Season 3 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on NBC

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  • great lead up to the showdown with shaw. other than the quirks from grimes and the buy more situations, action seemed left out...

    took just one episode to apprehend the 5 leaders of the ring which seemed to easy and way too sweet a set up to finish off a really big bad organization. where was the fun in this? great lead up to a fight with shaw, but was it necessary for shaw to fight chuck? he had the special watch and a brain full of info could have run off and fought another day or started a new life of evil somewhere else but decided a fight with chuck would seem not meaningless but more productive? manly? who knows? nevertheless shaw wanted a fight with chuck and it seemed too uninspired as the two traded slow punches/kicks/elbows and then shaw used a 2x4, which traded hands and chuck, and well this fight was boring and not as much fun of a fight as the season finale before when chuck first used kung fu after downloading intersect 2.0 very interesting to add caseys daughter to the mix because her character seems to have too easily accept him as her father at the end of the episode. oh well at least she seems pretty attractive. overall this episode did not satisfy the season finale bang an action series should...instead of a cliff hanger it just says "oh hey, chuck has a mom and now his dad's enemies are going after chuck, huh how bout that?"