Season 4 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on NBC

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  • A marvelously executed, fitting would-be finale to one of the few best shows TV has to offer.

    If there were any hints of Chuck's deterioration before, they were all washed away in this episode.

    For what was possibly a series finale, I can say I'm proud to have been a part of Chuck since its beginnings, and I would die a happy man right there. But now, my thoughts of suicide over a TV show have passed, and now for the review.

    Chuck's underlying plan, while a bit risky in the show's tastes, was brilliantly paced and shot, and while I was sad to see Alexei written off with more a whimper than a bang, it was fun while it lasted. Morgan has grown so far from just last season alone. It amazes me how he's much farther along than Chuck was at that point, dodging lasers with his yoga. Hilarious. Admittedly, I already knew almost all of what was going to happen (Alexei's capture, Ellie has the baby, etc,) but the last few seconds shocked me, as I'd been so confirmed based on the sneak preview, that I didn't see it coming. Well done, writers.

    So Chuck returns next week, with another 11 episodes, (and a possible 5th season?) Which I will enjoy every second of.
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