Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • EP18&19 together, but let me say before start...On behalf of CIA, NSA...and BUY MORE, MUAHAHA!!!

    Let's see, where to start in two episodes so great.

    Making a brief summary to episode 18, even though the good guys haven't had anything right, it has been a chapter to give more rage Shaw and also has been a completely sensational chapter, because this process of detention, Beckman begging at Morgan ... Morgan! enormous moment.

    To all this, when I saw Ellie with Dad saying goodbye, I knew that he would be dead. Indeed, Ellie surprised me at the end of the chapter, although I thought she would be a spy, until, and jumping to the 3x19, when we saw Ellie asking Chuck asked to stop.

    On the final, spectacular start with Devon and Morgan. Also, why they did not kill Shaw? Why, at least, they did not arrest him?

    Also, I was very concerned to see a very sick Chuck because of the Intersect, which, for a moment, made me suffer.

    Then Chuck was huge acting like his father, looking for Beckman and teaching everyone on team Bartowski, with a great Morgan moment with Casey's daughter. (who looked a really human in some parts, but needs to learn how to hug). Also comment on the great work stopping Shaw and all the Ring, a great way to end with that organization. That entire scene, with all the effort that Chuck gave it had made all that one of my favorite moments without a doubt, was superb.

    Leaping toward the end, again the Terrible Morgan blowing Buy More -who would have thought-, and about Mamma Bartowski, I think everyone know about her, although I want to see how the new season develops.

    I know I leave a lot of things -Buy More, the MUAHAHA, the "Smile you are on TV", the Jeffster video playing when the fight of the Two Intersects- but this finale had a big part to talk about and It is hard to sum up all the enormous things.

    Finally, let me enjoy again this end of season... just want to taste the perfection of that ending again.