • Chuck: Sarah, do you love me? (Long pause. Sarah says nothing.) Wow. I'm a... I'm in my underwear. I'm sitting in my underwear holding a plastic guitar. There is a very good chance I'm making a complete fool of myself, isn't there?
      Sarah: Yes.
      Chuck: I should probably put some pants on.
      Sarah: No, Chuck. (Pause) Yes.
      Chuck: W...what?
      Sarah: I fell for you a long long time ago, after you fixed my phone and before you started to defusing bombs with computer virus.... so, yes! Yes. (She kisses him)

    • Chuck: She said she couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in her. Well, I believed in her. I just didn't believe in me.
      Morgan: Dude, you are misquoting the line and you are ruining Pretty in Pink for me. Now, just stop it. Put the cap back on the top of the bottle and let's forget that this night ever happened, okay? I'm really good at that, dude. I've forgotten entire years, man.

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Casey is giving Chuck the number to call for a strike team to assist in the aide of rescuing Sarah, he says that he will be forwarded to a Col. Sanders and not to make fun of his name. This is a reference to the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Col. Harlan Sanders.