Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • He actually did it...he really broke his thumbs! (Spoilers)

    Morgan actually broke his thumbs! That guy surprised me so much in this grand finale. He's a brave soul, that Morgan is.

    A truly flawless episode. And I do speak of both parts. I would venture to say that it was the best so far in the entire series..or at the very least equal to my other favorites.

    I'm still very bothered that Orion died. We all figured it would happen based solely on speculation and the few words muttered by the creator, but we all secretly prayed it wouldn't be someone THAT significant. Very tragic, indeed. He was one of my favorites..

    I knew Chuck had it in him. Putting Sarah's life in danger only serves to give him more strength. And as the late Steven Bartowski said, Chuck is special. Shaw was like Anakin, too blinded by his anger, vengeance and the dark side. His pride became his fall. Just as Obi Wan slayed the great sith lord, Chuck vanquished his foe with a mighty kung fu kick..or many. haha.

    Now to the end we all are dying to discuss; the meat, if you will, of the finale. A very compelling video left by Chuck's father and a hasty investigation by Chuck let us know two things: 1. Chuck is most certainly not done being a spy. And 2. His mother is ALIVE!?!?! :O

    Wow!!! I don't think anybody saw THAT coming.. That was even more unexpected than his father being Orion. Spectacular finale!
  • This is a review of both episode 18 and 19 of this season.

    Trying to quantify and explain exactly how awesome this episode is to someone would be like explaining gravity to a camel; sure, you can speak to them, use your words, but no matter how much you talk, there is no hope in conveying the severity of the fantasticity (this episode [by which I mean both episodes which shall be treated as 1 two-hour season finale double feature] is so indescribable that a new word needs to be invented solely to described things as incredible as this episode) of the episode: you can only show them the phenomenon and allow them to revel in the majesty.
    This episode is the culmination of the past three years. It captured all aspects of the Chuckverse: the comedy (Jeff answering the phone that wasn't ringing), the action (Chuck and Shaw's awesome final battle), the romance (Chuck risking his life to save Sarah, and Sarah risking her life to save his), the camaraderie (Ellie, Awesome, and Morgan banding together to save the three REAL spies), the family love (Casey surrendering to save his daughter), the suspense (when Shaw took Chuck's watch), and the pain of loss (Chuck's father). It is this beautifully balanced blending of all of these ingredients that makes Chuck such a fantastic show that words need to be invented JUST to describe the show. Too often in television, you are left with mixed feelings; plot holes gape wide open, characters act without relation to their personality, and superfluous story-lines detract from the show. Luckily, such is not the case for Chuck. For three years, Chuck has delivered solid television that has kept me glued to the screen with tension and left me needing more like an insatiable jones.
    It has never been easy being a Chuck fan; the lack of sufficient ratings have made the past two years terrifying to experience. But yet again, luck has shone down upon the show unlike many of its fellow NBC compatriots (so long Mercy, Trauma, and Heroes!). And while I am a fan of all three of those shows, and they shall all be sorely missed, I would trade all three and both of my legs to keep Chuck on the air without batting an eye. It is this rabid nature of us Chuck fans that have kept this show plowing on for so long uphill, against all odds.
    And we were finally rewarded with two of the most fantasmagorical hours of television put forth on the boob tube. They join the final episode of Buffy and the Season 4 Finale of Dexter in the hall of fame of Television, an honor not bestowed lightl
  • Awesome season finale! I loved it all! Just enough humor, drama and emotion... to make you laugh and cry... and laugh for crying!

    Awesome season finale! I loved it all! Just enough humor, drama and emotion... to make you laugh and cry... and laugh for crying! I think they really brought this season together, especially in the second half of the season. I love where they are taking it now and cant wait for next season! It was starting to get old with Chuck not really being able to flash, and with him and Sara constantly going back and forth.... we were starting to get bored with it, as much as I hate to say it. But they have really brought us back in! I love how they have developed all of the characters... and yes even morgan and Jeffster. They ended this season with just enough family and romance drama to drag you in and keep you there... and then just enough humor to keep you from taking it all to seriously and be able to just sit back and enjoy! I love it... cant wait for next season. Kudos to the writers... and cast of course. THeyre all so lovable and charming!
  • Like the words of Chuck and Shaw... "mu ha ha."

    "are you trying to make me commit the number one villain mistake by revealing my diabolical plan? okay, you got me." hahahahaha! shaw became the ultimate bad guy, nice cloak and dagger but nothing can stop team bartowski! also, hu-a for Casey, finally getting to know his daughter.. will she be with us for season 4? i hope so. i can see it now, a lot more casey and morgan moments. its gonna be fun. and go daddy bartowski, a vigilante are ya? hehe. but like he said in the end, he can no longer protect Chuck from the dozens of bad guys since his dead. will chuck be like his dad in season 4? man, can't wait. may all the chuck fans stand and have an uproar of applauses for Season 3. till season 4 people.. till season 4.
  • What a show... Awesome...

    I have already been to eager to next season.. What a season final.. What a show... 'Chuck', one of the best shows I have ever seen.. :))) I really surprised first... Action, fight, love, drama... All of them were in the final episode. Chuck was in bad situation and he could not flash as well. He was weak and his enemy was stronger than him. I thought first that whether Chuck will finish!! No, no... The story is just beginning... :))))

    Yeap.. Everything is beginning now... His father died.. And what about another mystery. His mother? Nothing will be same as before...
  • Amazing end to season 3!

    I am so happy Chuck has been renewed for a fourth season. This finale had everything that makes this show great: suspense, humor, romance, action, and touching moments between Chuck's family and friends. I must say I love that Chuck and Sarah are living together now, the writers of Bones and Castle could learn a thing or two from the writers of Chuck. Getting a couple together doesn't mean the imminent demise of the show. I'm so glad Shaw is finally dead, I didn't like that guy from day one. And just when we thought things were wrapping up nicely, they gave us a big cliffhanger ending. I CAN'T WAIT for season 4 of Chuck!
  • As Devon says ... "Awesome!"

    The Two Hour Finale of Chuck could not be better described than with Captain's favorite word "Awesome". From beginning to end it had everyone stepping up to the plate and gave everyone their moment. you can tell this was set up as a "series" finale instead of a "season" finale, but they give you that added scene in the end that sets up the next season. I didn't think this show would keep me hooked for 3 years, but it certainly has not disappointed as a show and improved with every episode it airs. I cannot wait for the new chapter in chucks life and I certainly hope it lasts at least 2 more seasons.
  • EP18&19 together, but let me say before start...On behalf of CIA, NSA...and BUY MORE, MUAHAHA!!!

    Let's see, where to start in two episodes so great.

    Making a brief summary to episode 18, even though the good guys haven't had anything right, it has been a chapter to give more rage Shaw and also has been a completely sensational chapter, because this process of detention, Beckman begging at Morgan ... Morgan! enormous moment.

    To all this, when I saw Ellie with Dad saying goodbye, I knew that he would be dead. Indeed, Ellie surprised me at the end of the chapter, although I thought she would be a spy, until, and jumping to the 3x19, when we saw Ellie asking Chuck asked to stop.

    On the final, spectacular start with Devon and Morgan. Also, why they did not kill Shaw? Why, at least, they did not arrest him?

    Also, I was very concerned to see a very sick Chuck because of the Intersect, which, for a moment, made me suffer.

    Then Chuck was huge acting like his father, looking for Beckman and teaching everyone on team Bartowski, with a great Morgan moment with Casey's daughter. (who looked a really human in some parts, but needs to learn how to hug). Also comment on the great work stopping Shaw and all the Ring, a great way to end with that organization. That entire scene, with all the effort that Chuck gave it had made all that one of my favorite moments without a doubt, was superb.

    Leaping toward the end, again the Terrible Morgan blowing Buy More -who would have thought-, and about Mamma Bartowski, I think everyone know about her, although I want to see how the new season develops.

    I know I leave a lot of things -Buy More, the MUAHAHA, the "Smile you are on TV", the Jeffster video playing when the fight of the Two Intersects- but this finale had a big part to talk about and It is hard to sum up all the enormous things.

    Finally, let me enjoy again this end of season... just want to taste the perfection of that ending again.

  • Unbelievable!

    This was an epic finale, just as we'd expect from Chuck. I feel sorry for the writers year after year because they never know whether their little show will be back or not, but thank god it has a fourth season! Thanks NBC, thanks for not doing a CBS and cancelling loads of good stuff this year.

    They really took this to the limit, and it was pretty much flawless. When I saw the child flashbacks I knew that something big was about to go down, and "Chuck Versus The Ring, Part II" certainly didn't disappoint. The Buy More's been lacking laughs for me recently, so it was good to have that as the final fight location - it made it relevant again. I still can't believe they blew it up though - harsh! Morgan dropping the detonator after Chuck said he would was a moment of genius.

    I'm not sure about Casey's daughter yet, but I think I'll warm to her. The characters developed really well throughout the finale, but I miss Stephen already. The cliffhanger for Season 4 wasn't as awesome as I had hoped it would be, but I'll certainly be watching it avidly. Despite all the negative stuff I seem to be saying in this review, this episode deserves a solid 10/10. The last 2 episodes of this season both average a perfect 10 after hundreds of votes, which really reflects how great the ending was. I've never seen an episode of ANYTHING get a 10 from that many votes before, let alone 2 episodes. Go Chuck! An epic all-rounder, and if you haven't seen this episode yet, stop reading this and go go go!

    (By the way, I keep replaying the scene when Shaw's trying to give that really important presentation and Chuck hacks his phone. I've watched it about 10 times and I'm still crying laughing.)
  • Who would have thought that this finale would trump the previous season 3 finale (ep. 13)? AMAZING.

    First of all, let me just start off and say that this is by far one of the best finales i think i've seen in my life, of any show, ever.
    And to think that this show is definitely coming back.. pleasure. just pure pleasure. I have no idea why the network is unsure of this amazing show every single time they have to make their choices. It's so clear- this is a masterpiece!

    The last episode of Chuck season 3 gave us everything we love about this show, with so, so much more.
    The action, the comedy, the thrilling parts, the excitement, everything was at its peak. I was unsure of what is happening the whole time..
    For a while there i was thinking- woah, this is getting really complicated! and when i say complicated- i mean "Lost" complicated!

    And thats.. well... awesome.
    Loved it that Ellie is now a part of things.
    Love it that we thought Chuck was dunzo with everything, but then he isn't (just when i thought i was out... they pull me back in... in the words of the godfather).. Love it when they do it, every single time- only this time, it came with a twist- Chuck's mom!
    And it sounds like she might be a ring operative, maybe! maybe even more complicated than that!
    this is simply great.

    I love that they didn't mess with Sarah and Chuck as a couple again.. i mean, really, these two need to be together.. this all will-they-won't-they was really getting on our nerves and we were all sick of it.. we're not 14. Just get together already. And let's get on with the plot-line.

    Letting us know Casey has feelings.. that was also great

    Still don't really get the whole thing with Shaw's immortality.. And the whole thing with the 1st intersect being in Chucks' brain since he was a child.. That confused me like hell... because he was always the same, until that intersect in the 1st episode, back in '07.
    Don't get it...

    What i also didn't get is that thing with chuck having to get "rebooted", in his words.
    It was kinda like Shaw's immortality.
    Was kinda weird.

    Will definitely, absolutely be tuning in (as always) this fall to see the next season.. though this time i would be psyched to see what they'll come up with.
    I always feel like sometimes they get a little tired and the whole show kinda shows it.. and then they get like a breath of fresh air or something, and everything's all like.. awesome.

    And i loved seeing the Buy More getting blown up!
    Will love to see how that turned out for everyone next season.

    Way to go, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. Way to finish off a season and leave us hanging on all summer.

    We, chuck devotees, will always keep on loving you guys, and your work, of course.
  • This episode totally redeemed the show for me.

    All season long I thought the show has gotten boring. Well not boring but I didn't like Chuck even remotely deviating from his nice guy self. As I started watching the episode I was saying to my self yeah it was good but not great. But when Jeffster was belting out Blaze of Glory during the greatest fight in television history I said to myself "Screw it I am not denying it anymore, I love this effing show" This totally reminded me why I love this show. It is a good action show but it has a quirky side for the nerds like me.
  • A perfect "ending" to a perfect series.

    As for every television series, the last few episodes are the ones that tie everything from the past episodes together. Episodes 18 and 19 were simply perfect in their balance and progression. I do admit that the plot is a little predictable, but for the most part, you could not see things coming. Episode 18 was just perfect in the plot twist. You hated seeing the events turn out as they did, but you just could not wait to see how it would turn out. It was a more dramatic episode, if not the most dramatic episode in the series, but this drama just set up the glorious comeback in episode 19. Episode 19 is the best episode in the series. This episode was Chuck's defining moment; it was his episode. 19 was great, not only because of Chuck, but for its perfect combination of everything: comedy, action, drama, love, and sweet revenge. And I do thank the writers for not making us wait long for the dream fight (you would know if you saw the episode). Of course, the show would not be Chuck without the foreshadowing and introduction to the next season. The finale just left me so happy and satisfied, and I can only say that for a very very few shows. Chuck truly is the perfect television show.
  • The 2nd half, was equally as thrilling as the first half!

    So I've done the review for vs. the subway, and now it's time for this episode.

    My initial reaction: WOW with an expression of awe across my face!

    This was a perfect finale to an already awesome show! This is exactly why Chuck is my fave show of all time. They really brought it for this episode, and it had everything in it: action, drama, comedy, the lot!

    They even gave us an opening as to how season 4 may play out.

    But seriously, I was glued to the screen from start to finish. The best finale for a tv show I have ever seen!
  • The only thing I think of to sum up this episode is WOW. The BEST season Finale I've seen in a LONG time. Thank you writers for giving us an ending, then giving us something to think about this summer.

    I have been in LOVE with Chuck since it aired in 2007. While this season has had its ups and downs, I have remained faithful and watched every episode even being disapointed at times. But you have brought us back to the old school. The writing was fantastic. I love the characters, even Jeffster (even though they scare me a little, LOL). And you give us just enough action to keep me, personally, on the edge of my seat. I found my self jumping up and down on my couch while watching this episode. I really do LOVE Chuck, and can't wait for the new season to start.
  • "Save the best for last."

    Not as good as the last episode but almost as equally as good as the last episode. In this episode, Ellie, Devon and Morgan team up to save Chuck, Sarah, and Casey. All the while, Shaw continues to destroy all their lives. Chuck is having trouble flashing since Shaw took away his watch, the showdown between Chuck & Shaw was surprisingly climactic, which shows have a trouble to pull off lately, making their finales have a climax which this show pulled off. Chuck makes a promise to Ellie to quit the spy life after finishing up his mission with Shaw. But it turns out his spy life has just begun when he finds out that his mother is in the CIA and still alive. Alex & Casey reconnect, I'm liking the love hate friendship between Casey & Morgan. Chuck ends up defeating Shaw in the end, and the BuyMore burns down. What does this mean for next season? I guess we'll just have to find out.
  • You're special

    Not sure what is was, but I liked the first half of the finale a little better than the second. Where Chuck vs. The Subway had more exciting, "holy crap!" moments like Ellie finding out the secret, General Beckman getting apprehended, Casey and his daughter, and of course Chuck's dad getting shot, Chuck vs the Ring focuses more on the fallout of those things. This is by no means a bad thing, (its narratively important) but it just doesn't play on as high a level, in my opinion. Not to say the episode wasn't good- there is plenty going on to make this one of the best entries of the season, and easily the best of the extra six episodes, that once again sets us up for an interesting Season 4.

    The flashbacks with Chuck and Ellie as kids was nice, and helped round round out a driving force of Ellie's character: She swore to protect her little brother no matter what. This means, of course she doesn't want Chuck to be a spy anymore. By episode's end Chuck does indeed quit, and I wonder if him being a civilian again isn't being a little repetitive plot-wise. We need to move forward, not backwards. I expect there will be plenty of episodes where Chuck wants to help, but he's 'not allowed' because he's not officially a spy anymore. We've kind of been there already. At least the Sarah/girlfriend element should lend some surprises. Everything was leading up to Chuck vs Shaw, who I wouldn't mind becoming Chuck's long-time arch nemesis; the 006 to his 007. Believe me, considering how much I can't stand Brandon Routh, coming from me, this is like the greatest compliment ever. The big fight however, honestly, didn't look great, outside of the first flying kick. Combat on Chuck is always hit-or-miss for me. Sarah's fights tend to look pretty good. But anything with Chuck throwing a punch just continues to make me laugh. I don't think that's the intention. 'Jeffster's faces on monitors throughout the battle didn't help, either. I wanted a serious fight! There was a blatant Subway sandwich moment with Big Mike early in the episode that annoyed me, and the rest of Buy More's plot didn't amount to much until the end. Jeff and Lester convinced Mike to have a 'going out of business' sale, and the group spent most of their scene hiding from corporate, who wants to close them down. The Buy More went BOOM thanks to Morgan's clumsy broken thumbs (he found Shaw's detonator, but dropped it) and Jeff and Lester, who suggested burning the store down earlier, are now fugitives on the run! Okay, this is kinda awesome! The big reveal at the end shows Chuck finding out about his mom. This should be pretty cool next year, but after this plays out, I think they are kind of going to run out of parents to pop up at the end of seasons. With his mom in the spy game, too and a reveal that Chuck downloaded an early prototype of his dad's intersect at the age of like, 7, I wonder if they are coming at us with a bit too much to keep the show grounded in any sort of reality anymore. Jeez. But like I said, fans should love all this just fine, and it IS interesting to see where they go with all this next season. (Renewed!) I'm glad Ellie is no longer in the dark about Chuck's secret, and I look forward to Some Morgan-Alex-Casey shenanigans!
  • Ah the end is always bittersweet (possible spoilers)

    I would just like to point out that I was bawling for about half the episode...and completely in denial for the other half. The episode was great. Outstanding. Excellent. It was dramatic and shocking and it kept viewers (or maybe just me) on the edge of our seats-and emotions-for the whole episode. So first, it's pretty much confirmed that Shaw's back and we discover that the CIA, NSA and other agencies are crawling with Ring agents! And Shaw's trying to take over! Then Ellie finds out that Chuck's a spy and she's all "Oh, my God! Chuck!" So, Shaw pretty much sets all the Ring agents out after Team Bartowski and Shaw ends up killing Stephen! At this point, I'm sobbing...hysterically. So they catch Team Bartowski but Ellie, Awesome and Morgan are always there to save the day. So after Ellie, Awesome and Morgan rescue Chuck and company, they devise a plan to take down Shaw...and the Ring. At this point, they're all fugitives and I'm hyperventilating with a couple tears here and there. There's some epic fighting and big bombs but then, Team Bartowski saves the day!
    So I thought this episode was great. It was emotional, suspenseful and REALLY interesting. I wasn't even tempted to flip to the 24 finale. That's really saying something. I loved the whole "Chuck's flashes might kill him" it really added to the intensity of the episode. The writing was great and the acting was great too. I really think Ellie and Shaw portrayed their characters to a T (but I do feel bad for Ellie, she was crying for, like, half the episode). I really loved how Casey interacted with Alex in this episode. It was really cute.
    So, one thing that kept this episode from a 10 was the lack of humour. Don't get me wrong, the drama and intensity was great! But I really think this episode could use a little more comedy. Sure, there were a couple funny Morgan scenes (dropping the bomb detonator) and a few cute Casey scenes ("What are you doing with my daughter's phone number?"). But other than that, it wasn't much.
    One more thing- I really think the Buy More could've gotten more this episode. I mean, sure they had this sale and all and they're closing but I think more Buy More would've really added to the episode.
    Last thing (promise)- How could Chuck quit the CIA??? What about missions? And their covers? And Beckman? And CASEY?? Will the writers write Chuck back in the CIA? I hope so!
    So that was probably the longest review ever. But there were so many components in this episode worth talking about! I didn't even mention the very end (heartwarming, nice lead-up to next season's story arch)! Well, anyway, I can't wait to see how all this unfolds next season!
  • The Ending !

    Before I could say anything... It would be that I could say that the finale did have a good ending. I knew somehow when they started pronouncing about the necklace, that the character of Chuck's Mom would show up... There's only one thing that I was wondering..?
    Is Chuck Mom the director of the Ring, the one that forms the Ring?? The suspense is killing me, although I wasn't as amazed with this finale ( I thought Season 2 Finale was better, when Chuck could fight ).. Still I will be staying on Chuck for the sake of the suspense. Now on the Subway part => Yeah.. !! I knew it, I knew Shaw would shoot Stephen, although I didn't expect It would be that way, I thought Stephen would like do his Risk my life to save Chuck bit. This episode was good overall, I liked the ending when Ellie said that doing this will change their life forever. Loved Joshua Gomez and Awesome in this episode. They really did their part..

    The only thing I could say is: They Don't Quit Surprising Us...
  • great lead up to the showdown with shaw. other than the quirks from grimes and the buy more situations, action seemed left out...

    took just one episode to apprehend the 5 leaders of the ring which seemed to easy and way too sweet a set up to finish off a really big bad organization. where was the fun in this? great lead up to a fight with shaw, but was it necessary for shaw to fight chuck? he had the special watch and a brain full of info could have run off and fought another day or started a new life of evil somewhere else but decided a fight with chuck would seem not meaningless but more productive? manly? who knows? nevertheless shaw wanted a fight with chuck and it seemed too uninspired as the two traded slow punches/kicks/elbows and then shaw used a 2x4, which traded hands and chuck, and well this fight was boring and not as much fun of a fight as the season finale before when chuck first used kung fu after downloading intersect 2.0 very interesting to add caseys daughter to the mix because her character seems to have too easily accept him as her father at the end of the episode. oh well at least she seems pretty attractive. overall this episode did not satisfy the season finale bang an action series should...instead of a cliff hanger it just says "oh hey, chuck has a mom and now his dad's enemies are going after chuck, huh how bout that?"
  • Finally

    And so ends one of the worst seasons of any show I followed, let alone Chuck.

    God, I missed season 1 -that 'Chuck' was so awesome.