Season 4 Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Push Mix

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on NBC

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  • Best episode so far!!

    Absolutely brilliant - i was hooked all the way through the episode.
    New twists and turns in unexpected places.
    Great balance between action, comedy and awesome chuckness.
    Sarah and Mrs Bartowski work inside of Volkoff to find the Hydra network, both expressing a grown bond between the two, which is great. I especially love the bit when Sarah comes back and rescue's Mary. Also the times when Mary tells Sarah that she is leaving as she doesnt want sarah to become her is brill.
    The funny moments undoubtabley come from Morgan in a variety of ways. One is when he keeps on the flippers and is running - which looked hilarious, another would be when he tackles the lasers, also when they used their bathroom as "hell".
    Iloved how this episode showed how clever chuck was and what a great spy he actually is. Through the use of Orion (which i loved, and was good when it turned out to be Chuck). Also with getting the code from Volkoff, which was great, and no bullets in the gun - Brilliant.
    One of my favourite moments was when Chuck opened the door and it was Beckman, i didnt expect that, and i absolutely loved it, also when she gave him a chopper - classic.
    Finally i loved the final scenes, when casey and sarah meet, along with mary entering the room to ellie, but my fav was the proposal - it was brilliant and i didnt expect it.
    If it was the end of a series i would have been happy with the end, but now it isnt, im just happy to see how the series pans out.