Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck vs. the season finale (hopefully not the series finale!)

    Most certainly a very solid B+, I don't give it an A only because I'm not totally pleased with the Chuck Sarah resolution...or lack their of that we got season finale or not.

    Chuck was finally free to live a normal life, he had his father back and safe, no more intersect and it even looked like he would get the girl of his dreams to boot...I didn't actually suspect he would be rid of the intersect for long I mean that was a little obvious but not so obvious that it wrecked the entire episode.

    I was a little displeased with what they did with Chuck/Sarah aka the same thing they've been doing with them since the show began. They take two steps forward and twenty steps back. I realize that it's a part of the show at this point and it by no means should be easy to get them together, I like a challenge but come on already! He wants her, she wants him, they're making out, the intersect is gone and Sarah wants to stay with him and then that's it? I mean if this is the season finale they obviously have a chance to expand on that and maybe finally give them so real momentum, if they have the stones that is, but if it is the series finale ouch! What a way to leave it. Assuming it's not they can't just keep going back and forth with Chuck and Sarah till the day the show ends it already feels way to drawn out and like they're just intentionally finding ways to keep them apart without really putting the effort in the actual reasons (angst for the sake of angst). Enjoyed so much that they brought Bryce back although I must admit I had a feeling they might be doing it just to kill him off, once again though knowing that didn't ruin it in any way. Very great to see him again and they used his small cameo well and gave him a very character appropriate ending.

    Good surprise ending! After a slew of semi-predictable moments, again it didn't bother me that they were predictable but it was nice to just get a cold hold slap in the face surprise. I mean Chuck me! Bartowski kicked some serious butt, about time man! All these months and it never occurred to anyone that he maybe could use a spot of combat training? CIA and the NSA aren't very bright are they? But hey he's got some skill now let's just hope they don't cop out on it in some way. Actually if we're hopeful for anything let it be that the show gets renewed already!!!