Season 2 Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Predator

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck has the opportunity to meet with Orion the man who designed the Intersect. General Beckman shows up and says some revealing things to the group. A major battle ensues between two Buy More stores.

    No power surge this week to keep me from seeing the full episode. Even so I have the same somewhat conflicted feeling about this episode I did about the last.

    Things are getting really serious in the Chuckiverse. People are dying and Chuck is responsible. Whether he likes it or not he is a spy. It was an interesting scene at the end when General Beckman reveals that their little group is the one part of the agency that is having success against Fulcrum. Also that Chuck is the reason they are having this success and it is going to be necessary for him to be a spy for real. Talk about getting volunteered without volunteering!

    You can see even Casey fighting with the dilemma of how things are going to work out with Chuck. The three (Chuck, Sarah, and Casey) have really been through a lot and now have some real feelings for each other despite their differences. Even Casey who lied to the General at the end about Sarah seems to be cracking a little under the pressure.

    The story was ok and it is amazing how many times Chuck can almost get himself killed in a single episode, but it is a comedy and without his foibles nothing would happen in the first place. It'd be pretty boring if he just sat around and did nothing all of the time.

    The Buy More conflicts were amusing with the destruction of the Beverly Hills store a real shocker. One swing and the whole wall of displays goes down! Jeffster seem to be getting themselves into more annoying situations then ever. Poor Morgan with his living situation. I thought he was moving out with Anna?

    I missed the usual Sarah/Chuck awkward moments. I am leaning toward hoping that they get together so we can get past this point. The puppy dog looks on both their parts is getting a little old.

    Lots of other important things happened, but I don't want to do a blow by blow so watch it for yourself. This episode moved the story forward and I look forward to seeing where it takes us. Remember it's TV and we must allow reality to run wild sometimes.

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