Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • This is a review of both episode 18 and 19 of this season.

    Trying to quantify and explain exactly how awesome this episode is to someone would be like explaining gravity to a camel; sure, you can speak to them, use your words, but no matter how much you talk, there is no hope in conveying the severity of the fantasticity (this episode [by which I mean both episodes which shall be treated as 1 two-hour season finale double feature] is so indescribable that a new word needs to be invented solely to described things as incredible as this episode) of the episode: you can only show them the phenomenon and allow them to revel in the majesty.
    This episode is the culmination of the past three years. It captured all aspects of the Chuckverse: the comedy (Jeff answering the phone that wasn't ringing), the action (Chuck and Shaw's awesome final battle), the romance (Chuck risking his life to save Sarah, and Sarah risking her life to save his), the camaraderie (Ellie, Awesome, and Morgan banding together to save the three REAL spies), the family love (Casey surrendering to save his daughter), the suspense (when Shaw took Chuck's watch), and the pain of loss (Chuck's father). It is this beautifully balanced blending of all of these ingredients that makes Chuck such a fantastic show that words need to be invented JUST to describe the show. Too often in television, you are left with mixed feelings; plot holes gape wide open, characters act without relation to their personality, and superfluous story-lines detract from the show. Luckily, such is not the case for Chuck. For three years, Chuck has delivered solid television that has kept me glued to the screen with tension and left me needing more like an insatiable jones.
    It has never been easy being a Chuck fan; the lack of sufficient ratings have made the past two years terrifying to experience. But yet again, luck has shone down upon the show unlike many of its fellow NBC compatriots (so long Mercy, Trauma, and Heroes!). And while I am a fan of all three of those shows, and they shall all be sorely missed, I would trade all three and both of my legs to keep Chuck on the air without batting an eye. It is this rabid nature of us Chuck fans that have kept this show plowing on for so long uphill, against all odds.
    And we were finally rewarded with two of the most fantasmagorical hours of television put forth on the boob tube. They join the final episode of Buffy and the Season 4 Finale of Dexter in the hall of fame of Television, an honor not bestowed lightl
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