Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • Best episode ever!!!

    This episode of Chuck is the best one ever. It is the finale of season 2 and it couldn't have ended better. When Chuck said "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" I was so excited and I was really looking for some more of that Kung-Fu in season 3. However I must say that the actor could learn some better Kung-Fu because his moves were not as awesome as I could imagine. However it was a great idea to "install" a new intersect into his brain with these new features that affect his behaviour and abilities. It is just the best episode ever.
  • Just Awesome !!

    what an epoide it' camt be any more awesome than this it's was brillernt and very heartbreaking epoide ( chuck & sarah ) , and Morgan was great , and the two carzy dudes were aweome with the singing . and will now with this date i am happy that htere is a third season and really hopping for a forth before even seein it , beacuse this is so dman good , it never disponet me in any of there epoide . Chcuk awesome , Sarah Hot , Casey Crazy . I LOVE chuck , hope will never end .
  • One of the greatest episodes of any show on television ever

    Now THATS how you do a finale. From Jeffster performing at the wedding whilst intercutting to a huge fight, you know this episode's pulling out all the stops. Chuck and Casey both quit the buy more, with Chuck determined on a bright intersectless future. But with the return of Ted Roark, that won't happen. Gotta love Scott Bakula "I've waited 20 years to do that" One review mentioned that this episode has so much concentrated awesome that it may be illegal in some states. He wasn't wrong. And thats all before the final scene. The Ring have killed Bryce, got Casey, Chuck and Sarah at gunpoint. Chucks accepted is destiny and has downloaded the new intersect. He flashes, and takes out the army with kung fu! Nuff said
  • Season 2 finale.....Just awesome...

    Our poor unexpectant hero finally gets his wish to return to normalacy, but Normal is just not in the cards for Chuck.

    Two big major climaxes in this episode and both were absolutely wonderful. I mean seriously, when the fight scene is set to Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto and pulls it off, you dont see degrees of that level of awesome everyday.

    Sarah finally choses Chuck over her job, which was a really nice momment for them (better when Chuck finally finds out about it).

    But the real zinger of course is the ending. Chuck has rised up before to be the hero on occasion but after finally returning to normal he decides to become the hero Sarahs sees in him and that others need him to be. THUS the arise of SUPER CHUCK or Chuck 3.0. Our hero has had an upgrade and boy was it a big one. We only get to see a flash of it at the end with Kung Fu Chuck dropping 5 spies at the end, but if it any indicator of what next season has in store the series is only going to get better.How often do you really get to say that?

    Heres hoping they are able to maintain the balance in Chuck that makes both the character and so the show what it is. Just cant wait....onward and foreward!
  • Possible potential for a new season.

    It seemingly was going to be a pretty predictable season episode. I wasn't disappointed. I found the karaoke stall at Elle's wedding pathetically funny. The fact that Fulcrum is still active was no surprise however the infiltration of Casey's team was along with Chuck turning Elle's wedding from a disaster to exactly what she wanted all along. The return of Bryce was an interesting twist but the one that took the cake was Chuck reinstalling the Intersect into himself and giving himself true "spy" abilities actually had me cheering. I think the only thing about tonight's finale that wasn't predictable is whether or not Chuck will return for a third season.
  • Last week's (Vs. The Colonel) would have served as a better finale. Plus, my 10 favorite episodes!

    I know we all love Chuck, but I can't be biased here. While I generally liked Vs. The Ring overall, I felt this episode stumbled in a few places.

    I'll begin with the wedding itself. Or should I say, weddings. I was surprised that this wasn't at the conclusion of the show. Especially given that they made the choice to have 2 of them. Structurally speaking, if the show starts with a wedding that ends in disaster, then the show should end with the wedding that ends picture perfect. That's just what I'm used to. I have no problems with Chuck shaking things up, but with so much going on, there was a clunky, disjointed pace to the overall episode, as we had 2 weddings before the half-hour mark, only for the episode to linger on with the new villain reveal and Bryce Larkin back in the picture.

    The weddings themselves were both very well done- the first for it's utter mayhem (My heart broke right with Ellie's- who looked beautiful, by the way), and the second for its sweet sincerity. In a weird way, I kind of wish ALL the great guest stars from the past season (who are still alive) could have shown up on the guest list! It truly felt like everyone from the Chuck family should be there.

    In fact, I was so swept up with the wedding, for the first time, I didn't really care about the intersect, or the spy business and all of that just seemed to get in the way. Ironically, I felt like Chuck's story arc this year wrapped up neatly and perfectly in the last episode (Vs the Colonel, which might have served as a better finale) so everything tonight felt a bit forced plotwise. But there were some obvious big moments: Like Chuck realizing he loves Sarah. We all already knew this, but it was nice to hear him say it out loud for the first time. Sarah may have confessed something to him too, but in true Chuck fashion, the will-they-won't-they aspect is jerked around one last time. They've got to stop the bad guys again! Ugh- bad guys, go away! It's Ellie's wedding! Arg! :P All joking aside, I was with this episode all the way through (even with some of those questionable song choices) until the karate segment at the end. Wow. It just looked horrible. I'm not sure if it was purposefully supposed to look choppy, but I'm pretty sure Zachary Levi was supposed to look like a badass cleaning house. Yeah, no. Besides the fight sequence technically looking cheesy, The point was to move Chuck in a new direction, maybe the first steps in learning to be a full-fledged spy in season 3. (If there is one) Not sure how I feel about that. I think it betrays the character. Super-Chuck and his Super-intersect could really be pushing a great premise that was already a bit one-note. Anyway, this concludes a great season that has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I'm definable coming along if it returns. If not, I'm glad I got to check it out. A real treat to watch.

    Here are my favorite 10 episodes:
    10. Chuck vs The Suburbs
    9. Chuck vs The Cougars
    8. Chuck vs The Ex/Fat Lady
    7. Chuck vs The Nemesis
    6. Pilot
    5. Chuck vs Tom Sawyer
    4. Chuck vs The Seduction
    3. Chuck vs The Alma Mater
    2. Chuck vs The Colonel
    1. Chuck vs Santa Claus
  • As the captain of captains would say...AWESOME!

    Wow, if this isn't one of the best episodes of all time for all shows then I don't know what is!! I just saw the season finale of vampire diaries ('s true haha) and didn't think anything would top that until maybe Lost comes out (which remains to be seen)..but this definitely just topped Vampire Diaries!! Although, truth be told it's a bit difficult to compare the two series as they are two distinct world.

    Either way! :O

    You know first I wasn't a big fan of Bryce but that guy really came through.. Sad to see him go now =(..never thought I would taste THOSE words. It's bittersweet haha.

    And then the miraculous happened. "I know kung fu." HAHAHAHA that was SO awesome! I have to watch that scene again. That is all.
  • the till now best season finale of Chuck! I can't wait till next season =)

    Well, I'm already in love with Chuck and Zachary Levi, but I think I'm falling for Chucks dad, Scott Bakula. I've seen him before in "Quantum Leap" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", and I just love him.
    And for the season finale! Woohoo! I love it, I was so afraid that they would keep it going on a thin line, but now?! I just can't wait for next season!!! =) Love Chuck =)
    Touché about Chevy Chase, but I couldn't see him working in the next season. I also felt when that double agent took out all of Cassey's buddies that it would have given the show new proportions if John Cassey had been killed. But also was afraid of just that, that they would kill him as well, because I really like Cassey =) And just one question: when will Sarah and Chuck get it going?! Poor guy =) I no one takes him, I will =)
  • Chuck Redux

    "Chuck" is nothing without the intersect. This season finale puts things right. Chuck and Casey resign from the Buy More, Morgan's set to move to Hawaii to become a hibachi chef, Jeffster makes an encore appearance and Devon and Ellie finally tie the knot. Steve Bartowski survives, Bryce Larkin and Ted Roark don't and, of course, Chuck and Sarah's relationship remains in limbo, unrequited love at its finest.
    This episode opens as many Pandora's boxes as it closes and barely qualifies as a "season" finale. The fact that this episode ends with "To Be Continued ... " surely serves as a harbinger of good things to come.
    Currently there's a lot of crap on TV and "Chuck" isn't part of that. This episode segues beautifully into a season 3 ...
  • Great season finale!

    It was a season finale full of amazing moments and it turned out as an excellent episode. Finally the wedding! We couldn't wait anymore. And finally those pretty intense moments between Chuck and Sarah, Brice that I really hope is not going to show up again because he makes trouble all the time, and the incredible Casey! That man rocked in this episode! After two lousy years at the Buymore Chuck and Morgan quit: great decision.
    At some point it seemed that everything would eventually be "normal" in Chuck's live, but then again the very unlucky guy as to deal with the Intersect. And now he also has special kung fu powers! Best quote of 2009 seasons finale: Guys, I know king fu!
  • Super word..........Awesome!

    My wife and I don't watch much in the way of network TV so when a friend suggested this series to us, we were willing to give it a chance. We were even more willing to watch it after we found out that McG was the producer. He also produces Supernatural (the only other network show we watch). After catching up on the show through DVDs and, we are quite happy with it. It's just a fun show to watch and the season 2 finale did not disappoint. With FULCRUM disabled, who will emerge as the next spy threat (the agent in the intersect room stating, "We're spies"). I'm just curious how they will handle Cpt. Awesome knowing that Chuck is a spy…….well….superspy now.
  • A great finale of a great season!

    There just can't be another word to describe this episode except: "awesome"! Not only was the story great, exiting, romantic, funny and with a nice twist at the end, but it also had the great Chevy Chase again! After we were all happy for Chuck that he had lost the Intersect and was just a normal guy again, we knew that this couldn't be the end of it. He is a hero, whether he likes it or not and he acted that way in this finale. He didn't choose to simply destroy the new Intersect, but to save it also; in his brain. Again. So he ended up exactly the way he didn't want, and it was his choice. And it is also great that Sarah and Casey, although they had new assignments, came back (or stayed) to help Chuck out in every possible and impossible situation, like weddings and stuff. But as it turns out, Chuck might not even need, at least, their physical strength anymore, because: "Guys, he knows Kung-Fu!"
  • Chuck's almost a typical nerd. Working with real nerds in the Buy More he fights against becoming crazy like they are. One day his life gets a total turnaround when being th most important person fot the US government.

    That's one of the best series I've ever seen!
    Chuck's funny and seem realistic. And Sarah - wow.
    I watched a hell of series and she might be the best character ever. 22 of the 38 episodes I watched in English (not my mother tongue) and the other 13 in German. Everytime I started watching one of my favourite series in English all of the characters seemed "wrong" to me. Even the monument Doug Heffernan. But Sarah, Chuck, "Organ" and the rest of this squad did not. I'm not sure but I think that's pretty good work. But how good will the 3rd season be? It looks exactly like Prison Break. I loved (and actually still love) the whole thing around that... till the 3rd season started. The project had a defined goal and that goal was reached after the 2nd season. The season after was a desaster. Final 4th season rescued the reputation a little bit.
    I'm a little afraid the same could happen to Chuck. The main goal (to get this stuff out of his head) is reached now. But what then? Wow, Chuck can Kung-Fu... great. But what else? For me it seems the whole thungs starts from new but without Chuck's funny little "mistakes"... Anyway I'm looking forward to the next episodes!
  • Life's good for Chuck, he has the Intersect out of his head, he's been reunited with his father, him and Sarah are forming a relationship and he's now resigned from the Buy More, oh and Ellie's big day has finally arrived…. What could go wrong?!?!?

    The team are being split up, Casey is now going off to command his own team of special forces, Sarah is joining up with Bryce Larkin on a new Intersect mission and though Chuck has been offered an analysts job with the government decides to decline, just when all is going fine Chucks world is again put into chaos when Ted Roark and Fulcrum turn up at Ellie's wedding, Ted tells Chuck that unless Chuck delivers the Intersect to him within an hour Ellie will be killed, Chuck panics, gets Morgan to stall the wedding with Jeff and Lester's help ( Jefster ) whilst he fines help.

    It's Casey and Bryce come to the rescue with some help from Sarah and Chucks dad, Ted Roark is captured but the wedding is ruined and Ellie is distraught, Chuck makes it up to her buy paying for a new wedding with money he earned working for the government and everyone is happy…. Except one of Caseys team members is a rouge spy who shoots Ted and goes after Bryce for the new Intersect, Chuck learns of what is happening and the team are reunited to rescue Bryce.

    We end with Bryce dead, Sarah and Casey captured and all looks grim, Chuck has the Intersect back in his head but with additional 'power ups' and kicks some spy butt saving the day.

    One last twist…. We are left with the caption 'to be continued', I really hope we do get a 3rd season, but as with some other TV shows, we have had this before to have them never return…. Please return Chuck to it's rightful place… Head of the Spy nerd herd.
  • A real shotgun wedding!

    This was a brilliant finale to the season, it had everything. Drama, action, romance, laughs - fantastic! The writing was inspired - great that Chuck is the Intersect again but this time with loads of new skills (Guys, I know Kung Fu ...) which was excellent. The main thing that worries me now is that in the new season - and there is to be a new season - what will happen about the Buy More? I have really enjoyed the Buy More scenes but if Chuck and Morgan have both quit (and Casey) and Big Mike is no longer the manager there's no real reason to have any Buy More scenes, and that would be a shame.
  • One word... WOW!!!

    Now that we all know that Chuck will return for a third season all I can say is that this is possibly the best season finale this year. It had everything that makes Chuck great humor, romance and action. With the third season coming in March next year there is a long wait ahead of us. But this ep should leave us in suspense as what is to come next.

    This week the time has come for Awesome and Ellie's wedding. All seems to be perfect as Chuck now has the intersect out of his head and can begin normal life as it was. He quits the Buy More and turns down a job as an analyst for the government. But he now must say goodbye to Casey and Sarah with Sarah now off to join Bryce in the new intersect project (God I hate Bryce!). Meanwhile the wedding seems to be going off without a hitch before Chuck realizes that Rourke is at the wedding and is threatening to kill Ellie if Chuck doesn't get him the intersect cube. Chuck convinces Morgan to stall the wedding and with Awesome now knowing who Chuck really is he lets the sabotage continue when he knows it is Chuck's doing.

    The wedding is a bust but Chuck is able to put everything back on track when Rourke is brought in by Casey and his special forces team. Chuck then sets up a wedding ceremony on the beach. It is here that Bryce finds out that Sarah is not goin with him, leaving him to download the intersect. But not all is well... It is soon discovered the Chuck's dad has an intersect in his head and he gathers info that the man bringing Bryce in is not CIA and plans to kill him. All these events lead to a final five minutes that blew my mind! A strig of events that lead to Chuck having to re-install the intersect back into his head after Bryce is killed by the rogue spies. But this is not the intersect as we know it, it gives Chuck a bit more than just information in his head, rather whole arsenal of hand to hand combat at his disposal. The final words of the ep, "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" left me with baited breath for the next season!
  • Chuck vs. the season finale (hopefully not the series finale!)

    Most certainly a very solid B+, I don't give it an A only because I'm not totally pleased with the Chuck Sarah resolution...or lack their of that we got season finale or not.

    Chuck was finally free to live a normal life, he had his father back and safe, no more intersect and it even looked like he would get the girl of his dreams to boot...I didn't actually suspect he would be rid of the intersect for long I mean that was a little obvious but not so obvious that it wrecked the entire episode.

    I was a little displeased with what they did with Chuck/Sarah aka the same thing they've been doing with them since the show began. They take two steps forward and twenty steps back. I realize that it's a part of the show at this point and it by no means should be easy to get them together, I like a challenge but come on already! He wants her, she wants him, they're making out, the intersect is gone and Sarah wants to stay with him and then that's it? I mean if this is the season finale they obviously have a chance to expand on that and maybe finally give them so real momentum, if they have the stones that is, but if it is the series finale ouch! What a way to leave it. Assuming it's not they can't just keep going back and forth with Chuck and Sarah till the day the show ends it already feels way to drawn out and like they're just intentionally finding ways to keep them apart without really putting the effort in the actual reasons (angst for the sake of angst). Enjoyed so much that they brought Bryce back although I must admit I had a feeling they might be doing it just to kill him off, once again though knowing that didn't ruin it in any way. Very great to see him again and they used his small cameo well and gave him a very character appropriate ending.

    Good surprise ending! After a slew of semi-predictable moments, again it didn't bother me that they were predictable but it was nice to just get a cold hold slap in the face surprise. I mean Chuck me! Bartowski kicked some serious butt, about time man! All these months and it never occurred to anyone that he maybe could use a spot of combat training? CIA and the NSA aren't very bright are they? But hey he's got some skill now let's just hope they don't cop out on it in some way. Actually if we're hopeful for anything let it be that the show gets renewed already!!!
  • great ep

    I have watched this ep numerous times and still love it. the song chooses were great and the show, well that goes without saying. this ep starts with the nice wedding taking place and it looks like everything is rapping up for the show. but then there are twists that got me to the edge of my seat. the way that Sarah has found what she wants but Chuck doesn't know, so in a way i think chuck wanted the intersect back so Sarah would stay. as he said "he loves her" and therefor it is continued. well i hope so....
  • OMG, can't wait til third season.

    I'm a new fan of the show, and all I can say is WOW. This show is just awesome. Awesome action, Awesome comedy, Awesome acting. Awesome storyline, Awesome romance. It's AWESOME. PERFECT.

    And this season finale is just perfect, best episode so far. The scene at the wedding when Casey and his team break the glass roof and start killing FULCRON agents, with the awesome soundtrack made by Lester and Jeff, is just, here it goes again, awesome.

    Sarah finally accepting his feelings for Chuck =)

    And the last scene. MY god. I tought Larkin was going to give the intersect to Chuck, sadly he dies, but Chuck uploaded it to his brain, and then destroyed it. But it's not the same to the old intersect, now chuck knows kung fu!. Now Chuck is a Spy, an Agent, a Field Agent, a field agent and an analyst. Chuck is the perfect spy. The last fight is awesome, very Matrix like, but awesome.

    My english sucks, so this is my first review. I tried making some before, but never liked how I expressed myself and I never submited them. Now I can say that I don't care if you don't understand me, I just have to say how much I love this show and this season finale. I REALLY can't wait til the third season, I want it NOW. Hurry up NBC, please!

    Greetings from Argentina.
  • Epic plot reboot

    The last third of Season Two was a strange trip compared to the first season and a half: Chuck spends his time burning bridges with the government while trying to get the Intersect out of his head -- which is tough to root for, since the show concept is built on the premise -- and the three leads, who are amazing comic talent, spend most of their time being serious enough to put the Joker on anti-depressants. Also, Chuck/Sarah's relationship starts to feel very forced. You may find yourself asking: Do the writers not feel there is story to mine after they've hooked up? Does anyone really think the Intersect being removed will result in them living happily ever after? Do we even want to see Chuck/Sarah settling in suburbia and working on their 2.5? All of this comes to a head in Versus the Colonel, which would have been an excellent series finale if you liked the direction of the previous five episodes. However, Colonel is not the season finale; instead you get Versus the Wedding, which is a pitch-perfect reboot of the best parts of this series while replacing some of the tamer show elements -- like Chuck's increasingly shrill ineptitude -- with the best parts of properties like the Matrix. This show has stood out to date for its truly standout cast, whom we'll be seeing around for years to come (keep your eye on Yvonne especially, who takes full advantage of the most nuanced role on the show). But the addition of this new plot means we might even be watching them on Chuck...

    The last third of Season Two was a strange trip compared to the first season and a half: Chuck spends his time burning bridges with the government while trying to get the Intersect out of his head -- which is tough to root for, since the show concept is built on the premise -- and the three leads, who are amazing comic talent, spend most of their time being serious enough to put the Joker on anti-depressants. Also, Chuck/Sarah's (lack of) relationship starts to feel forced; you may find yourself asking: Do the writers not feel there is story to mine if they're allowed to hook up? Does anyone really think the Intersect being removed will result in them living happily ever after? Do we even want to see Chuck/Sarah settling in suburbia and working on their 2.5? All of this comes to a head in Versus the Colonel, which would have been an okay series finale if you liked the direction of the previous five episodes. However, Colonel is not the season finale; instead Colonel leads to Versus the Wedding, which is a pitch-perfect reboot of the best parts of this series while replacing some of the tamer show elements -- like Chuck's increasingly shrill ineptitude -- with the best parts of properties like the Matrix. I have seen a lot of good cliffhanger finales before, but this one is the first that makes me look forward to an entire season, not just the next episode.

    This show has stood out to date for its truly standout cast, whom we'll be seeing around for years to come (keep your eye on Yvonne especially, who takes full advantage of the most nuanced role on the show). This new plot means we might even be watching those years via Chuck...
  • This is not the end, It's the beginning...

    Chuck is a show that has gone from strength to strength and it's a shame about the ratings which had suffered in the second half of the second season. Now I have had enough with people talking about the show as if it is going to be cancelled it's not and that is that.

    I'm going to stop talking about that now because it is annoying and Chcuk fans dont want to hear about the shows rating trouble in which we are all up to date with. This episode was fanastic, the best episode yet. This was the first proper season finale and Chuck didn't dissapoint after the last episode I was left womdering what could happen in the finale because that episode felt like Chuck at its best well it wasn't this was instead. So much things happened in this episode that both concluded, developed and threw new storylines to Chuck, the later being the biggest strength of the episode. Roark met his end, so did Bryce and it looked like Casey was gooing to go at one point as well but thankfully that didn't happen. Ellie and Awesome finally got married at wedding attempt number two. Chuck's father Stephen has a intersect in his head, Jeffster returned, Chuck ft the Buy More and finally and this is the big one, Chuck got the intersect back into his head for the good of the nation, this is a much better intersect as you can see when Chuk somehow learns kung fu and he kicks some Fulcrum ass like Jason Bourne as his two frineds and fellow agents Sarah and Casey look on shocked and I bet a bit jealous. The episode was a great way to end this great season, there wasn't much of some characters Morgan in particular but it was as the Captain himself would put it awesome. 10 out of 10.
  • OH! Helz yeah! Go Geek Power, Go!

    Much of this episode was predictable, comfortably so... We all know that Chuck is determined to ensure that Ellie has the perfect Wedding. Of course, things go insanely wrong, and everyone chips in to make sure that it's salvaged in the end, and then there's the unexpected twist... and the triple surprise ending! And a cliff hanger which, at the same time, doesn't leave us unsatisfied Oh, Yes! Far too good an episode to spoil with specifics, but definitely an excellent show all the way through, and a good reason to renew, NBC. Yes!
    Go, Morgan!
    Go, Jeffster!
    Go Awesome!
    Go, Sarah!
    Go, Casey!
    Go, Orion!
    Go, Bryce!
    Go, Chuck!
    Go, Geek Power! GO!
  • Good end to the season, and possible ending to the series. BOO :( What happens when Charles Carmichael's life and Chuck Bartowski's life come to a head at his sister's wedding? CAKE hits the FAN.

    Good end to the season, and possible ending to the series. BOO :(

    What happens when Charles Carmichael's life and Chuck Bartowski's life come to a head at his sister's wedding? CAKE hits the FAN.

    I will say that the ending was predictable, but how else was it supposed to end? And it didn't make it any less exciting. It wrapped up a lot plot threads, and in the process left an opening for a new season. What more could you ask for?

    *spoiler* A small note on the ending fight scene. Of course it didn't look or feel right seeing how its the first time his character partook in any REAL physical violence, BUT I think it went alright. If there is going to be another season, (pauses to pray) the writers or director might think to use a different fighting style for him. How about Tai Chi? or something to do with pressure points? *spoiler*
  • The Elle and Awesome wedding, but who invited Fulcrum to the dance? How is Chuck going to get them out of this one?

    Once again another great episode that as always is leaving me wanting more.

    I love the sense of comraderie between Sarah, Chuck and Casey. Especially the less obvious Casey. Somewhere underneath that bullet proof vest you know he has this warm fuzzy feeling for Chuck right? Well maybe not, but there is something there to the friendship.

    I love the situation they brought back Jester onto the stage and it was really good fun. The music selections on this show are tremendous.

    Now, as great as this episode was, I still kind of had some slight nitpicks with it. They weren't major, but I couldn't give this great episode a 10 because of them.

    First of all I do not buy for a second that they could have kept Elle from seeing the bullet holes and ultimate destruction of her wedding quite the way that they did. With that being said. Maybe they could have. As she might have been in shock between the anger and hurt. But the episode owed the reaction scene that didn't really happen.

    And second of all we come to Chuck. Just like in Superman 2 when he lost his powers it was sad seeing him in scenes powerless and with no ability to help people anymore. So, it does kind of look weak when he grabs the wrist strap from his dad when his dad should be doing it. I want Chuck to contribute in a chuck kind of way.

    Which of course brings me to the ending. Now, it was exciting. Right down to the nerd fight version of the Matrix. But, I kind of am mourning the loss of the Chuck I kind of new and loved. Don't get me wrong, I still love chuck and I still liked the scene even, but I do think it was kind of rushed. I really liked the slow progression of Chuck as a spy. And now all of the sudden he's Superman. What does he need Casey and Sarah for again? Still a great episode and I hope it comes back next season and this isn't the last episode, but I think that last question is still kind of out there. Makes you wonder how this episode might have ended if they didn't write it, like it might have been the last episode ever. Remember Neo didn't really learn to fly till the end of his movie too.
  • What a way to wind up the season of Chuck - but I have a very important question I need help answring - see below

    This was a great "coming together" of all the characters and issues built up throughout the season. As usual the show was non-stop action and the twists were pretty well done. Whoever is thinking of canceling Chuck is crazy - it is well written and lots of fun to watch. This episode was one of the best. Certainly a lot better then many of the shows out there - I mean, really, how long can a person watch a neighborhood of women scratching at each other and sleeping around like they do on Desperate housewives????
    Question: does anyone know how much money the check from the government was for? All I could see when pausing the show was 989 - was that $98,900 or was it $989,000???????
  • "Guys ... I know kung fu." BEST ENDING EVER.

    I've seen a lot of endings, and they have never failed to disapoint. From the unresolved to the downright pointless, TV series fenales tend to suck big time. But Chuck went and rocked all our socks off this episode, giving us almost exactly what we all wanted to see.

    1) Morgan and Chuck quit the buymore.
    2) Jeffster performs.
    3) Eli and Awesome get married.
    4) Sarah and Chuck do a big makeout thing and Brice tells Chuck that Sarah was never gonna leave.
    5) Casey gives Chuck the man-love moment.
    6) Awesome finds out that Chuck is a spy.

    ... and then as if it couldn't get better...

    7) Chuck gets super kung-fu powers and saves the day.

    Now that season 3 has been announced, I'm almost wishing it wasn't. How could they not ruin it from here? They'll make Chuck go back to working in the buymore, Sarah and Chuck will have that professional handler rellationship once more, Chuck wont be free to forfil his dreams, and Morgan will no doubt have to come back to work in the Buymore too. Don't get me wrong, I love the Buymore, I just want to see the series evolve so it's not the exact same thing season after season. And of course ... they'll take away Chuck's new intersect skill download ability. Because how could they allow a show to get so awesome? Wouldn't be acceptable for it to change and grow, and for them to have to change the openning credits now, would it?

    Ah well. I have my ending, and all is right in the world of Chuck. I'll watch next season, but I'll probably refuse to buy it when I get to the box-set collection time.
  • "Ohhhhhh, Chuck me."

    The best episode of the whole season, easily! I'm not going to lie when I say I thought this show was kind of a dud for the first season, but the second half of the second season really took off and landed squarely in "Awesome".

    Although, if you haven't seen some of the previous episodes to catch a few glimpses, in this episode it is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that the director/producers are fans of "The Matrix". Alright guys, we get it! You can stop with the quotes and the camera angles taken straight from that movie, seriously now.

    All in all, great episode, and I really hope they bring it back for a third season; let's see what Chuck can really do!
  • Jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, insanely well-written and acted --- one of the most AWESOME episodes of television ever and one of the best season finales I've ever seen!!!

    NBC can't end this show after this. Seriously, NBC just can't do it! Not at all. I honestly think this show just became un-cancelable simply because its just too good to let go and anyone out there with any sense knows this. This episode is the perfect example of why it's just too good, it's the epitome of all the things that make Chuck as amazing as it is. And they'd have seriously have an angry mob on their hands if they even tried to end it after this episode, myself included!!! I mean, THIS is the Chuck we've all been waiting for!!! Everything about this episode succeeded. From Bryce Larkin's return and the cringe-worthy feeling in your gut when you think that maybe, just maybe Sarah will leave with him again, to the perfectly played turn of events when you realize that because of the genuinely great person Chuck is, she just can't leave and continue live as she knew it because of all they've been through and how they've connected. Life just wouldn't be lived to its fullest potential for either of them if they would've had to go on pretending that they could move on. All that on the Chuck Sarah front, plus I've been hoping for a long time that one day, Chuck would become the spy we've all wanted to see, but I had no idea that it would happen like this!!! Seeing Chuck take out the new enemy spies one by one was absolutely PRICELESS. And the ending words, "I know Kung Fu" just made me laugh my ass off!! Perfect way to end the season!! Congrats to everyone on the Chuck team, you have all managed to create one of the most perfect finales to ever grace TV screens, because for all the mix of action, comedy, and genuine heartfelt drama, it never lost its sense of style or felt like it was too much to handle!! For that, this episode, without a doubt, gets a 10 :)
  • Decent end to the season?

    I thought it was above average for sure, but not as good as a proper season finale should be ( or is it the shows finale ??? No word as of yet ).

    The ep was basically based around his sisters wedding. And sorry to spoil it if you havent seen it yet, but Chuck gets a new intercept put into his head (well he decided by himself to put it in his head this time). Also, this intercept is different and leaves us much to learn if the show does come back, I will be looking forward to news of whether or not Chuck is returning.

    Overall have to give it a 10.
  • i heard they were going to cancel this show. but with a series finale like that, i hope not. loved every second of it. no exaggeration

    there are few shows that can "bring it" all the way to the end, and this is one of those shows. though i would like chuck to end with a perfect score, with no flaw, i can t help wanting to see what happens next: chuck has new confidence in his spy-self, the capability of bringing to the surface karate moves and who knows what else, the possibility of equality in the team. i just loved the ending. reminds me of matrix a little: having a computer burn fighting capabilities in your head, and just like neo, chuck says at the end "i know kung fu". how can u resist and end like that? peace and karate chop out
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