Season 3 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on NBC

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  • best episode of season if you've been keeping up. if not, still best. chuck is back to being chuck. more focus on other characters too. this is good.

    lets just keep it short and say that the show is back to its normal characters.

    that means it's back on track to being the quirky show we all love.

    in the beginning, we had chuck who didn't know anything about being a spy. and in the beginning of this season, he started becoming "independent"... which tore the old relationships apart. chuck and morgan, chuck and sarah, chuck and casey (which is now closer than ever), and even lester and jeff.

    cpt awesome needs to start being cpt awesome again. and ellie needs to be the sweet ellie we know. morgan needs to be chasing after some girl again. and we'll be back to where we began season 2.

    but this episode definitely made all the falling out during season three ALMOST disappear.