Season 3 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on NBC

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    After a string of mediocre eps, in which neither Sarah nor Chuck are behaving like themselves, 'Chuck Versus the Other Guy' breaks the losing streak with an episode so perfect it seems like a triumphant finale. It features some of our favourite characters, including Morgan and Casey, and in a dramatic twist, Shaw turns out to be more evil, and therefore more interesting, than he seems. Sarah finally returns to Chuck and declares her love for him in a moving scene featuring both actors at their best. I'm not an avid shipper, and I think the ongoing will they/won't they sexual tension has made for some compelling viewing, but their respective relationships with Shaw and Hannah were unconvincing and disappointing. Sarah's coldness melts away, Chuck is Chuck is again, Casey is back on the team, and the whole ep culminates in a seriously dramatic and exciting moment, in which Chuck proves his worth as a spy and a loyal boyfriend. I love the moment where Morgan is the one to spot Shaw's deception, and Casey steps into the breach to help Chuck save Sarah and apprehend the Ring Director. The final scene was like a long anticipated shower of rain after a drought. Finally Sarah and Chuck are back to where they were at the end of Season 2; happy, together and ready to work as a team.
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