Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • Life's good for Chuck, he has the Intersect out of his head, he's been reunited with his father, him and Sarah are forming a relationship and he's now resigned from the Buy More, oh and Ellie's big day has finally arrived…. What could go wrong?!?!?

    The team are being split up, Casey is now going off to command his own team of special forces, Sarah is joining up with Bryce Larkin on a new Intersect mission and though Chuck has been offered an analysts job with the government decides to decline, just when all is going fine Chucks world is again put into chaos when Ted Roark and Fulcrum turn up at Ellie's wedding, Ted tells Chuck that unless Chuck delivers the Intersect to him within an hour Ellie will be killed, Chuck panics, gets Morgan to stall the wedding with Jeff and Lester's help ( Jefster ) whilst he fines help.

    It's Casey and Bryce come to the rescue with some help from Sarah and Chucks dad, Ted Roark is captured but the wedding is ruined and Ellie is distraught, Chuck makes it up to her buy paying for a new wedding with money he earned working for the government and everyone is happy…. Except one of Caseys team members is a rouge spy who shoots Ted and goes after Bryce for the new Intersect, Chuck learns of what is happening and the team are reunited to rescue Bryce.

    We end with Bryce dead, Sarah and Casey captured and all looks grim, Chuck has the Intersect back in his head but with additional 'power ups' and kicks some spy butt saving the day.

    One last twist…. We are left with the caption 'to be continued', I really hope we do get a 3rd season, but as with some other TV shows, we have had this before to have them never return…. Please return Chuck to it's rightful place… Head of the Spy nerd herd.
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