Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • He actually did it...he really broke his thumbs! (Spoilers)

    Morgan actually broke his thumbs! That guy surprised me so much in this grand finale. He's a brave soul, that Morgan is.

    A truly flawless episode. And I do speak of both parts. I would venture to say that it was the best so far in the entire series..or at the very least equal to my other favorites.

    I'm still very bothered that Orion died. We all figured it would happen based solely on speculation and the few words muttered by the creator, but we all secretly prayed it wouldn't be someone THAT significant. Very tragic, indeed. He was one of my favorites..

    I knew Chuck had it in him. Putting Sarah's life in danger only serves to give him more strength. And as the late Steven Bartowski said, Chuck is special. Shaw was like Anakin, too blinded by his anger, vengeance and the dark side. His pride became his fall. Just as Obi Wan slayed the great sith lord, Chuck vanquished his foe with a mighty kung fu kick..or many. haha.

    Now to the end we all are dying to discuss; the meat, if you will, of the finale. A very compelling video left by Chuck's father and a hasty investigation by Chuck let us know two things: 1. Chuck is most certainly not done being a spy. And 2. His mother is ALIVE!?!?! :O

    Wow!!! I don't think anybody saw THAT coming.. That was even more unexpected than his father being Orion. Spectacular finale!