Season 2 Episode 22

Chuck Versus the Ring

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • One word... WOW!!!

    Now that we all know that Chuck will return for a third season all I can say is that this is possibly the best season finale this year. It had everything that makes Chuck great humor, romance and action. With the third season coming in March next year there is a long wait ahead of us. But this ep should leave us in suspense as what is to come next.

    This week the time has come for Awesome and Ellie's wedding. All seems to be perfect as Chuck now has the intersect out of his head and can begin normal life as it was. He quits the Buy More and turns down a job as an analyst for the government. But he now must say goodbye to Casey and Sarah with Sarah now off to join Bryce in the new intersect project (God I hate Bryce!). Meanwhile the wedding seems to be going off without a hitch before Chuck realizes that Rourke is at the wedding and is threatening to kill Ellie if Chuck doesn't get him the intersect cube. Chuck convinces Morgan to stall the wedding and with Awesome now knowing who Chuck really is he lets the sabotage continue when he knows it is Chuck's doing.

    The wedding is a bust but Chuck is able to put everything back on track when Rourke is brought in by Casey and his special forces team. Chuck then sets up a wedding ceremony on the beach. It is here that Bryce finds out that Sarah is not goin with him, leaving him to download the intersect. But not all is well... It is soon discovered the Chuck's dad has an intersect in his head and he gathers info that the man bringing Bryce in is not CIA and plans to kill him. All these events lead to a final five minutes that blew my mind! A strig of events that lead to Chuck having to re-install the intersect back into his head after Bryce is killed by the rogue spies. But this is not the intersect as we know it, it gives Chuck a bit more than just information in his head, rather whole arsenal of hand to hand combat at his disposal. The final words of the ep, "Guys, I know Kung-Fu" left me with baited breath for the next season!
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