Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • The Elle and Awesome wedding, but who invited Fulcrum to the dance? How is Chuck going to get them out of this one?

    Once again another great episode that as always is leaving me wanting more.

    I love the sense of comraderie between Sarah, Chuck and Casey. Especially the less obvious Casey. Somewhere underneath that bullet proof vest you know he has this warm fuzzy feeling for Chuck right? Well maybe not, but there is something there to the friendship.

    I love the situation they brought back Jester onto the stage and it was really good fun. The music selections on this show are tremendous.

    Now, as great as this episode was, I still kind of had some slight nitpicks with it. They weren't major, but I couldn't give this great episode a 10 because of them.

    First of all I do not buy for a second that they could have kept Elle from seeing the bullet holes and ultimate destruction of her wedding quite the way that they did. With that being said. Maybe they could have. As she might have been in shock between the anger and hurt. But the episode owed the reaction scene that didn't really happen.

    And second of all we come to Chuck. Just like in Superman 2 when he lost his powers it was sad seeing him in scenes powerless and with no ability to help people anymore. So, it does kind of look weak when he grabs the wrist strap from his dad when his dad should be doing it. I want Chuck to contribute in a chuck kind of way.

    Which of course brings me to the ending. Now, it was exciting. Right down to the nerd fight version of the Matrix. But, I kind of am mourning the loss of the Chuck I kind of new and loved. Don't get me wrong, I still love chuck and I still liked the scene even, but I do think it was kind of rushed. I really liked the slow progression of Chuck as a spy. And now all of the sudden he's Superman. What does he need Casey and Sarah for again? Still a great episode and I hope it comes back next season and this isn't the last episode, but I think that last question is still kind of out there. Makes you wonder how this episode might have ended if they didn't write it, like it might have been the last episode ever. Remember Neo didn't really learn to fly till the end of his movie too.