Season 2 Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Predator

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck finds Orion.

    This was such a great episode. This is why I watch this series hands down, let me count the ways.

    Even the opening scene which was a throwaway scene was so amusing and well formed.

    Anybody catch the two big Superman the movie references? Just picture Jor-El in front of the Krypton council and the disks were kind of like the crystals for the fortress of Solitude. Even though I'm not sure the references were necessary, I still enjoyed them anyway.

    The near implosion of the Buy More. We were looking for the enemy and the enemy was me. Revenge of the Jester! They were amusing but to me the funniest thing was Morgan being a fly on the wall as his mom got the good stuff by his boss. So, good!

    And so much happened in this one involving Orion and Fulcrum and by the end not only was Chuck a spy in fact, but mentally he became one too. As not only does Casey and Sarah not trust anyone as always, but now the Chuckster is in on it too. And one last thing it's about time Chuck got some credit. He seriously for someone who has no clue about being a spy has done so much with so little. They finally started giving him his props. I only wish this show got some more props. It really is my favorite show on TV right now bar none. Can't wait till next week.
  • Orion Contacts Chuck...

    Chuck searches for Orion on his own on the World Wide, getting himself into trouble with his future Spouse (Couldn't help myself) Sarah is mad that he did something dangerous and against the rules, and that he didn't trust her enough to tell her. Orion somehow knows he's the Intersect and send him a fancy new laptop. When Lester and Big Mike mistake it for a fancy new model the Buy More is getting, the team has to break into the store at night to get it back. Fulcrum has also tracked it down, he takes a suicide pill after Casey shoots him and the General tells them that the Computer was a Fulcrum trap. She comes down personally to take over the operation, I'm astonished here, the General actually gets of her chair and comes down to Burbank. Anyway the General knew Chuck found the real Orion and that they government have been searching for him years. Orion contacts Chuck again; he provides his identity by flashing a symbol from the Intersect on Chuck's computer. Chuck follows Orion's instructions to breaks into the O.O and accesses his computer. The Fulcrum agent soon gets's up after killing himself, I know... and takes Chuck. Sarah and Casey realize that his missing and go to rescue him, but don't arrive quickly enough to save Orion from falling into Fulcrum's trap. Orion apparently gets blown up in the Helicopter and thus giving Chuck no hope of the Getting the Intersect removed. The General admits to Chuck that she doesn't want the Intersect out of him; she wants to become a spy and flush out more Fulcrum agents. Orion left a CD for Chuck, along with the schematics for the Intersect. The General seems concerned about Sarah's affection to Chuck and asks Casey for a complete video surveillance of their relationship. The Buy More sub-plot was Hilarious as the Beverly Hill's store went up against each other, Emmett after being attacked by 30, 40 guys took their revenge and destroyed their store.
  • This episode works on many levels. From Slapstick humor to tense confrontations this episode has it all.

    What a great episode! How many shows can go from TP'ing a Buy More to a bullet in the head of the bad guy. The episode opens with the near capture of creator of the Intersect. We Next are witness to the horrific act perpetrated on the Buy More the total TP'ing of the store! Intrigue, bruising battles, and that's just at the But More.

    A computer gets delivered to Chuck which his buds appropriate and the fun just starts rolling. From Predators drones to buckets of spy's. Spy's that won't die, and spy's that betray a trust.

    In the end, Chuck almost dies, the Intersect creator definitely dies, and Chuck has in his possession information left for him by the Intersect creator, and based on what was witnessed earlier it is unlikely the data will be shared.
  • Chuck, the unwilling spy

    The romance between Chuck and Sarah took a week off, to focus on spyworld. Chuck did something no trained government spy ever did, he found Orion. We also get to look inside Fulcrum and see five figures hidden in the shadows. We see Chuck being more assertive, he wants the intersect out of his head, even if it means going against General Beckman's orders. The General wants Chuck to be a spy. We see Sarah compromising herself to the point that Beckman wants an investigation on how she is performing. This episode is a springboard of things to come, and I bet it will be great...
  • Chuck never lets me down...

    New information with Fulcrum, the Intersect, Orion and Beckman came at us in rapid succession with a fun side story with the Buy More intertwined. Chuck is still going against orders as always, but I love the fact that they're gonna finally turn him into a spy. Not to mention Chuck has some secrets of his own, even from Agent Casey and Walker. Should make the next few weeks a lot of fun as long as the play the story out ok. I love Chuck for the humor, but I would also like a bit more spy in him so as long as they keep the balance, it should be ok.
  • This episode had me excited about Chuck really going in a new direction, with the development of the Orion character and later on the mention of Chuck being trained as an operative instead of just an information asset.

    This episode had me excited about Chuck really going in a new direction, with the development of the Orion character and later on the mention of Chuck being trained as an operative instead of just an information asset. I'm definitely hoping Chuck lives to see a third season so that this can be more fully developed, i'd like to see the background of the whole Intersect story revealed and they seem to be moving towards this. Also looking forward to Awesome and Ellie's wedding which is sure to be a big occasion full of flowers, cake, explosions and probably an assassination attempt or three.
  • Chuck becomes increasingly versed into the spy world and becomes more assertive in his roll and position between our three musketeers. With "the Predator' loyalty, friendship and respect between the three is further pushed to the limit!

    Wonderfully delightful episode, well written. I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes because it has focused on showing the relationship that is there between the trio. Not just oh I like you guys stuff but a sense of loyalty and deep friendship that seems to building between the three. I also really enjoy the build up to the marriage that is going ot happen between awsome and Ellie. My favorite part was at the absolutley end right before the door opend. At heart I really enjoy any little bit of romantic setup the writers provide between Sarah and Chuck :) Delightfully wonderful show as always.
  • things are getting interesting-er

    Chuck's search for Orion sets off some deeply mysterious spy stuff - a little more serious than the average chuck weekly installment. This guy - Orion - has somehow eluded both the cIA and Fulcrum over the years, but somehow Chuck managed to track him down and start exchanging messages by computer. Hmmm. Seems to me there is something deeper here. The constellation Orion apparently represents a hunter in Greek mythology, so it makes one wonder if Orion has actually been looking for Chuck all this time and not the other way around. Either way this sets up an intriguing mystery and despite the way this ep ended i have a feeling we may not have seen the last of this character (not that we actually ever SAW) him (or her) this time! I hope we get a season three of Chuck...
  • Has to be one of the best episodes so far this season.

    Chuck manages to find the person responsible for the Intersect 'Orion' and arranges contact, problem is Orion sends Chuck a state of the art secured laptop that is intercepted by Jeff, Lester and Morgan who think it is a new prototype laptop only available at Buy More, confusion ensues when they accidentally inform Orion they are in trouble and have a missile sent to the Buy More, thinking it's a new games simulator they direct it to the Beverly Hills Buy More who they are having a problem with, luckily Chuck gets to the three before the missile can hit and gets his hands on the laptop.

    Naturally the rest of the episode is Chuck trying to meet Orion but has General Beckman putting him under house arrest, Casey and Sarah following the Generals orders and a Fulcrum agent out to kill Orion. Big Mike along with Emmett, Morgan, Jeff and Lester take a trip to Buy More Beverly Hills to get some payback after a 'hazing' prank on there own Buy More which ends hilariously.

    As i wrote this has to be one of the best episodes so far this season, long live Chuck.
  • Started awkward, but finished extremely strong.

    It started off a little awkward because I was really getting upset with Jeff and Lester playing around with the computer Orion sent to Chuck. Normally those two are fun, but here they were annoying me. But the episode quickly shifted gears when the competing branch from Beverly Hills showed up (very funny stuff) and even the general came down in person to handle the Orion situation, which must be more important than any of us ever dreamed. This was a completely Buy More-centric episode, with some great stuff sneaking around at night, and classic Spy rendezvous material towards the end.
  • Nothing I really expected to happen happenned in this one. I love irony, and I love Chuck!

    Lester calling Jeff (who wasn't actually Jeff at the moment) a "Buy-Moron" was one of the funniest things that has ever come out of his mouth. Plus when he meet higher-ups from the other branch, he was in the background, but he was still hilarious trying to make a good first impression. That's why when he and Jeff broke into the Buy More, I knew it was going to be good. Everyone was trying to do the same thing: steal the computer. And when everyone is trying to run around in ski masks in the Buy More after dark, you're bound to laugh. There was nothing in this episode about Chuck/Sarah. That was a relief for me! I think there has been too much discussion of "We can't do this" that those two aren't as cute together as they used to be. However, they were wonderful in this episode, possibly because the relationship status was not addressed in dialogue!

    Don't mess with Big Mike. That's all I got to say about that.

    Tony Hale!!! What an amazing guy, and an amazing guest star. The show is lucky to have him, and they finally put him to good use! When he swung the baseball bat and missed the cardboard, I could not stop laughing! This episode was a HIT all around! :D
  • Beautifully funny episode.

    This was another brilliantly well executed episode of Chuck. The Buy More scenes were really funny, especially the scene where Jeff and Lester and Casey and Sarah are all wearing balaclavas and bumping into each other while Emmett is on guard. Big Mike was excellent in this and it just goes to show how he should be given more to do as he is missing all too often from the episodes. It was also good seeing the General actually there for once and not just on a screen. The plot's delicately balanced now and hopefully the threads will all come together in the final few episodes of the season.
  • Is Chuck really growing up!

    Chuck finally is growing up and becoming a man. But I don't want him to, be a different kind of person. And not be a really, a real spy just yet. As I think that would ruin the show. And that the show, is why we watch the show and love it. The way that we love it. But he solves a case on his own for once. Without the help of both Sarah and Casey. Who have other important things on their, plates and agendas. But Buy More thought they were getting, a video game like thing. But in fact, it is far worse than that. Not a video game at all. Chuck solves the case on his own. And shows, he doesn't need nobody's help. But again, want Chuck to be the same and goofy person that we have come to know and love. Not change at all. Well, at least not yet.
  • Chuck hopes to get rid of the Intersect thanks to a mysterious man called Orion, but nothing goes as planned.

    Even if the Awesome family doesn't appear, the balance between "Chuck as a spy" and Buy More is well mantained.

    However, this series seems becoming darker : Chuck is realizing he is a real spy, as the General tells him; the fight against Fulcrum is more violent with many dead. More important, the fun is now mainly provided by the Buy More crew, and no more by the CIA and NSA agents. Chuck seems to have lost the fun being the Intersect and he's facing with the true dimension of his new job.

    Is Chuck becoming an adult?

    I expect the following episodes to provide some fresh air and resume with the not-so-serious spy Chuck!
  • Chuck has the opportunity to meet with Orion the man who designed the Intersect. General Beckman shows up and says some revealing things to the group. A major battle ensues between two Buy More stores.

    No power surge this week to keep me from seeing the full episode. Even so I have the same somewhat conflicted feeling about this episode I did about the last.

    Things are getting really serious in the Chuckiverse. People are dying and Chuck is responsible. Whether he likes it or not he is a spy. It was an interesting scene at the end when General Beckman reveals that their little group is the one part of the agency that is having success against Fulcrum. Also that Chuck is the reason they are having this success and it is going to be necessary for him to be a spy for real. Talk about getting volunteered without volunteering!

    You can see even Casey fighting with the dilemma of how things are going to work out with Chuck. The three (Chuck, Sarah, and Casey) have really been through a lot and now have some real feelings for each other despite their differences. Even Casey who lied to the General at the end about Sarah seems to be cracking a little under the pressure.

    The story was ok and it is amazing how many times Chuck can almost get himself killed in a single episode, but it is a comedy and without his foibles nothing would happen in the first place. It'd be pretty boring if he just sat around and did nothing all of the time.

    The Buy More conflicts were amusing with the destruction of the Beverly Hills store a real shocker. One swing and the whole wall of displays goes down! Jeffster seem to be getting themselves into more annoying situations then ever. Poor Morgan with his living situation. I thought he was moving out with Anna?

    I missed the usual Sarah/Chuck awkward moments. I am leaning toward hoping that they get together so we can get past this point. The puppy dog looks on both their parts is getting a little old.

    Lots of other important things happened, but I don't want to do a blow by blow so watch it for yourself. This episode moved the story forward and I look forward to seeing where it takes us. Remember it's TV and we must allow reality to run wild sometimes.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Another awesome episode.

    "Chuck Vs The Predator " was a decent episode of the second season that develops on the last episodes new development which was that Orion. I loved the rivalry between the two Buy Mores it was the funniest moments of the episode and there was a great scene were Emmett destroyed the Buy More shelves and the lot of them ran off . The part where Casey , Chuck and Sarah rob the computer was great as well . The episode was another awesome episode. I give this episode " Chuck Versus the Predator " a 9 out of 10 .
  • Nice Nice Nice

    Like I said eairler Nice....Chuck gets to meet the General cool... I'm so glad that everyone thats on this show gets a main part every now and again. I like the writers. who would have thought the Hollywood Buy More was geeker than the Burbank I enjoy this show very much but it pains me to know that Chuck will never get the intersect out of his head and if he does who will be there to kill him? I have to say I don't believe that Orion is dead so I'm looking forward for him and Chuck to carry out sum missions together he will be a close friend that Chuck will not realize who he really is. Great episode.
  • Chuck attempts to contact Orion on his own, without Sara and Casey.

    A good episode, not one of the best, but still a wonderful example of why this show rocks. I missed Ellie and Awesome (and even Anna for that matter), but the non-spy side-story (in this case involving warring Buy Mores) was nonetheless magnificent. As was Lester and Jeff's co-opting of Orion's "special" computer. I enjoy seeing Chuck learn to fend for himself and make his own decisions, without consulting Sara and Casey, it's more realistic than him continuing to listen to everything they say. That said, there weren't as many jokes as usual; and, although I do appreciate a serious episode now and then, I missed them.
  • Almost Toast....

    When Chuck first started it was creative and amusing but now it's just scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's just gotten stupid. This episode was patheticly predictable from the beginning. It got even dumber by the minute with different sets of "robbers" of the Buy More trying to steal the "infamous" computer, the "office" in the handicapped stall in the restroom and to top it off a rivalary with the Beverly Hills BuyMore. Chuck started out as funny and I was intrigued with process of watching Chuck in his pursuit of getting the intersect out of his head. But the past few episodes have been to focused on the Sarah/Chuck thing instead of what worked in the beginning. I am hopeful with the possibility of Chuck taking matters into his own hands in getting his life back.