Season 2 Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Predator

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Orion Contacts Chuck...

    Chuck searches for Orion on his own on the World Wide, getting himself into trouble with his future Spouse (Couldn't help myself) Sarah is mad that he did something dangerous and against the rules, and that he didn't trust her enough to tell her. Orion somehow knows he's the Intersect and send him a fancy new laptop. When Lester and Big Mike mistake it for a fancy new model the Buy More is getting, the team has to break into the store at night to get it back. Fulcrum has also tracked it down, he takes a suicide pill after Casey shoots him and the General tells them that the Computer was a Fulcrum trap. She comes down personally to take over the operation, I'm astonished here, the General actually gets of her chair and comes down to Burbank. Anyway the General knew Chuck found the real Orion and that they government have been searching for him years. Orion contacts Chuck again; he provides his identity by flashing a symbol from the Intersect on Chuck's computer. Chuck follows Orion's instructions to breaks into the O.O and accesses his computer. The Fulcrum agent soon gets's up after killing himself, I know... and takes Chuck. Sarah and Casey realize that his missing and go to rescue him, but don't arrive quickly enough to save Orion from falling into Fulcrum's trap. Orion apparently gets blown up in the Helicopter and thus giving Chuck no hope of the Getting the Intersect removed. The General admits to Chuck that she doesn't want the Intersect out of him; she wants to become a spy and flush out more Fulcrum agents. Orion left a CD for Chuck, along with the schematics for the Intersect. The General seems concerned about Sarah's affection to Chuck and asks Casey for a complete video surveillance of their relationship. The Buy More sub-plot was Hilarious as the Beverly Hill's store went up against each other, Emmett after being attacked by 30, 40 guys took their revenge and destroyed their store.