Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • In one word, amazing.

    For every episode of Chuck there have been parts of them that are great, and I will remember for a long time. This episode was top to bottom the best episode of any t.v. show I have ever seen.

    The ending was great and extremely unexpected, and could bring forth an amazing third season if NBC decides to continue the series. Chuck and Sarah's relationship is at a perfect point to be continued in this series because they have now basically said they wanted each other, but Chuck downloading the intersect into his head may have destroyed that.

    Great performances by all the cast and even the small roles that people had made the story so much more believable. Jeffster's performance was perfectly intertwined with the fight scene and it all just seemed to fit perfectly.

    This is the best season (or series) finale that I have ever watched and as Chuck fans we can only hope that the amazing writing shown in these last few episodes continues on into the next year.

    So keep your fingers crossed because NBC better keep this show.
  • Simply amazing season finale! NBC, ditch Heroes and keep Chuck!

    I was really concerned that this show would be a let-down after the last one, which was simply brilliant.
    I was wrong.
    This episode was amazing! Amazingly written and acted by all. The pacing of this episode was perfect as a lot happened, but nothing really felt too rushed. Combine that with some surprising twists and a great starting point for a new Chuck season!
    To finally see Chuck actually kick some arse was incredible, and this new intersect (I dub it Intersect 2.0) now gives him more than just flashes...amazing!

    "I Know Kung-Fu!"

    I noticed that they now have "wedding photos" and you can even buy a Jeffster t-shirt on the NBC site. This tells me that the network loves the show and supports it fully. Here's to more seasons of Chuck!
  • Awesome... I really hope this isn't the last episode

    This has instantly became one of my favorite episodes of chuck ever. With the rumors of the show being canceled after this season is over, they concluded this season with an amazing episode. With the previous episode I thought that they were going to just conclude the series by giving people closure at ellie's wedding. Fortunately they made the last episode of this season action packed and opened several new plot lines which could be explored. I really hope that this show doesn't get canceled because it is one of my favorite shows. NBC please do not cancel this show.
  • high powered episode blasts Chuck into a whole new level of amazingness! this show DESERVES renewal!!!

    i just finished watching it and i can't believe how good it was! it seemed like two episodes in one, so much happened. I loved the wedding - the appearance by Jeffster was hilarious. the chaos of the wedding day was so over the top. loved the scene with Ellie in the tub with the champagne bottle. The appearance of the new ultraruthless supervillains of a whole new scary calibre. the re appearance of Bryce Larkin who almost whisks Sarah away. The final scenes that blast everything into a whole new reality. a whole new intersect. a whole new chuck. supercharged! oh please oh please oh pleeeeeeeaaaaasssssee let there be a season three.
  • Chuck must survive! Don't read this if you haven't watched the episode, instead go watch it. Now. Trust me.

    There have been rumors circulating for awhile now that Chuck's cancellation is imminent, and so I prepared myself for a somber episode that would nicely cap off the show and maybe leave a glimmer of hope in case network execs manage to take their smart pills in time to save this awesome show.
    What I wasn't prepared for was a totally butt kicking episode that was punctuated at the end with a scene that doesn't whimper or plead for another season but it dares the network to cancel a show that has such exuberant promise, that has such possibilities, such chutzpah and charm.
    In the beginning of the episode, it did seem like loose ends were being tied up - Casey was back with his other crew, Sarah was assigned to head up the new intersect project with an old friend, and the possibilities of Chuck's life without the intersect bloomed in front of him. The only wrench in the mechanics of his happiness is the fact that Sarah was gone the day after Ellie's wedding. Reeling from the fact that he has gained some cash and his freedom but lost the girl, he's confronted by a still live Roark who is willing to exchange Ellie's safety for the intersect cube. Chuck and the gang manage to save the day but the wedding is toast. Feeling guilty that Ellie's big day was screwed up by his spy life, he manages to recruit Casey and the elite squad(in one of the most hilarious scenes ever) to help him give Ellie the wedding day of her dreams. At the reception, he and Sarah have a moment and it looks like she's about to tell him something when Papa Bartowski has a chat with Bryce. Bryce tells him that they made a few changes to the intersect before they install it in him, changes that he's vague about. Someone comes in to pick Bryce up, but Papa Bartowski flashes (because he tested the intersect on himself) and realizes that Fulcrum has picked up Bryce. They go to rescue Bryce, and of course things don't go as planned. Chuck and Bryce find themselves in the room where the intersecting, intersection, whatever. Bryce was supposed to get the implant but it becomes obvious that he can't. He gives Chuck a device that would kill the intersect program so that no one can use it. Problem it, if the program dies, then the chances for the good guys to catch the bad guys become diminished. Chuck is faced with the most difficult decision in his life and makes a choice with surprising and hilarious results. He discovers that he knows kung fu. And the episode ends with a big fat...TO BE CONTINUED...pasted at the end. What else was Chuck implanted with? Will he have to return to the Buy More? Will he find out what Sarah and Bryce were trying to tell him? Will Papa Bartowski stick around?
    There has to be another season. This show is too awesome, the questions that they posed must be answered and this episode was the absolute best episode in the history of Chuck (I know, both seasons, but still....) . Chuck must Live!
  • Worthy to be Renewed...hear that NBC?

    Best... Ending... Ever! I haven't heard if they are bringing Chuck back but they better. I wouldn't even be that heartbroken if they cancelled Heroes as long as Chuck stays on the air. Chuck is one of the only shows I don't leave on my DVR because I want to watch it as soon as possible. This episode had everything I wanted to see. A happy ending for Chuck's family, Chuck making the choice to step up, and Chuck finally kickin' some ass. It was a great job by the writers to close up everything for the season finale but still leaving us wanting more. I can't wait for next season!
  • Great Episode!

    Noooooooooooooooo! Why why why why?! Why did this episode have to be the season finale? Erm... I was looking forward to having a few fun filled months without Chuck. But, NO! Because of this episode... I have to wait a few agonizing months without Chuck! He does Kung-Fu! I mean... *sigh* Can we continue with Chuck on it's regular schedule?! Lol! I must say, with all the rumors (or not) about Chuck getting canceled. Honestly, why would you want to cancel a show like this. I just love the fact that Chuck has been upgraded. Talk about truly becoming Carmichael. LOVE CHUCK!
  • OH! Helz yeah! Go Geek Power, Go!

    Much of this episode was predictable, comfortably so... We all know that Chuck is determined to ensure that Ellie has the perfect Wedding. Of course, things go insanely wrong, and everyone chips in to make sure that it's salvaged in the end, and then there's the unexpected twist... and the triple surprise ending! And a cliff hanger which, at the same time, doesn't leave us unsatisfied Oh, Yes! Far too good an episode to spoil with specifics, but definitely an excellent show all the way through, and a good reason to renew, NBC. Yes!
    Go, Morgan!
    Go, Jeffster!
    Go Awesome!
    Go, Sarah!
    Go, Casey!
    Go, Orion!
    Go, Bryce!
    Go, Chuck!
    Go, Geek Power! GO!
  • NBC if you want to end a tv show, you should end HEROES and renew CHUCK!!! This is the kind of show that deserves 3 to 5 seasons more. there are alot of angle which it can go to. and its amazing!

    this is the kind of episode which brought me to like Chuck. its got that mixture of action and comedy. The way Levi portrays chuck is just perfect, its like the tv show Chuck was born for Levi. baldwin and yvonne adds to the humor with their serious yet confused looks whenever Chuck blunders. it reminds me of Bruce Willis in Die Hard, he had funny moments but still made it humorous in many memorable parts. this is exactly the show people want to watch, and it would really be a stupid move if NBC ends this amazing tv show with this episode.
  • The best of the Best feel good episode

    Simply Amazing,

    This episode had it all action, romance, suspense and a cliffhanger.

    I mean this was a episode that maybe the last and if that is true then they made me a happy guy but at the same time I hope this show gets renewed because it has left me with a thirst that I cannot quench until i see another episode to see what happens to Chuck. Chuck has really developed in character and he is now realizing his full potential, lets see what he can do!!!!
    In all the best feel good episode so far and this cannot be the end lets give Chuck and the gang another season to see what they can do for us. I think we need it as much as the show needs it.

  • Jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, insanely well-written and acted --- one of the most AWESOME episodes of television ever and one of the best season finales I've ever seen!!!

    NBC can't end this show after this. Seriously, NBC just can't do it! Not at all. I honestly think this show just became un-cancelable simply because its just too good to let go and anyone out there with any sense knows this. This episode is the perfect example of why it's just too good, it's the epitome of all the things that make Chuck as amazing as it is. And they'd have seriously have an angry mob on their hands if they even tried to end it after this episode, myself included!!! I mean, THIS is the Chuck we've all been waiting for!!! Everything about this episode succeeded. From Bryce Larkin's return and the cringe-worthy feeling in your gut when you think that maybe, just maybe Sarah will leave with him again, to the perfectly played turn of events when you realize that because of the genuinely great person Chuck is, she just can't leave and continue live as she knew it because of all they've been through and how they've connected. Life just wouldn't be lived to its fullest potential for either of them if they would've had to go on pretending that they could move on. All that on the Chuck Sarah front, plus I've been hoping for a long time that one day, Chuck would become the spy we've all wanted to see, but I had no idea that it would happen like this!!! Seeing Chuck take out the new enemy spies one by one was absolutely PRICELESS. And the ending words, "I know Kung Fu" just made me laugh my ass off!! Perfect way to end the season!! Congrats to everyone on the Chuck team, you have all managed to create one of the most perfect finales to ever grace TV screens, because for all the mix of action, comedy, and genuine heartfelt drama, it never lost its sense of style or felt like it was too much to handle!! For that, this episode, without a doubt, gets a 10 :)
  • The complete essence of why we love Chuck but with an entirely different feel. A wonderful cap to what hopefully will be a mere five month hiatus.

    Chris Fedak recently claimed that if Chuck wasn't renewed finale would leave fans wanting to "burn their couches." To his credit, I don't think that's true. Given the magnitude of events they depicted in "Colonel," the plotting errors of weaker episodes past, and the shear volume of plot points and genres to be covered, they could have easily delivered an explosive, disjointed episode, rife with incredible things, horrific things, and lots of unanswered questions, which was really cool but not entirely satisfying.

    Instead, he brought forth his opus, an episode which was seamlessly crafted, surprisingly understated, and utterly satisfying. "Ring" tackled several major developments for the whole Bartowski clan and still hit every point that makes the story so great: pitch-perfect quirky comedy, compelling 'quarterlife crisis' drama, bold action, and a couple dashes of will-they-won't-they romantic ambiguity. Despite the staggering scope of everything that happened on the eve of Ellie's wedding bliss, "Ring" was unexpectedly subdued, not feeling forced or crammed together the way "Dream Job" did. Most things resolved themselves just as we would like, but just enough was left up in the air. I'll leave the details for the rundown below, but the short of it is this: if Chuck ends here, then it ends on a warm and elegant note of the highest caliber. Chris and Josh: my hat is off to you.

    * * * Things That Were Good * * *
    1. Eleanor Woodcomb. It was nice to see Ellie getting to go through with her dream wedding, for the entire Bartowksi family.
    2. Uncle Sam Steps Up. Beckman wishes Chuck well, offers him a permanent position, and the government cuts him a moderately huge check. Nice.
    3. Secrets. Despite what TV Guide may have said, Devon's still the only one who knows that Chuck and entourage are spies. Now he's in a position to always be smoothing over his new bro's seeming screw-ups with his new wife, and Devon deserves some good character development at this point.
    4. Sarah Chooses Chuck. Why only good? Because we all knew she was staying somehow, and we can't be sure he'll ever really know why.

    * * * Things That Were Great * * *
    1. Chuck Owns His Inner Awesome. As many predicted, he promptly put the Intersect back in his head. However, it wasn't borne of necessity or impending doom to someone he cared about. He realized his own potential and went boldly forth in pursuit of it. God knows I love a bigger, better Chuck.
    2. A New Threat Emerges. Season 3 Baddie, thy name is... well, we don't know. But they're spies and they're deeper than Fulcrum, so lets have a look.
    3. Casey's Swatches. Like his bonsai tree in season one, the fairer side of Casey is always hysterical. Watching a brick match fabrics is why I've always loved him, and thank god for it because, let's face it, the Reagan thing was getting reeeeal old.
    4. Stephen lives!. Intersect the elder didn't die or get abducted, leaving open the opportunity for more guest appearances and some family healing. I've really loved Scott Bakula in the role, so it's a big plus.
    5. Jeffster!. A great set. Plus, these two rejects always shine when they step back from pathological into the realm of merely asinine.
    6. The Intersect is still a friggin' Mac Plus.

    * * * Things That Were Kick-Ass * * *
    1. Two-words: Kung-Fu. That's it. As I said, an understated episode.

    * * * The Not So Great * * *
    1. Bryce's death. More specifically, Sarah's deep attachment to an ex-boyfriend two years removed. This does not bode well for Chuck! As for the death itself, I'm not mourning. Chuck and Bryce made they're amends, but given their avocation could never renew any real friendship. To the extent they couldn't keep having him show up on occasion to save the day, it really wasn't necessary.

    * * * Unanswered Questions * * *
    1. Is Buy More out of the Picture? Morgan and Chuck could promptly return and oust Emmett from power, or the showrunners could leave it out to cut costs, though I doubt this.
    2. If Chuck is now an analyst, do he and Sarah get to date? My suspicion is no, but I'd much rather ditch a repeat of season 2 in favor of a touch of Ross-Rachael: they explore their feelings, make a good item, realize its too complicated/ dangerous and backtrack despite they're feelings, which definitely linger. Don't 'Lois & Clark' it; just give us a taste!
    3. Does the show deal with the fact that in a place beyond espionage, the world's most famous technologist, Ted Roark, has mysteriously disappeared? And what happens to his company and the Fulcrum ties therein?

    I cannot say enough about just how much I LOVED this episode!!!! I mean, I am already a die-hard fan of the show, but this was simply unbelievable. It definitely qualifies as AWESOME! Brilliant writing, amazing acting, absolutely EVERYTHING was done right! I can't see how, especially after an episode like this, the show could be cancelled. Why that option is even being discussed is beyond me. Chuck has got some incredible people working to make the show great, and to shut them down when they are so obviously on a roll is simply ridiculous. I say again, AWESOME episode, and I can't wait for next season (there sure as heck better be one!!)!!!
  • Last week's (Vs. The Colonel) would have served as a better finale. Plus, my 10 favorite episodes!

    I know we all love Chuck, but I can't be biased here. While I generally liked Vs. The Ring overall, I felt this episode stumbled in a few places.

    I'll begin with the wedding itself. Or should I say, weddings. I was surprised that this wasn't at the conclusion of the show. Especially given that they made the choice to have 2 of them. Structurally speaking, if the show starts with a wedding that ends in disaster, then the show should end with the wedding that ends picture perfect. That's just what I'm used to. I have no problems with Chuck shaking things up, but with so much going on, there was a clunky, disjointed pace to the overall episode, as we had 2 weddings before the half-hour mark, only for the episode to linger on with the new villain reveal and Bryce Larkin back in the picture.

    The weddings themselves were both very well done- the first for it's utter mayhem (My heart broke right with Ellie's- who looked beautiful, by the way), and the second for its sweet sincerity. In a weird way, I kind of wish ALL the great guest stars from the past season (who are still alive) could have shown up on the guest list! It truly felt like everyone from the Chuck family should be there.

    In fact, I was so swept up with the wedding, for the first time, I didn't really care about the intersect, or the spy business and all of that just seemed to get in the way. Ironically, I felt like Chuck's story arc this year wrapped up neatly and perfectly in the last episode (Vs the Colonel, which might have served as a better finale) so everything tonight felt a bit forced plotwise. But there were some obvious big moments: Like Chuck realizing he loves Sarah. We all already knew this, but it was nice to hear him say it out loud for the first time. Sarah may have confessed something to him too, but in true Chuck fashion, the will-they-won't-they aspect is jerked around one last time. They've got to stop the bad guys again! Ugh- bad guys, go away! It's Ellie's wedding! Arg! :P All joking aside, I was with this episode all the way through (even with some of those questionable song choices) until the karate segment at the end. Wow. It just looked horrible. I'm not sure if it was purposefully supposed to look choppy, but I'm pretty sure Zachary Levi was supposed to look like a badass cleaning house. Yeah, no. Besides the fight sequence technically looking cheesy, The point was to move Chuck in a new direction, maybe the first steps in learning to be a full-fledged spy in season 3. (If there is one) Not sure how I feel about that. I think it betrays the character. Super-Chuck and his Super-intersect could really be pushing a great premise that was already a bit one-note. Anyway, this concludes a great season that has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I'm definable coming along if it returns. If not, I'm glad I got to check it out. A real treat to watch.

    Here are my favorite 10 episodes:
    10. Chuck vs The Suburbs
    9. Chuck vs The Cougars
    8. Chuck vs The Ex/Fat Lady
    7. Chuck vs The Nemesis
    6. Pilot
    5. Chuck vs Tom Sawyer
    4. Chuck vs The Seduction
    3. Chuck vs The Alma Mater
    2. Chuck vs The Colonel
    1. Chuck vs Santa Claus
  • ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I can't wait to SEE!!!! (you better be listening NBC!) how this season's ending keeps on delivering next season.

    ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Exceeded even my wildest expectations! The last few minutes had me literally convulsing with astonished laughter, almost falling off the couch. The cast & crew were promising "game-changing" events, and I can't wait to SEE!!!! (you better be listening NBC!) how this season's ending keeps on delivering next season.
    What a great cast they've had all through the show, and everyone (core and secondary cast, and epic guest stars) brought their "A game" to this finale.
    It's been awesome to have Scott Bakula as Chuck & Ellie's dad, and to have them explore the depth and breadth of Chuck's home life and his qualifications for saving the world revealed through these father-son interactions.
    If NBC doesn't renew this show, they are nuts. This is just about the funniest show on tv, with plenty of well developed action and romance to boot. Zach Levi, Adam Baldwin (of course!) and Yvonne Strahovski are all gems, and their chemistry together is phenomenal. Fan loyalty is through the roof (as I hope Subway's sales tonight will prove, and certainly youtube has already). Watch people, watch it. If you have to, DVR it and watch it ASAP. If you can't do either, buy the season DVD as soon as humanly available. I don't want to have to say goodbye to a show that is such well-written/acted/directed/produced entertainment.
    I just wish I was more eloquent in my use of superlatives and reviewing skills tonight, but it's too fresh, and the fear of cancellation too raw right now. Long live Chuck! Protect the Intersect! BUY/Watch/Share/WriteMORE!
  • Ted Roark shows up at Elle's wedding threatening to kill her if Chuck doesn't bring him the intersect. Bryce and Sarah are scheduled to start the new intersect project now that Chuck has turned it down. Casey is leaving with his commando team.

    Interesting finale. In a way last weeks episode might have made a better finale in that the Intersect was out of Chuck and the team obviously was going to be split up somehow.

    Great episode. Chuck and Sarah both want to be together unfortunately every time one of them starts to profess their true feelings someone gets shot at, kidnapped, or something silly happens. But if the story goes forward I think they will get their wish.

    Through everything else I never saw this season ending with Super Chuck! "Guys, I know Kung Fu", after Chuck has swept the floor with about six other spy's while Casey and Sarah stand by and watch. Now Chuck has the intersect and can fight like a super spy.

    I agree with Sarah, how many times does Chuck have to be the hero before Chuck realizes he is a hero? I think he may have finally figured it out.

    So Elle got her wedding, Chuck has the intersect back in his head and quit the Buy More, Sarah and Casey have a reason to stay, Bryce may or may not be dead again, Morgan is going to be a sushi chef, Chuck's Dad seems to be safe, Roark is dead, Fulcrum seems to be done for, and Jeffster rocked the wedding.

    Luckily for Chuck and National Security even sinister things seem to be a foot. So its Chuck, Sarah, and Casey to the rescue for next season. Please!!!

    Thanks for reading...
  • It's Ellie's wedding day and what a day it was.

    Super Fantastic Awesome Excellent! This was one hell of a season finale! There was a little bit of everything. It had the action, romance, suspense, and those family moments you know you love. I have been watching Chuck since the beginning and it never disappoints. NBC needs to take notice of the die-hard fans and stop cancelling all the great shows. It seems to be all about money these days, and that sad fact seems to matter more than putting out a great product. Chuck is that great product. If you know anyone that isn't watching Chuck you need to get them on the bandwagon. Zach(Chuck), Yvonne(Sarah), and Adam(Casey) have a fantastic chemistry. I absolutely love the little quips that Casey makes about the smallest things or how he grunts when someone mentions a new weapon. The will they or won't they romance between Chuck and Sarah keeps me coming back every week and just waiting for the moment when they finally get together. The rest of the cast is nothing less than vital. Jeffster is the greatest band of all time. Captain Awesome...enough said! The hilarious antics Morgan gets himself in and out of while working at the Buy More. Ellie is great as a guiding force in Chuck's life.

    Last but most certainly not least...Big Mike!

    Chuck: Best show on television.
  • Elle's wedding, Orion, Bryce Larkin and Intersect 2.0 come together to launch Chuck 2.0

    There have been good, great, awesome and outstanding episodes this season hence it is only fair that we have an episode that is terrific and a fitting finale for this season (hopefully).

    As left off, Ted Roark shows up with his goons on Elle's wedding day. Luckily, Morgan, Jeff and Lester are there to keep everyone tuned to their song while Chuck, Sarah and Steve take 'care' of the problem. Just when tables are turned on them Col Casey paratroops in with his team. All is well. Oh except that the wedding is destroyed in the process and the guests leave!

    Meanwhile, we learn that Bryce is here to get the new intersect working which is now more powerful than before much to Steve's dismay. Chuck is sad as he thinks that Sarah is leaving with Bryce on the new Intersect project. In the secret lair however, we have a rogue 'SPY' who offs Ted Roark and Casey's team. Luckily for us he saves Casey's life as a return for a similar favor done to him many years ago. Steve, flashes (yes) on the agent who had come to collect Bryce hence Chuck and Sarah know that Bryce has been compromised and so has Casey. In all we end up in the facility housing the new intersect and after much ado, Bryce and Chuck are alone with it. Only problem is that Bryce is there dying and again fully intended to destroy the intersect. After telling Chuck that Sarah was not going with him, he tells Chuck about Fulcrum being part of The Ring and that the intersect should be destroyed as it is too powerful. Bryce dies and Chuck decides to be the Hero that Sarah has always believed him to be and what Bryce has always intended him to be. Atleast this time around Chuck decides to be the intersect and downloads the info before shorting/destroying it out. The rougue agents finally walk in and vow to kill Chuck last. Too bad Chuck flashes on one of them and is noticed by an agent and Sarah (much to Casey's dismay) immediately. However, this flash is unlike anyother of his previous flashes. By the time he is through Chuck knows Kingfu! I liked the game changer and i think that there are amazing possibilities for where the creators and writers can take this show given the chance.
  • This is not the finale of season 2, but rather a grand finale with all the features that have made "Chuck" a great show !

    This grand finale brings everything from previous episodes - the wedding of Ellie and Awesome, - the come-back of Brice, - the full explanation given by Chuck's father, - the Jester's band show
    - the new intersect - and much, much more...

    All this with action, romance and fun !

    There's full material for more - Is Brice really dead ? - How Chuck is going to manage the new intersect ? - Is he now a real spy ? - Is the team, Casey, Chuck and Sarah to continue fighting Fulcrum ? - Is Fulcrum part of a larger consipracy ? As the final words are " To be continued ", is this really the finale of the show or should you expect a 3rd season to enjoy ?

    I hope the 3rd season to come and to be as good, or even better, the two first ones. Please !
  • Chuck tries to save his sister wedding from being ruined by Roark

    It's the Chuck season finale, not series finale. Chuck and Casey quit their jobs at the Buy More, Beckman asks Chuck if he wants to become a part of the Intersect project in which he declines, and Casey gives him a nice healthy pay-check. Now all Chuck wants is to spend all of that, well most of it with Sarah as he asks her "Will you do me the honour in taking a vacation with me?" she tells him that she's leaving with Bryce and heading up with the new Intersect project. Poor Chuck, as if it couldn't get any worse; Roark shows up and wants the Intersect or he'll kill Ellie.

    Chuck tells Morgan to tell Sarah he forgot the rings she knows that's not true, which means something is up and Morgan volunteers to stall the wedding. Chuck goes to the Castle and finds Bryce, who Fulcrum still think that he's the human Intersect anyway Bryce meets Roark and all hell breaks loose literally. Sarah is throwing knifes, Bryce is shooting, Roark's goons are blowing everything away, the cake and centrepieces and flowers are disintegrating in a hail of gunfire, everything is going to hell. Until Roark's goons have the upper hand but wait Casey's Special Forces team parachute into the hall and shoot the place to hell, rescuing everyone. With all of this going on in one room, Jeffster is playing a delightful rendition of Mr Roboto and Ellie is trying to keep calm by doing some YOGA. The wedding is total disaster!

    Chuck uses the money that he might have been spending with Sarah on a beach wedding for his sister and this wedding went off without any gun-fire. Bryce, watching the ceremony from afar, realizes that Sarah is in love with Chuck she's not coming with him. Roark is locked away in the holding cell when Miles, one of Casey's Special Forces guys shoot's him, WTF? He isn't even Fulcrum he's part of an organization called The Ring hence the name of the episode. He kills the rest of Casey's team and knocks him out in the process. At the reception Bryce meets with Orion before he is taken away by his handler to be Intersected, Papa B has an Intersect in his head and realizes he's not what he seems. Just as Sarah is about to tell Chuck she's staying, Papa B tells Sarah who goes to rescue him, Chuck tags along because he loves her. Orion gives him his cool handy wrist computer, the team gets to the Secret Intersect Location where a gun fight ensures Chuck uses the gadget to find a convenient air duct that gives him access to the Intersect room. Bryce tells him to destroy the machine, and then dies. Chuck does what we all know he will he knows the good guys need the Intersect to fight the bad guys, so he takes the Intersect back into his head, and then destroys the machine. The bad guys enter the white room along with Sarah and Casey where they realize that Chuck has destroyed the Intersect and prepare to take him down. That's when Chuck flashes on something and opens up a can of whoop a$$ literally, he does some KUNG-FU and kills the baddies, Sarah is stunned, Casey "Chuck me". Chuck "Guys, I know kung-fu"

    Come on NBC pick it up for a 3rd season.
  • excellent..

    i see NBC has changed their official web page to reflect last nights episode as a season finale instead of a series finale. wow what a spring board they have for next season. They can do so much with chuck's new found abilities due to the improved intersect. I really like this entire cast. they are perfcect together. I used to be hooked on Heros but that show is now a big dud compared to Chuck hopefully the NBC staff/writers will be smart enough to use the actors to the best of their ability. they are all so talented. we'll see! GOOD LUCK CHUCK!
  • In the words of the great Simon Cowell, "That was absolutely brilliant."

    While there has yet to be a show that will dethrone "Lost" from it's place as the best TV show in my mind. With this episode "Chuck" goes up to second surpassing the now lackluster "Desperate Housewives" and even the great "CSI".

    This episode was the ultimate in what the show is all about. It had a great story, gripping action, touching moments, a beautiful wedding (right up there with any of the "Friends" weddings) and a fantastic twist at the end. The acting was impeccable and the chemistry between the cast members palpable as always.

    The ending was definitely one of the best moment in TV this season and it would be in the top 5 all time fantastic moments in television history... right up there with Jack telling Kate that they have to go back.

    The fact that "to be continued" flashed on our screens at the end gives me hope that NBC will renew this for at least another season. They should. I can say on record now that the primetime Jay Leno show will crash and burn. So they better have a contingent plan. Jay Leno would not be able to compete with the likes of three CSIs, Lost, Bones, House and a little show called American Idol at that hour.
  • What a way to wind up the season of Chuck - but I have a very important question I need help answring - see below

    This was a great "coming together" of all the characters and issues built up throughout the season. As usual the show was non-stop action and the twists were pretty well done. Whoever is thinking of canceling Chuck is crazy - it is well written and lots of fun to watch. This episode was one of the best. Certainly a lot better then many of the shows out there - I mean, really, how long can a person watch a neighborhood of women scratching at each other and sleeping around like they do on Desperate housewives????
    Question: does anyone know how much money the check from the government was for? All I could see when pausing the show was 989 - was that $98,900 or was it $989,000???????
  • This is not the end, It's the beginning...

    Chuck is a show that has gone from strength to strength and it's a shame about the ratings which had suffered in the second half of the second season. Now I have had enough with people talking about the show as if it is going to be cancelled it's not and that is that.

    I'm going to stop talking about that now because it is annoying and Chcuk fans dont want to hear about the shows rating trouble in which we are all up to date with. This episode was fanastic, the best episode yet. This was the first proper season finale and Chuck didn't dissapoint after the last episode I was left womdering what could happen in the finale because that episode felt like Chuck at its best well it wasn't this was instead. So much things happened in this episode that both concluded, developed and threw new storylines to Chuck, the later being the biggest strength of the episode. Roark met his end, so did Bryce and it looked like Casey was gooing to go at one point as well but thankfully that didn't happen. Ellie and Awesome finally got married at wedding attempt number two. Chuck's father Stephen has a intersect in his head, Jeffster returned, Chuck ft the Buy More and finally and this is the big one, Chuck got the intersect back into his head for the good of the nation, this is a much better intersect as you can see when Chuk somehow learns kung fu and he kicks some Fulcrum ass like Jason Bourne as his two frineds and fellow agents Sarah and Casey look on shocked and I bet a bit jealous. The episode was a great way to end this great season, there wasn't much of some characters Morgan in particular but it was as the Captain himself would put it awesome. 10 out of 10.
  • First of all congratulations to the writers and the whole team for putting together a wonderfully entertaining and creative new show in an industry that seems to be seeing more and more of the same.

    First of all congratulations to the writers and the whole team for putting together a wonderfully entertaining and creative new show in an industry that seems to be seeing more and more of the same. That said, while this was a brilliant finale in the sense of tying up loose ends and giving a thoroughly satisfying finish to dedicated fans in lieu of the possibility of cancellation, there is one thing that has me worried. The final scene (spoilers obviously) that has Chuck turning into a super-spy apparently even more competent than his handlers completely changes the dynamic of the show from what we know and love. This could be a brilliant move, and i'd love to see Bartowski step up to the role. But is throwing the entire dynamic in relationships, as well as much of the comic moments in the show which rely on the reluctant/nerdy spy angle, a good idea at this stage in the game? Chuck has never been in more trouble, and the season 3 scripts are being pitched right now. That's like throwing a defensive player into attack 2 minutes from the bell in the biggest game of the season with even scores just to see what happens. I for one hope it pays off.
  • i heard they were going to cancel this show. but with a series finale like that, i hope not. loved every second of it. no exaggeration

    there are few shows that can "bring it" all the way to the end, and this is one of those shows. though i would like chuck to end with a perfect score, with no flaw, i can t help wanting to see what happens next: chuck has new confidence in his spy-self, the capability of bringing to the surface karate moves and who knows what else, the possibility of equality in the team. i just loved the ending. reminds me of matrix a little: having a computer burn fighting capabilities in your head, and just like neo, chuck says at the end "i know kung fu". how can u resist and end like that? peace and karate chop out
  • Chuck ends (hopefully just for the season) exactly how it started... totally fricking AWESOME!!

    Ok, so I've just reviewed the season finale of heroes and thoroughly vented my frustrations at a once-great show that has completely lost its way. Fortunately though, no such complaints about the season (hopefully) finale of the continually awesome Chuck.

    The first season was awesome but season 2 has been awesome squared, no awesome cubed or whatever comes after that; and this finale was just the perfect climax to the crescendo that has been building all season and which I thought had surely peaked after last week. How wrong I was!

    There was a genuine risk of this episode being anti-climactic since last week's episode had seemingly wrapped up all of the season's (and the whole show's) storylines. But damn, if this show doesn't know how to keep you hooked for more!

    I'll keep this spoiler free, suffice it to say that there is undoubtedly a lot more fuel left in the Chuck tank, and a whole new set of crazy spy action/drama to come, especially given the truly brilliant conclusion. To be continued indeed... at least that's what we're all praying for, or at least I would, u know if i believed in that magical floaty head in the sky that made our hopes and dreams come true. That would certainly make the effort to save this incredible show so much easier.

    From start to finish of this season I've been constantly delighted by this show's perfect blend of belly-aching comedy, heart-racing action and, gut-wrenching sexual tension between our favourite almost-couple. And now I want more, more, more...So since i'm in the UK and have even less influence than the average US viewer over network decisions, I implore all Chuck fans in the US (oh hell, Chuck fans everywhere) to demand the return of this show for much more than one extra season. It's the very least that this wonderful show deserves.

    P.S. One very, very brief spoiler - Jeffster - Greatest Wedding Band Ever!!!
  • I know kung fu!

    Chuck vs. The Ring: What an amazing episode that had everything Chuck is famous for: Drama, Comedy, Action, and Geekery! I sincerely hope that I haven't seen the last adventure of Chuck, but if I have then at least this show can brag about going out with a bang -- even with the "to be continued" cliffhanger, this episode brought so much closure to the show that it could easily function as a finale.

    But I don't want to see Chuck done just yet. My God, if they can squeeze 56 seasons out of ER, we can at least get one more from Chuck!
  • Wedding, Folcrum, Action, everything that happend the whole show, has finnaly come to this episode! And opens up with new questions and the "I WANT MORE" feeling

    WOW that was a finale. Brilliant, it has everything what happend over the whole show and lead it to that end.
    the show must go on!!!!!!!!!!! I want a 3rd season!!

    One thing is a bit strange. Ok that he knows Kung Fu now is funny, a surprise and you can do some interesting things maybe. But I don't know...yet.
    Chuck's acting like a helpless, funny, clumsy, normal guy who has to be safed by the others, was part of Chuck. Now he's a Matrix "Neo" Super Kung Fu Fighter??? Ok we will see (I hope), what the writers have in mind, but I like that, and love that new direction :D

    I WANT MORE CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Epic plot reboot

    The last third of Season Two was a strange trip compared to the first season and a half: Chuck spends his time burning bridges with the government while trying to get the Intersect out of his head -- which is tough to root for, since the show concept is built on the premise -- and the three leads, who are amazing comic talent, spend most of their time being serious enough to put the Joker on anti-depressants. Also, Chuck/Sarah's relationship starts to feel very forced. You may find yourself asking: Do the writers not feel there is story to mine after they've hooked up? Does anyone really think the Intersect being removed will result in them living happily ever after? Do we even want to see Chuck/Sarah settling in suburbia and working on their 2.5? All of this comes to a head in Versus the Colonel, which would have been an excellent series finale if you liked the direction of the previous five episodes. However, Colonel is not the season finale; instead you get Versus the Wedding, which is a pitch-perfect reboot of the best parts of this series while replacing some of the tamer show elements -- like Chuck's increasingly shrill ineptitude -- with the best parts of properties like the Matrix. This show has stood out to date for its truly standout cast, whom we'll be seeing around for years to come (keep your eye on Yvonne especially, who takes full advantage of the most nuanced role on the show). But the addition of this new plot means we might even be watching them on Chuck...

    The last third of Season Two was a strange trip compared to the first season and a half: Chuck spends his time burning bridges with the government while trying to get the Intersect out of his head -- which is tough to root for, since the show concept is built on the premise -- and the three leads, who are amazing comic talent, spend most of their time being serious enough to put the Joker on anti-depressants. Also, Chuck/Sarah's (lack of) relationship starts to feel forced; you may find yourself asking: Do the writers not feel there is story to mine if they're allowed to hook up? Does anyone really think the Intersect being removed will result in them living happily ever after? Do we even want to see Chuck/Sarah settling in suburbia and working on their 2.5? All of this comes to a head in Versus the Colonel, which would have been an okay series finale if you liked the direction of the previous five episodes. However, Colonel is not the season finale; instead Colonel leads to Versus the Wedding, which is a pitch-perfect reboot of the best parts of this series while replacing some of the tamer show elements -- like Chuck's increasingly shrill ineptitude -- with the best parts of properties like the Matrix. I have seen a lot of good cliffhanger finales before, but this one is the first that makes me look forward to an entire season, not just the next episode.

    This show has stood out to date for its truly standout cast, whom we'll be seeing around for years to come (keep your eye on Yvonne especially, who takes full advantage of the most nuanced role on the show). This new plot means we might even be watching those years via Chuck...
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