Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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    Not sure what is was, but I liked the first half of the finale a little better than the second. Where Chuck vs. The Subway had more exciting, "holy crap!" moments like Ellie finding out the secret, General Beckman getting apprehended, Casey and his daughter, and of course Chuck's dad getting shot, Chuck vs the Ring focuses more on the fallout of those things. This is by no means a bad thing, (its narratively important) but it just doesn't play on as high a level, in my opinion. Not to say the episode wasn't good- there is plenty going on to make this one of the best entries of the season, and easily the best of the extra six episodes, that once again sets us up for an interesting Season 4.

    The flashbacks with Chuck and Ellie as kids was nice, and helped round round out a driving force of Ellie's character: She swore to protect her little brother no matter what. This means, of course she doesn't want Chuck to be a spy anymore. By episode's end Chuck does indeed quit, and I wonder if him being a civilian again isn't being a little repetitive plot-wise. We need to move forward, not backwards. I expect there will be plenty of episodes where Chuck wants to help, but he's 'not allowed' because he's not officially a spy anymore. We've kind of been there already. At least the Sarah/girlfriend element should lend some surprises. Everything was leading up to Chuck vs Shaw, who I wouldn't mind becoming Chuck's long-time arch nemesis; the 006 to his 007. Believe me, considering how much I can't stand Brandon Routh, coming from me, this is like the greatest compliment ever. The big fight however, honestly, didn't look great, outside of the first flying kick. Combat on Chuck is always hit-or-miss for me. Sarah's fights tend to look pretty good. But anything with Chuck throwing a punch just continues to make me laugh. I don't think that's the intention. 'Jeffster's faces on monitors throughout the battle didn't help, either. I wanted a serious fight! There was a blatant Subway sandwich moment with Big Mike early in the episode that annoyed me, and the rest of Buy More's plot didn't amount to much until the end. Jeff and Lester convinced Mike to have a 'going out of business' sale, and the group spent most of their scene hiding from corporate, who wants to close them down. The Buy More went BOOM thanks to Morgan's clumsy broken thumbs (he found Shaw's detonator, but dropped it) and Jeff and Lester, who suggested burning the store down earlier, are now fugitives on the run! Okay, this is kinda awesome! The big reveal at the end shows Chuck finding out about his mom. This should be pretty cool next year, but after this plays out, I think they are kind of going to run out of parents to pop up at the end of seasons. With his mom in the spy game, too and a reveal that Chuck downloaded an early prototype of his dad's intersect at the age of like, 7, I wonder if they are coming at us with a bit too much to keep the show grounded in any sort of reality anymore. Jeez. But like I said, fans should love all this just fine, and it IS interesting to see where they go with all this next season. (Renewed!) I'm glad Ellie is no longer in the dark about Chuck's secret, and I look forward to Some Morgan-Alex-Casey shenanigans!