Season 3 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on NBC

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  • *sigh*

    Apparently Chuck being a killer is only one of Sarah's turn offs when he kills to protect anyone other than her. . .

    Still though at least for now; we are rid of the WTFry that is their BS back and forth, and not to mention Shaw.

    After a string of mediocre eps, in which neither Sarah nor Chuck are behaving like themselves, 'Chuck Versus the Other Guy' breaks the losing streak with an episode so perfect it seems like a triumphant finale. It features some of our favourite characters, including Morgan and Casey, and in a dramatic twist, Shaw turns out to be more evil, and therefore more interesting, than he seems. Sarah finally returns to Chuck and declares her love for him in a moving scene featuring both actors at their best. I'm not an avid shipper, and I think the ongoing will they/won't they sexual tension has made for some compelling viewing, but their respective relationships with Shaw and Hannah were unconvincing and disappointing. Sarah's coldness melts away, Chuck is Chuck is again, Casey is back on the team, and the whole ep culminates in a seriously dramatic and exciting moment, in which Chuck proves his worth as a spy and a loyal boyfriend. I love the moment where Morgan is the one to spot Shaw's deception, and Casey steps into the breach to help Chuck save Sarah and apprehend the Ring Director. The final scene was like a long anticipated shower of rain after a drought. Finally Sarah and Chuck are back to where they were at the end of Season 2; happy, together and ready to work as a team.
  • AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! (Spoilers)

    I can't explain how relieving this episode was!!! I love this effin show!

    Everything was so poetic. The desperation in Chuck, the betrayal of Shaw, Casey's return, Morgan's induction and most important of all: the words Sarah muttered, "You saved me."

    Everything about this episode was amazing. It was AWESOME! The moment I was waiting for since the season 2 finale. And what better time for Chuck to finally see the Eiffel Tower? I was on the edge of my seat praying that Sarah wouldn't let the fact that Chuck shot Shaw ruin anything. =)

    This episode just goes to show exactly this show has quickly become my favorite show on TV. Period.
  • The 'Chuck' we've all been waiting for? Heck Yeh! *spoilers*

    When I first watched Chuck I was immediately trapped in it's spell of Action, Chuck & Sarah coupling and the icing on the cake, the Buymore Comedy.

    This Episode gave me everything I wanted - the Love - The laughs and the fear that at anymoment Sarah was going to do that annoying thing she does best, blow chuk off - especialy after the 'Oh My God, you killed him.' I was sat half expecting her to freak out. Fortunately not and instead it was a happy ending, one which reminded me of why I love chuck.

    If there is an episode I'd recommend to any ex-Chuck fans who lost hope I'd say watch this - The show is somehow getting better (when you thought it couldn't)
  • The episode Chuck-fans have all been hoping and waiting for is here and so well done that make all the angst of the previous episodes worthwhile.

    **Spoiler alert**
    I have been a Chuck-fan since the pilot and although I have enjoyed every episode, this one is THE ONE that I will love and remember for all time. After nearly 3 years of watching the star-crossed lovers Chuck and Sarah come close to be couples to only be seperated by plot twists and complications, I think it is safe to say that the relief in seeing Chuck and Sarah finally together must have caused a palpable collective sigh from the fans. From the beginning to the end, I was glued to the tv set.

    What makes this episode even more special is not only the final bring together of our favorite couple, but how well written and executed every scene in this episode has been. The dialogues of Sarah professing that she has been in love with Chuck since the pilot and the final scene with Sarah's words, "You saved me." Can only be described as works of art. Not surprising since they came from one of the creator of Chuck - Chris Fedak, and Man! Can he write! This is Casablanca, but the hero gets the girl.

    This episode also gets high marks in terms of the music used to compliment the scenes. As many Chuck-fans know, the background music is one of the highlights of this series and this episode has taken it to new heights. From "Kettering" to "Bye Bye Bye", everything fits so perfectly that whenever I listen to the music alone the scene where it was used replays in my mind's eye.

    It's hard to imagine that subsequent episodes in future seasons can top this one, but a fellow can hope. And who knows?
  • best episode of season if you've been keeping up. if not, still best. chuck is back to being chuck. more focus on other characters too. this is good.

    lets just keep it short and say that the show is back to its normal characters.

    that means it's back on track to being the quirky show we all love.

    in the beginning, we had chuck who didn't know anything about being a spy. and in the beginning of this season, he started becoming "independent"... which tore the old relationships apart. chuck and morgan, chuck and sarah, chuck and casey (which is now closer than ever), and even lester and jeff.

    cpt awesome needs to start being cpt awesome again. and ellie needs to be the sweet ellie we know. morgan needs to be chasing after some girl again. and we'll be back to where we began season 2.

    but this episode definitely made all the falling out during season three ALMOST disappear.
  • ***spoilers*** When it comes to TV, CHUCK is it...


    This episode is by far the best yet, i mean Chuck has been on are screens since 2007 and i have not been able to put the programme down, the cast and writers have been brillent, giving us there best. I would have to say this is my favorite programme to watch and if you have not got round to watching it please do. But back to this episode.

    The End of Superman... Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh) has been the best part of the mix when it comes to season 3 with him being the new love interest for Sarah. So seeing him turn on the team because of the way Eve's Death went down was the best move for his charactor, Which may i add Brandon play perfectly and making it CHUCK's first kill to save the women we all knew he loved, could not have been writen any better. Which leads Sarah finaly telling Chuck she has loved him for the best part of 3years made it nice to watch them two finally become a couple and in paris of all places. Jon Casey was brillent as normal or should i say Colonel John Casey and with good old Morgan in with the team now can only bring better TV...

    Episode 14 Here We Come... ACES!

    Thanks For Reading My First Review.
  • The reason why I look forward to my Mondays.

    Chuck time and again delivers consistent awesomeness. Although many other shows went through periods of lesser greatness (think House [season 2], or BTVS [season 5]), Chuck started off with a terrific pilot and has not dipped in quality - it's only gotten better.
    This episode in particular is what I and the rest of Chuck's die-hard fanbase (and yes, I am one of those rabid fans who pushes the show onto everyone they meet) have been looking forward to for the past 2 and 1/2 years. The will-they-won't-they phase is complete, and the most perfect relationship ever created can finally be. And Shaw is dead. That's a win in my book.
  • Is Chuck getting back on track or starting down a new path

    Chuck seems to of become an accomplised spy even heading his own rescue mission - - Chuck Did Fail his Red Test in the railroad yard but by killing Shaw, Chuck has now affectively completed the Red Test and now Morgan has joined team Bartowski in a position similar to that which Chuck was in back at the start, that of a trainee spy - - Chuck has becoome a real spy, Morgan it seems is now a trainee - - In this episode things did appear to be getting back on track but we will have to wait to know for sure - I still have my concerns that we are loosing the Good Old Chuck we have come to know and love, but if things progress as they have in this episode it might not be so bad
  • Great episode.

    The only thing I don't like about it is that I have to wait three weeks for the next episode.

    I won't summarize the episode, I won't explain why I gave it 10 out of 10 or why I call it a great episode. Everyone who had the common courtesy to see it before reading this review would agree with me.

    This might well be a beautiful ending to the series as a whole. Of course, I don't want the series to end. It's the only thing that makes me appreciate the existence of Mondays. I'm curious what will happen to all its characters after three weeks.

    But in terms of the series' overall story arch, this could have made a perfect ending, one thing that is all too lacking in today's television. This is an ultimate happy ending, in that every character got what she/he wanted. Chuck got Sarah; Sarah got Chuck; Chuck is a spy; Casey is reinstated; Morgan became a spy; the Ring is down; the world is safe; the most annoying character (played by Brandon Routh) is now no more; Chuck finally found the way to balance love and work; Chuck has seen the Eiffel Tower; Buy More is Buy More; Ellie and Awesome are going to Africa.
    So what will be the new motivations for these characters, now that they have everything? What new conflicts will be introduced? Is the Ring still an ominous presence without its "Leader?"

    I definitely don't want the show to end, but I hope there will be a smooth transition from this week's Chuck to the new Chuck three weeks later. Maybe it's plot will take a whole new direction. I just hope it won't seem contrived.

    I'm excited about the next episode. It seems some of the forgotten characters will make new appearances, like Anna or Chuck's father. And the doctor from Back to the Future will be a guest. That's something to look forward to.
  • Chuck uses a tactical force to save Sarah when he thinks Shaw is going to kill her. Like the boy who cries wolf, he does this until no one but Casey and Morgan will listen. So the three of them act before it's too late.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****

    Finally a show that's got the guts to follow through on its promised relationship. It took it two and a half seasons, but the storyline was going downhill fast before this. OK, we knew Casey would be back. We knew Sarah wasn't going with Shaw. I think anyone really hooked on the show knew that this was an eventuality. The other twists were finally quite good even though they may have drawn it out too long.

    I'm fine with this as long as they don't keep wimping out back and forth. Now we can move forward with the action and romance at the same time. Casey's back with a vengeance and the comedic level of things just went up about 10% with the inclusion of Morgan. We can see the whole cast back in action again. It looks like we're going to see a trip to Africa in our hero's futures as well.

    What a wonderful episode full of twists and turns. Just when you thought they had lost it, BAM! they bring you back in. Hopefully the three week layoff will not hurt the show and enough people hung on for word of mouth to bring people back to the show.

    I never liked the Shaw character. He reminded me too much of the Matt Bomer character who was Sarah's old partner and Chuck's friend from college. Sort of a distraction to keep you from the real story and what is going on. A true catalyst if you've ever seen one. Let's hope this brings those casual viewers back to watch Chuck and keep it on for another season.

    Now let's see if shows like Bones or Castle ever have the guts to do this as well. Of course neither of those shows are really bubble shows, but you can hope they eventually will get their people together for real. After everything they go through, they and we deserve it! Thanks for reading...
  • Intense! *spoilers inside* short and sweet review

    what a intense episode! Finally! Chuck gets his girl. It's about time. Now we can move on. And on that note I wonder if the show will go in the direction of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Or at least how the movie ended. Will be interesting to see the dynamic relationship/duo in action from here on out. I said it several times in other threads that Shaw was a double agent. In that regard I think it was a little too predictable. However, I did not see Chuck finally getting his first kill that way. I really thought that Col. Casey would do it to Earn his way back on the team. I love the fact that Morgan is going to be helping out more now. only thing I was not happy about the last few episodes is Sarah's character. She is too wishy-washy. I don't think she really knows what she wants but at least with this episode and hopefully for the future she will be true to Chuck and they can really be a spy couple. The writers are on a roll Overall! three weeks though!?! that is majorly sucky ;/ Loved every minute of this one :-)
  • SPOILERS: Usually will-they-or-won't-they resolutions destroy TV shows - not this time. Perfect from start to finish!

    Glad to see Shaw go - but not because of the character; because Routh still looks and sounds like Christopher Reeve. I thought Sarah going for Shaw instead of Chuck made no sense, anyway; Shaw was by far more cold-blooded than Chuck, so why hold one killing against Chuck? Never made sense, but now that nonsense is over. Of course, now the challenge will be to maintain the intensity of the missions, while Chuck and Sarah are actually a couple. Many shows have jumped the shark when the sexual tension is relieved. If they are really going to do the same thing with Morgan that they did with Chuck, I can't imagine that being a good thing. Although I'm very relieved that "Jeffster" aren't as insufferably idiotic as they had been previously in this season. They've actually been funny in the last couple of eps. Can't wait for April 26!
  • Sneaker under the sheets!

    Hmm. Where to begin?
    As with several of the last chunks of these episodes, Chuck vs. The Other Guy certainly felt like it could be a season finale, (in fact it was originally, before 6 more eps were ordered) complete with just about everything a fan of the show could ask for- great drama, great suspense, and great spy stuff this week.

    I usually give the show a hard time about its on-the-cheap production value, but in this episode everything looked really great. Europe settings, the elevator shaft, a lot of the set pieces looked great, and helped keep me in the story and in the world of the show. There was even the faux touch of Shaw's fight with The Ring, which didn't look too convincing in the first place, and ironically, actually turned out to be staged, as Morgan (and his awesome Sister Street Fighter poster) so geekily attested. Speaking of Shaw, I have also been giving Brandon Routh a hard time on this show, but he was pretty good here and the plot saw several twists and turns with his character while still making him a bit sympathetic. Shaw was working with The Ring after all, but was pretty convincing in getting Chuck and Sarah to believe he was still one of the good guys. But I still think it's too bad this dude was basically with us the whole season. A little of him goes a long way.

    Morgan was also a standout character here. Morgan was so enthusiastic about the spy gig, he foolishly quit his job thinking Chuck could make him an official agent. He got a couple of fun scenes with Big Mike, and managed to integrate well with Chuck's story too. Seeing Gen. Beckman reluctantly give him the job was an awesome moment (thanks to newly reinstated Casey who also kicked some ass) and I can't wait to see how helpful (or not) Morgan will be in these final few entries.

    If I had any qualms with the episode, I assure you they are very minor. For me the best of the best Chuck episodes showcase all facets of the series in great form. Unfortunately Jeff and Lester didn't really do anything, and Ellie and Awesome weren't here at all. That, on top of a few loose ends regarding Shaw's wife keep this one from a perfect 10.

    Also, normally it bugs me when a girl has to choose between two guys, and the choice is made easier when one of them turns out to be evil or dead. We see it in movies and TV all the time, but here because of how well the stories and characters are all handled, it was basically a non-issue. Kudos!

    Vs. The Other Guy is nearly as good as it gets, and arguably the biggest thing people will be taking away from this one is that Chuck and Sarah are finally together. It was great to see Sarah confess she loves Chuck (while he's drunk in his underwear with a Guitar Hero controller) and even better to see her forgive Chuck finally making his first kill (to save her life). I was kinda hoping for integrity's sake that Chuck would never have to kill, but that would be unrealistic in his new line of work. All in all, great stuff, that will surely go down as one of Chuck's best episodes.
  • WOW

    I cannot put into words how much I loved this episode, but I will try.

    Basically, Shaw's after Sarah for killing his wife, which is fair tbh, but I sort of knew Chuck would kill shaw for Sarah. It was one of the many theories going round and I thought that one made the most sense. As a Chuck/Sarah shipper, I was veryyyy happy with the resolution they came up with. Just had smile after smile with their scenes.

    I don't think 3 weeks can come round quick enough! This was THE best episode of Season 3, and it would have been an amazing finale...but I'm glad it's not! :D
  • Incredibly AWESOME

    Episode intensity of 0 to 42 minutes, with a great script. For a moment, I really believed that Shaw wasn't a bad guy, but in the end he caught me surprised, but I expected that something like that was going to happen.

    Great role of Morgan in this episode. Besides on that, he is a spy on "Team Chuck", which is amazing, and for sure, he will give a secondary game to the series unimaginable, and I doubt that anyone would imagine seeing Morgan as a "serious" spy. Also, Casey had also another one superb performance.If Casey is responsible for training the young Morgan, we could have moments of hilarious comedy between them.

    Shaw is dead, the ring, in theory, is almost defeated, and now there are a few more episodes to enjoy everything that has given us this Chuck vs. The Other Guy.

    Hats off, the writers really did an amazing job...and Chuck and Sarah are officially together again.
  • The perfect episode (Spoiler alert.)

    In my opinion this is possibly the best episode of this season or if I may say so of the whole show.

    Being an episode revolved around the romance between Chuck and Sarah, it could fall under the typical romantic comedy plot, but it works out to be an original and strong story altogether. Not only have we all been waiting for this moment for so long, it also closes the chapter of Shaw's character in a very classy and not at all rushed way, which carries on the level of quality of the writer's work.

    An extremely romantic episode with a pinch of humor and some good twists, that could work very well as a perfect season finale. And for this reason the viewers expectations are now, very high.

    But we fans love the show and I am sure they will pull it off.
  • I thought Ellie's and Awesome's weeding episode was the greatest one , till " The Other Guy " came along.

    Yes ! Finally , the episode I 've waiting for . Chuck did what he had to do in order to save Sarah , and Shaw is dead , I don't care much for him , I didn't like his character anyway. Morgan always adds an extra something to the story and I am looking forward to see him as part of the team. Chuck and Sarah , Sarah and Chuck , it was about time , perhaps that would be the only true happy moment for those two . Casey is back and that's awesome , I hope that we see a little bit more of his personal life and retake his story with his wife. So I guess we are heading down to the end of the show ( hope not ) and there are still a few loose ends to tie , but this would have also been a good series finale , but more Chuck is perfect for me , I hope it gets renewed.
  • Awesome…just awesome!!!!!!! Wouldn't change a thing!!!

    To me this week's show was perfect! The plot twists and final tying up of the "loose ends" were well written fantastically acted out and all very entertaining! Even the Buy More scenes that in my opinion have been painful to watch recently were great! The tactical support that Chuck employs to rescue Sarah was hilarious. Not to spoil but Hooray for Casey!

    I'm not about to ruin the body, or end, of this episode that is full of twists and turns, but I got to say, Thank God, Bravo, and About Time! *LOL* After leaving us the fans to brood for three weeks over the "Olympics" days, all I can say as a died-in-the-wool Chuck fan, is that it since apparently we have to wait for three more weeks it will be nice to have happy memories of our favorite show!

    To the Writer and member of the "awesome" cast of Chuck, I say, keep up this great work we love the show.
  • Terrific episode that won't disappoint in the slightest with just one little hiccup that keeps it from a 10 for me but still one of, if not the best episode of the season.

    What more can you say this was the ending I was waiting for. after not knowing where they would go with season 2's ending I was shocked with the season opener and thought I had to just let my issues slide to enjoy the rest of the season, more specifically Morgan's arc.

    But as the season went on it got better and better. and, trying not to spoil anything here even though the only people who would read this have seen the episode, the last 10 minutes finally brings everything to a close in a way that fans will love.

    the hiccup I mentioned though was more due to the episode number. from the last two episodes I thought it was just off and with the preview for the next I figured it out. the writers really didn't have a story arc that could go over 13 episodes in the first place. Hence my hiccup of the fact it seemed like the first 10 minutes of this episode and the last two could have been altered to have this end in 12 episodes solidly but they had to stretch it out as long as they could to get the story to finish a full run. now with 6 episodes left and the ring still not fully taken down I wonder if they are leaving it for a fourth season or if taking the Ring down after this part was going to be somewhat quick.
  • Flawless episode.

    I was blown away by this episode. A lot of surprises on the way, in this episode. Continuing last week's cliffhanger, Chuck suspects that Shaw is a bad guy, and is trying to kill Sarah. So he tries to save her only to find out it's a false alarm. Shaw, Sarah & Chuck try to find the ring operative throughout the rest of the episode. Big twist: Shaw is working with the ring. They stage a fight to make it believable, then he takes her to Paris where his wife was killed, that's where the real showdown begins. Meanwhile back at home Chuck & Morgan find out the fight was staged so they go to Paris with Casey to save Sarah. Chuck ends up killing Shaw, and saving Sarah. Casey captures the ring operative and is now back on the team, with Morgan. Sarah wakes up after being dosed with poison that stabilizes her nervous system. You think she's going to be mad that Chuck killed Shaw. "You saved me" Then they kiss, and it fades to black. Wow, what a great episode. This episode could definitely be series finale material as well. All loose ends are tied, and since the show is still continuing, I'm excited to see the new arcs to come this season.
  • The Perfect Episode

    This episode is the reason we love Chuck. It is perfect from all its aspects and in my wildest expectations I never have imagined there would be a Chuck episode this perfect; writing, acting, sound track, fun factor. To be honest I kinda hated the writers when they included Shawn and when Sarah kissed him. I love Hannah and I was sad on the way Chuck dumped her, but still, Chuck and Sarah was my main interest. This episode started with a shocking beginning that Shawn wasn't upset on his wife's death by Sarah as we expected he would be. The Morgan, YES Morgan was the lead to the act Shawn played on the CIA. In the end Chuck saves Sarah and it was his first kill and I thought Sarah would be mad but she was happy he saved her and a Happy ending.
    Casey got his job back,, yes.. you guessed it.. with a new Crown Victoria. General Beckman called Morgan to include him in Chuck's team.
    I hope Chuck stays, and fans.. Support it live!
  • This season each show has just gotten better and better and they were all good to start with. And, this show was the best to date.

    This is absolutely one of the greatest but most underrated show on TV. It has the perfect blend of action/adventure, comedy, personal interest story lines and character development. The scenes between Sarah and Chuck have been works of art and acted out to perfection. Casey has had a lesser role, as was to be expected as the Sarah/Chuck relationship developed; but each of his appearances were flawless and served to advance story development. Did Chuck really kill Shawn to save Sarah? Well he certainly tried but I (for one) do not believe Shawn is truly dead. He wears armored vests usually and certain probably had one on this time to be sure Sarah didn't have a chance to ice him. I believe Shawn is fixated on destroying Sarah and will be back to threaten Chuck and Sarah next season.
  • Chucking Brilliant :)

    Best episode ever.... we finally get to see Chuck as a proper spy an his feelings towards Sarah finnaly pay of an its the outcome we've all been waiting for, a good solid episode which ties up some of the little story arcs involving Casey, Morgan and of course the will Chuck an Sarah get it on, its also good to see Chuck get to see something he's wanted to see for a long time which is Paris so it ends up not just being a satisfying episode but a feel good one as well.... i cant wait for the season Finnale :)
  • The best episode of the show.

    I saw an article in this site about this episode being like a season finale.
    I just saw it and they're right! It would have been a great finale (even for the show whenever it is).

    It was perfect timing, great participation of the characters, amazing setting in Paris and the best evolution of the story.

    In general it has the perfect mixture of action (very well performed and directed), really nice special effects and glorious touchs of comedy.

    But in this case we see the completion of a first part of the show.
    I think that this could be the ending of a, let's say, first half of the story.
    Now it could start with same intention but different evolution.
  • Finally!

    The last episode left me concerned over plot direction, but as if in response to my complaints, the latest episode of Chuck presents us with closure surrounding some of the more frustrating aspects of Chucks adventures.

    His relationship with Sarah, which has been driving me mad, is finally adressed properly, as is this strange business with Shaw and his dead wife. Even Casey's situation is given some much needed attention.

    As others have said, this episode could have made an excellent season finale and I wonder whether they will be able to follow it effectively. But I'm still optimistic, even more so now.

    All in all a fantastic episode that acts as a revitalising spring clean of all loose ends and unfinished business that was beginning to clutter Chuck's world.
  • WOW, this episode was brilliant, awesome, amazing and do much more!!!!! well done acting and writing it was amazing. ***spoilers***

    wow wow and wow this episode was truly brillinat and amazing. this has to be the best episode this season wow. they had excellent acting and writing im so happy to see shaws gone and to see caseys back and chuck and sarah are back together finally. and morgans joining the team i wonder what he will do. well anyways i was so impressed by the ending of thiss episode it was truly amazing i loved it so so so so much chuck did what he had to do and he shot and killed shaw to save sarah and i thought that moment was brillinat. this episode had me on the edge of my seat from begining to end. and i was so impressed by this episode it was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    chucks the reason why i look forward to mondays and this is a perfect example why i would really recommed this episode, i would recommend you watch this series its one of the best tv shows on telivision imo.