Season 4 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on NBC

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  • Awesome....Simply awesome. This episode reminded me of why I started watching Chuck, To begin with. I had a white-knuckle grip on my couch, From the moment the episode began, To the final fadeout. It has to be the most suspenseful hour of TV ever.

    *Spoiler Alert: Do Not Read If You Have Not Yet Seen The Episode!!*

    The promo did this episode absolutely no justice.

    Everything about this episode was at its absolute best: From the way the story unfolded, Courtesy of the writers, To the performances of the entire cast. There was just so much highly-charged emotion, Throughout. Despite this, However, The writers even managed to tastefully include some rather humorous moments, Not the least of which was Jeffster's performance in the hospital and Morgan's nudity.

    I am glad that the writers did not go all out for Chuck's proposal, Because that would have detracted from the overall gravity of this episode... It is truly a pleasure to see two actors say so much, Without uttering a single word.

    I do find myself breathing a sigh of relief, At the conclusion of this episode, Because, The majority of this season, So far, Has been very dark and intense. Now that the the darkest moments have passed, Perhaps we can start to see a lighter, More entertaining and less gut-wrenching show...At least, For a little while!

    All in all, If you don't watch this episode, Shame on you!