Season 3 Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2010 on NBC

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  • It has all the good qualities of chuck..I'm just upset about him and Sarah. Chuck you idiot!!

    This really was a good episode. I like the new direction yet they kept enough old-school chuck flavor in there. I would be lying if I didn't say I was totally upset about the decisions that chuck made 6 months ago.. =(

    Anyways, the season looks like it will hold some good twists either way..this is based off the season 2 finale, this episode, and the reviews I've glanced at so far for this season =).

    Let's not lose faith in Chuck everyone! He will come through and Sarah will too. She MUST!

    So anyways, I believe I explained enough why I gave this episode a 9. It wasn't because of lower quality but because it upset me haha.
  • Chuck is back- look out bad guys!

    Ah, Chuck, how I've missed you! The show returns with Chuck now enabled with awesome super-spy skillz...except, he can't..quite.. Make them work. I thought this was a good decision, and loved the scenes where Chuck is trying to force the intersect to kick in but it won't. Chuck still needs to be that clumsy dork that needs to be protected by his handlers. The good news is the show is still that. The bad news is the will-they/won't-they relationship between Chuck and Sarah, which looked like 'all systems go' at the end of last season, has for some reason been broken up again, and they are STILL going to drag out the same thing they've been doing for two seasons already. I think many of us were eager to see the show go in new directions with them trying to do their jobs and be a couple at the same time. Worse of all is the way this was explained. It basically wasn't. Sarah asks Chuck to run away with her and he bails on her because he wants to play spy instead. Wait a minute.. Doesn't he HATE being a spy? Doesn't he like, LOVE Sarah more than anything? His decision not to go with her made no sense on any level. And the story is chopped up so it only gives us pieces of what happened, without revealing all the information until the full flashback much later (we're basically watching the episode saying, "what happened with them exactly?") This was supposed to be the kind of clever broken narrative structure LOST is really good at. But Chuck doesn't do as good a job.

    Besides that major issue I had, the ep was otherwise the charmingly fun show we've come to know and love. Chuck got fired for sucking, and had to basically prove himself worthy of being back on the team. There is one character I will sorely miss (a death I won't spoil) but they go out in an awesome way.
  • Season 3 to me so far is...meh. Review of start of season 3; not necessarily this episode.

    I just started season 3 of Chuck; and well; I miss the nervous dorky guy from season 1 and 2. I think the power of him flashing on abilities is a bit of too much an advantage and when s3 started with him looking like an emotionless killer in Prague I was thinking; NOOOO! I feel that the nervousness and the dorkiness is a little over done because we know Chuck is now a spy and he is a lot more capable of it and the fact that he's not hopeless anymore kind of takes the kick out of the show and takes away the original feel and plot. I won't deny the fact that Chuck not being able to control his new power completely does make it a little more interesting when Chuck screams at his customers in Chinese or knocks Lester out accidentally. I'm not sure how I feel about Devon knowing and I do not like Shaw and I think Hannah is a bit well...meh also. The show is becoming very systematic: Chuck meets person, they are nice at first, then because an unforeseen chain of events Chuck finds out they're a spy/assassin!

    I also miss Anna; I think they could have done more with her for Morgan. And the whole Chuck and Sarah thing! Give me a break!

    Anyway that's my opinion.
  • On the verge of losing both his status as an agent and the affection of Sarah Walker, Chuck embarks on a little mission of his own to prove his worth as Agent Charles Carmichael...

    An excellent opening to the new season, 'Chuck' returns with all the humor and action a nerd could ever dream of -- and then some. 'Chuck versus the Pink Slip' offers a wonderful explanation for the events of the past six months and the following consequences without turning Chuck into a 21st century Superman. His flaws are still incredibly realistic and his aversion to guns (and killing people in general) is absolutely wonderful. His kindness, intelligence, and average Joe weaknesses make him all the more appealing to watch, a hero that the audience can truly sympathize with as he's thrust head first into the world of espionage. Will Chuck become the perfect spy? More importantly, can he keep hold of his humane ideals in the process?

    We'll just have to wait to find out. ;)
  • These boots are made for Killin'

    I'm not sure where to begin, if I'm being honest. Chuck is back! I'm over the moon about that. Less thrilled that there's no Anna. Uber happy we have 19 episodes to the season. But, and it's a big one, I felt uncomfortable watching this episode. The genius hooks, catchy one-liners and Yvonne in sexy clothing, all staples of the show, are present and accounted for. It's just, well, it felt like I was out of the loop, and yes, I get that may have been the point (hence the vague flashbacks), but Chuck is at its best when we know everyone's intentions, even if the characters don't know themselves, ya know?

    I enjoyed this premiere, I did. It was a darker slice of Chuck, and it was certainly interesting, certainly different than what we're used to. Emmet's shocking death was just that – shocking. I was expecting a tranquilizer of some sort, but a point blank bullet through the eye was…I can't think of anything other than shocking. It would have been more effective had I not known the budget had been slashed and so a few characters, such as Anna and Emmet, had to leave, but fair play, he certainly went out with a bang. Quite literally.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Chuck and Sarah unofficially-officially breaking up. Loved the scenes with Chuck trying to win her back, and that right-hand slap could be felt a mile away. But Chuck is left looking like the bad guy, and Chuck is very rarely the bad guy. And so I'm left in this whirlwind of confusion. I was so happy at the end of season 2 for this couple, it would have been nice to explore this full relationship, and instead we're given a complete 360. It's a jam-packed episode, one that could have used up a little more time to delve into their fallout. The episode suffers a good bit because of this.

    Overall, it's an unusually paced hour of Chuck. The ominous ending suggests that the intersect 2.0 will do more harm to Chuck than good, which will hopefully offer up some a strong arc. The implication that Chuck is dangerous now is interesting, and you could argue that it may have been the intersect that swayed him from running away with Sarah, but maybe I'm jumping the gun on that one. Casey is still a h00t, and I'm glad to see that the Buymore crew still have a part to play. So the season starts off with a few interesting tweaks, but with Chuck back at Buymore and the Chuck/Sarah scenario right back to season One, it also takes quite a few drastic steps backwards. Unexpected, to say the least…
  • Chuck spends six months in Prague training to become a real spy. Sarah asks Chuck to run a way with her. Emmet has turned the Buy More into a military zone complete with drone employees. Chuck gets canned from the spy game.

    Well its been quite a unhealthy long time with no fix of Chuck. So I must admit I am probably looking at this thru rose colored glasses. I was expecting Awesome. Not so much, but it is Chuck and I'm happy for the return.

    This new Chuck needs to get a handle on himself. I think he was cooler under fire before the Intersect 2.0 was downloaded. His feelings are way out of whack and I guess that's what we will be dealing with this third season of Chuck. The Intersect will not function when he is distracted or not focusing on the dangers in hand which could make things even more dangerous considering the expectations they have for him. In a lot of ways Sarah is as much to blame as Chuck for the situation. We'll see how they deal with this as the season progresses.

    Still a superior show to the majority of television being shown today. It seems that they have kept all but one of the characters intact from the cast last year. I had heard reports that there were going to be quite a few less starring characters. I actually think it has stayed pretty static. I will say Adam Baldwin as Casey is still tremendous as the third wheel and he manages to keep things moving along despite the problems that Chuck and Sarah continue to cause. Chuck is back and with the Leno deal occurring and decent numbers for Monday's showings we should see Chuck for a number of additional seasons. I'm just happy the series is back for now. Great Hyundai commercials interspersed throughout the episode by the way. I thought for a second that the first one was part of the episode!?! I am also wondering if they are going to get the Subway sandwich promos in the show this season as well? It's great to have Chuck back and I give him a gracious 9 for the first episode. Thanks for reading...