Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • "Guys ... I know kung fu." BEST ENDING EVER.

    I've seen a lot of endings, and they have never failed to disapoint. From the unresolved to the downright pointless, TV series fenales tend to suck big time. But Chuck went and rocked all our socks off this episode, giving us almost exactly what we all wanted to see.

    1) Morgan and Chuck quit the buymore.
    2) Jeffster performs.
    3) Eli and Awesome get married.
    4) Sarah and Chuck do a big makeout thing and Brice tells Chuck that Sarah was never gonna leave.
    5) Casey gives Chuck the man-love moment.
    6) Awesome finds out that Chuck is a spy.

    ... and then as if it couldn't get better...

    7) Chuck gets super kung-fu powers and saves the day.

    Now that season 3 has been announced, I'm almost wishing it wasn't. How could they not ruin it from here? They'll make Chuck go back to working in the buymore, Sarah and Chuck will have that professional handler rellationship once more, Chuck wont be free to forfil his dreams, and Morgan will no doubt have to come back to work in the Buymore too. Don't get me wrong, I love the Buymore, I just want to see the series evolve so it's not the exact same thing season after season. And of course ... they'll take away Chuck's new intersect skill download ability. Because how could they allow a show to get so awesome? Wouldn't be acceptable for it to change and grow, and for them to have to change the openning credits now, would it?

    Ah well. I have my ending, and all is right in the world of Chuck. I'll watch next season, but I'll probably refuse to buy it when I get to the box-set collection time.