Season 2 Episode 17

Chuck Versus the Predator

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the last talk between Big Mike and Morgan you can clearly see an Israeli Navy SEAL (Shayetet 13) Insignia attached to Morgan's vest.

    • The laptop Orion sends to Chuck is actually an Alienware laptop with the distinctive alien head shaped lighting disguised. Almost all of the lighting effects are a part of the real machine.

    • In Hong Kong when Orion notices Fulcrum agents closing in on him, he turns his screen to the black message screen. When the scene cuts to another camera angle, the screen is back to normal and then black again in the next camera change.

    • In Chuck's flash on Vincent, a service history of LTC Vincent Smith is shown, that falsely calls him LTC Wolfe.

    • Featured Music:
      "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" by Air Supply (Morgan listens to Big Mike and Bolonia)
      "Amazing Life" by Matt Pond Pa (Closing scenes)

  • Quotes

    • Chuck: My handlers think that you're Fulcrum and to be perfectly honest, I'm on the fence myself.
      Orion: I'm not Fulcrum.
      Chuck: Thanks. Thanks, I'm glad we cleared that up.

    • Chuck: You're coming here?
      Beckman: Hopefully, I won't have to shut down Operation Bartowski because of one foolish mistake. But if Fulcrum knows who you really are, pack your bags, Chuck. You're leaving with me. Tell your family and friends... Tell them nothing.

    • Orion: This disc will self-destruct in five seconds. I've always wanted to say that.

    • (Chuck watches surveillance of Sarah, Casey and General Beckman)
      Chuck: Wow. Beckman is tiny.
      Sarah: General, what if Orion can help Chuck remove the Intersect? Erase it from his mind?
      Chuck: Yeah, yeah. Good question, Sarah.
      Beckman: That's exactly what I don't want. Chuck Bartowski is absolutely vital to national security. He can never meet Orion.

    • Chuck: General, you don't want the Intersect out of my head, do you?
      Beckman: No, I don't.
      Sarah: Ma'am, Chuck has done everything that we've asked of him.
      Beckman: Agent Walker, you want to protect him, but play time is over. Chuck, I hesitate to say this...
      Chuck: Please. Please, hesitate.
      Beckman: We are in the midst of a secret war with Fulcrum, and I believe the outcome of this fight will rest squarely on your shoulders.
      Casey: Oy.
      Chuck: No, listen to the man. He's right. I'm no spy.
      Beckman: Do you know how many agents I've lost to Fulcrum? How powerful they are? Only this operation, only you have found a hole in their armor. See, I can't lose you, Chuck. I need you. It's time for you to become a spy.

    • Barclay: Hey! We know what you did.
      Big Mike: Well, do you now?
      Barclay: You went too far, Michael. I'm calling the cops.
      Big Mike: No you won't, it ain't the Buy More way.
      Barclay: What!?
      Big Mike: You know the rules; they cut their prices by ten percent, we cuts ours 15. They give away toasters, we give away microwaves. They put their hands on one of ours, we find their Assistant Manager. (Emmett holds him back) You get the picture, don't you?

    • (Morgan's phone rings)
      Morgan: One sec you guys, it's Chuck again.
      Lester: No, don't answer it, he's after my computer.
      Morgan: I know, but he's called twice. He never does that, it could be an emergency. Why he'd call me I have no idea.
      Lester: No, Morgan, no.

    • Vincent: I wish I could give you a proper reward. But, fortunately I have to shoot you.
      Chuck: It would be unprofessional not to.

    • Morgan: We can't get away with this, okay, we can't be calm and collected this time.
      Big Mike: (to Emmett about the damage to his face) Let me see it. No, Morgan. We will remain calm and collected. We will be calm and collected when we go to Beverly Hills tonight. And we will be calm and collected when we use my manager's code to get into the store. And then we're going to be calm and collected when we burn that mother-loving store to the ground.

    • Lester: I've tried to help you over the years, Jefferson. I've drowned myself trying to help you. But you're a moron. In the end that's what you are. You're a Buy More-on.

    • Casey: Orion's taken control of a Predator drone based out of Edward's. The signal matches the one used in Hong Kong. The drone's on an armed targeting run.
      Sarah: Is there a target?
      Chuck: Please don't say Buy More.
      Casey: Orion sent you a computer, all right. It's inside a Predator drone targeted to kill you. How thoughtful.

    • General Beckman: What! What did you say?
      Chuck: I found him. I found Orion. Or actually, he found me, about ten minutes ago in the Buy More. He tapped into one of the Nerd Herd computers using, I might add, a very cool kind of hack.

    • (Chuck, Lester and Jeff are looking at the Buy More interior which is covered in toilet paper)
      Chuck: What? When did this happen?
      Lester: During the night. Look on the bright side. Don't have to buy TP for, like, years.
      Jeff: Why start now?

    • Chuck: I have to say this. We should never do that again.
      Casey: Mission's over, Chuck. The plan went just fine.
      Chuck: Yeah. Except your plan necessitated that we do actual plumbing and for the record, none of us knows how to actually plumb. We're going to burn these jump suits, right?
      Sarah: I second Chuck's motion. No more plumbing on future missions.
      Casey: Are you going soft, Walker? It doesn't matter. Beckman got the intel she wanted. Bunch of Nancies.

    • Beckman: I lied to Chuck earlier. He's done what no one else could do. He found him, Chuck found Orion.
      Sarah: General, why lie to him? Orion is extremely important to this project and to Chuck.
      Beckman: Important? Don't think for a second that you can tell me what's important, Agent Walker. I've had an army of analysts and spies hunting for Orion since before you were in a training bra.

    • Morgan: Sir, what exactly are we doing here?
      Big Mike: Payback.
      Morgan: I see. Does payback involve illegal activities?
      Big Mike: Damn well better.

    • Vincent: I'll give one chance, drop your guns.
      Chuck: Um, sir, they don't have any guns. I personally put this mission together and I forbid them from packing.
      Vincent: Why would you do that?
      Chuck: I don't know, I just, you know...I think that guns make things too easy and I like my spies to be tough. Look, you're not gonna shoot me, right?
      Vincent: It would be unprofessional not to.
      (Casey shoots him)
      Chuck: You had a gun?
      Casey: I always have a gun.

    • Chuck: Okay, what's the plan?
      Casey: You got us into this mess, why don't you come up with the plan for once.
      Chuck: Okay, alright, you two distract Emmett with your super spy skills while I go hit Big Mike's office where he keeps the combination to the safe at his desk.
      Casey: He keeps a combination in his office?
      Chuck: It's a Buy More, Casey, relax.
      (Sarah and Casey pull out weapons)
      Chuck: Oh no, no, no, no, no...there are no guns in my plan, okay, as annoying as Emmett is, you cannot shoot, tranq or Karate chop him in any way.
      Sarah: You put him in charge.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Chuck a predátor (Chuck and the Predator)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: May 25, 2009 on CNBC-e
      United Kingdom: September 29, 2009 on Virgin 1
      Latin America: October 4, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Australia: October 22, 2009 on FOX8
      Sweden: October 26, 2009 on TV6
      Czech Republic: February 24, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: September 9, 2011 on Sub
      Slovakia: August 15, 2012 on Markiza

    • Although credited, Ryan McPartlin (Devon "Captain Awesome" Christian Woodcomb), Sarah Lancaster (Eleanor "Ellie" Bartowski) and Julia Ling (Anna Melinda Wu) do not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • This episode has several references to the Mummy series:
      The main bad guy in this episode is Arnold Vosloo who played Imhotep.
      The Buy More was TP'd or "mummified".
      Emmett, while at the Burbank Buy More, hits the cardboard cutout and knocks down the DVD/Music display racks in the exact same way both Evelyn and Alex did it to the book racks in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

    • Big Mike: I love the smell of Burbank in the morning. Smells like...victory.

      Big Mike's line is almost a direct quote from the 1979 film Apocalypse Now. In the film, Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore (played by Robert Duvall) delivers the same line, but with "napalm" instead of "Burbank."

    • Orion: This disk will self destruct in five seconds.

      This is an allusion to Mission Impossible, originally a TV series (1966-1973) and more recently three films. The mission was always given on a tape and the phrase "this tape will destruct in five seconds" was always the final line of the message.

    • The comic book Chuck appears to be reading in the final scene is titled "Ex Machina," Latin for "From/of the Machine." This could be a reference to Chuck and the Intersect in his head, or to the dramatic arts term "deus ex machina," (literally "the god from the machine"), defined in contemporary times as any plot device which summarily resolves the major conflicts in a story. The diagrams Chuck has hidden in the comic would certainly qualify.
      "Ex Machina" is written by Brian K. Vaughan, who also wrote the "Y: The Last Man" comic book series. A "Y" poster is one of several that can be seen on Chuck's bedroom wall in this episode.