Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • Ah the end is always bittersweet (possible spoilers)

    I would just like to point out that I was bawling for about half the episode...and completely in denial for the other half. The episode was great. Outstanding. Excellent. It was dramatic and shocking and it kept viewers (or maybe just me) on the edge of our seats-and emotions-for the whole episode. So first, it's pretty much confirmed that Shaw's back and we discover that the CIA, NSA and other agencies are crawling with Ring agents! And Shaw's trying to take over! Then Ellie finds out that Chuck's a spy and she's all "Oh, my God! Chuck!" So, Shaw pretty much sets all the Ring agents out after Team Bartowski and Shaw ends up killing Stephen! At this point, I'm sobbing...hysterically. So they catch Team Bartowski but Ellie, Awesome and Morgan are always there to save the day. So after Ellie, Awesome and Morgan rescue Chuck and company, they devise a plan to take down Shaw...and the Ring. At this point, they're all fugitives and I'm hyperventilating with a couple tears here and there. There's some epic fighting and big bombs but then, Team Bartowski saves the day!
    So I thought this episode was great. It was emotional, suspenseful and REALLY interesting. I wasn't even tempted to flip to the 24 finale. That's really saying something. I loved the whole "Chuck's flashes might kill him" it really added to the intensity of the episode. The writing was great and the acting was great too. I really think Ellie and Shaw portrayed their characters to a T (but I do feel bad for Ellie, she was crying for, like, half the episode). I really loved how Casey interacted with Alex in this episode. It was really cute.
    So, one thing that kept this episode from a 10 was the lack of humour. Don't get me wrong, the drama and intensity was great! But I really think this episode could use a little more comedy. Sure, there were a couple funny Morgan scenes (dropping the bomb detonator) and a few cute Casey scenes ("What are you doing with my daughter's phone number?"). But other than that, it wasn't much.
    One more thing- I really think the Buy More could've gotten more this episode. I mean, sure they had this sale and all and they're closing but I think more Buy More would've really added to the episode.
    Last thing (promise)- How could Chuck quit the CIA??? What about missions? And their covers? And Beckman? And CASEY?? Will the writers write Chuck back in the CIA? I hope so!
    So that was probably the longest review ever. But there were so many components in this episode worth talking about! I didn't even mention the very end (heartwarming, nice lead-up to next season's story arch)! Well, anyway, I can't wait to see how all this unfolds next season!